T-Shirt Idea

I hate it when I write my little stories and I read them back over and go "Oh yeah, hey, that's a nice little story there Overnight Guy; now go back and write an introduction for it." Huh? The flow is broken. The flame has fizzled. I'm done writing. I'm over here at the CD player now; see? So...
Let the record show that I like women. Anything that you might read which seems to go against this premise is merely an incomplete situational observation that does not take into account the full spectrum of female intelligence.
Can I do my story now?

When it comes to relationships with guys, women are not getting any smarter. Most women still choose to date "working projects" or "works in progress". A guy either needs to be a bully, or married, or both, or the new trend--dumb as a stump. Yes folks, "dumb" is now a preferred option--while good-looking, insightful, sensitive guys continue to be irrelevant and invisible friends.

Good guys with good hearts; single, compassionate, romantic males must fly solo and wonder "what if?". But if you're a divorced ex-convict guy with kids in 2 states, or even if you're still married and abusive, or if you dropped out of high school because it was just TOO difficult, YOU will be a HIT with the ladies.

Apparent champions of foul weather and misery, many women feel they need to suffer and persevere in their love relationships (Some females actually call this suffering "progress"; isn't that cute?). According to most women, being respected, admired, or even worshipped is totally boring. Women prefer to go straight for these irresistable force/immovable object "uphill battles"--disguised as relationships. These "male makeovers" usually disappoint, rarely work out, and never satisfy.

I never knew that good breeding, secondary education, sexual responsibility, and being single were such turn-offs! What the hell was I thinking? If you want women, you'd better have some major, pressing, and immediate issues. Seriously. And just "maintenance" is not enough; you must be "high maintenance".

Charisma and money will always help with the pursuit of women, duh. But if you're looking for a new central perspective to base operations from, try to appear confused and complicated. Remember; the idea that you are trying to project is:

"I'm really screwed up, but maybe you're the woman who can fix me."

If you are convincing as such, you'll be having irresponsible sex with lots of women--and giving those women exactly what they want and deserve.
Good luck.

Imagine a T-Shirt with a collar; on the front pocket it says "Confused and Complicated". On the back it says "I'm really screwed up, but maybe you're the woman who can fix me." Wear it, and be popular.

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