Symbolic Suffering--
(The Crooked Sky Garden Tribute)

The previous buildings were still in good shape
Visually pleasing, with a nice landscape
A familiar passage for neighborhood view
Demolished to rubble so "Sam" could start new.

The impending construction's beginning soon
Silence won't be golden in the afternoon
A Super Center's coming; look out below!
And this Wal-Mart one-stop kills more than you know.

There's a symbolic suffering on right here
Another business lost is precious and dear
An organic farmer's market; freshly grown
The best fruits and vegetables; from "seed" to "sown".

The Crooked Sky Garden has now-numbered days
One problematic part of the Wal-Mart phase
Not for better produce; irrational thought
"Pave over the garden for a parking lot".

This delicious land to be covered with tar
Commerce, yet again, shows exactly how far
It will swim in the sludge of marketing seas
With tall corn stalks replaced by some SUV's.

I've become my father now; waving my arms
"You idiots would rather have malls than farms?"
And the answer is 'yes' on the dotted lines
From rural to metro with construction signs.

So "have a nice day" falling price yellow face
Can't wait to see buggies all over the place
For cheap products, and service jobs of low wage
This Crooked Sky neighborhood now comes of age.

©2002 W. C. Davis

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