Spontaneous Comparison

The poem I want to write...

It will sting like Stabbing Westward's "Save Yourself"
And haunt like Radiohead's "Creep"
As familiar as "Bittersweet Symphony" left
The 'Impression', like good Bosstones, felt deep.

It will soothe like Natalie Merchant's best moan
And coordinate like a Cranberries' bridge
A Nine Inch Nails bassline, cutting through bone
As complete as any Tool on the grid.


She's the best 90's radio had to offer
Timeless, grand, and classy all in her own way
Such spontaneous comparison is proper
My girl, and this music, continues on today.


She's as sweet as the new Offspring's "Fix You"
Maturing well, like the recent Weezer sounds
As playfully dangerous as good Greenday can do
With Beck's scattered genius in wet coffee grounds.

My "catchy" 5 ft. 8 music masterpiece
A pop single, and deep cut to adore
The chorus, those layers, such a well-done release
My girlfriend is all this, and still so much more.


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