Stupid Women / Married Men

Again; let the record show that I like women. I've never really taken them too seriously--what sane person would? Sometimes it's "fun" to examine the details and outcomes of decisions that females make about realtionships. My personal experience with women must include that for the past few years I have been very lucky so as to not have to deal with the insanity that comes from dating common females.
I have tried before to explain/understand why women love men with baggage. On another day, we can discuss the stupid women who want to date/love/breed with abusive men. Some other time we can laugh about how women think they can change men. On another day we can discuss the stupid women who think that having a baby will make their own little world perfect. Today we will talk about women who chase married men.

My current girlfriend "Static Girl" is the finest example of mental correctness that I've ever seen (much more so than I). I am lucky to even KNOW her, and I continue to be amazed by her everyday. The following has absolutely nothing to do with the woman in my world:

What is it about married men that seems so appealing to women? The few gay men I've known have never been attracted to married men; but women go absolutely crazy for guys with wives and families. Really. I have never understood this premise, I never will, and I don't care to have some stupid bitch try to explain it to me again. These women have severe priority conflicts, brain damage, or a combination of both. They are laughable, pathetic losers, and I am here to scream in their blank-staring faces.

Women do lots of crazy, stupid shit. Hell, 'Chasing married men' isn't even a biggie in the "female follies". Although I know of NO man, ever, in my 20 years of dating who has sought out a married woman--hoping that she will make those standard bullshit promises to leave her husband and kids--just to be with the new guy.

In college, though, it seems like at least one girl in EVERY class is "dating" a married guy. And this girl REALLY believes that her married man is going to shuffle his entire world to be with her. How dumb are these women? Honestly; Monica Lewinsky thought that Bill Clinton was actually going to dump and chase, and that she would become "Monica Clinton". (And just in case I haven't pissed you off yet) Did you know that Gary Condit was Chandra Levy's 4th "Married Man Affair"? Her 4th married man...let that sink in. Yeah; yeah, I hope that the girl is alive and healthy and all (though she's not, obviously), but maybe ol' "Bad Judgement Chandra" needed to disappear for awhile. Seriously; the whole world is feeling sorry for her "vanishing into thin air"; there aren't many assholes out there (like me) with the balls to point out that she was a typical dumb bitch.

And don't try to feed me any shit about falling for a "man in power"; men in power are the MOST dangerous kinds of assholes--with connections that can make almost any person "vanish into thin air". This simple and often overlooked fact is part of what being a "man in power" is all about. Duh.

Ah yes, the explanation. I had a girl try to explain this phenomenon to me--as it had happened to her. And that was her point, too, that it "happened" to her--not that it was her own fault. Jeez. "But he's so charismatic, and sincere. I just love the way he's so commanding. And he makes me feel special." Nope. Sorry. I don't get it. He's married, see? That means "Don't waste your time.".

I have no tolerance for this idiocy. One time, years ago--back in Georgia, I was attracted to a woman. When she told me that she was married (though about to get divorced), I didn't wait for her charisma to kick in. I didn't try to gauge how sincere her lies were, and I didn't wait for her to drop to her knees and make me feel "special" either. I told her that I thought it was wrong for ANY married person to flirt, at all, and walked away laughing. Apparently this is far too difficult for college girls and government interns.

I do not deal with standard female stupidity. I am SO glad to be done with common females; you can have all of them. Okay...I need a hug. Where's my Static Girl?

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