Sperm Banking

I was not looking to bash women anymore right now immediately; look at how obsessed I am with female commentaries this year. From the international newsdesk, here is the new trend with parenting in the world:

Sperm Banks

Women simply decide that it is time to have a baby; and since there are no "good" men to get with, these women go to the sperm bank for an anonymous, loveless injection that will create another incomplete family. Don't shake your head yet; most of these sperm-grocers don't make any requirements of the woman (as in: no counseling, no confirmation that natural insemination is unlikely, no checks for a current relationship, no financial planning, etc.). Women want 6 ft. tall college graduates who can cum in a petry dish invested as their silent partners of parenthood. Isn't that cute?

One woman said "My baby don't need no daddy; hell, a daddy'd just get in the way." This is fantastic; this is nothing short of amazing. If I were to write out a fictional story like this for publication, I would be blacklisted for life; DO NOT PUBLISH THE OVERNIGHT GUY. Seriously; some single, pregnant, bra-burning liberal bitch would try to file a lawsuit against me. But this is all real, all true, and all for you. And you LET this shit happen; I was not involved.

If I were involved, there would be a simple list of requirements for a woman to have a baby; but there is no fucking list. Mine would be a simple, "common sense" type of list, because common sense is exactly what these moms-to-be NEED. You tell me; is this female-bashing? Am I being unfair? Hey girl; take a break from those sperm sample display cases (What's today's special?), and explain this nonsense to me.

We've gone from an "absentee" father to a "complete fucking stranger" father; did you see that? And this is not for medical reasons, this is simply a preference; a convenience. Do you see all that, too? Oh yeah; I need to have this shit explained to me. Color me "amused".

Here's the scary part; there are some good people having children. Maybe, what; half of all children are born to qualified and deserving people (and hopefully a few couples)? But ALL of these kiddies will be mixing it up in the lunchroom and on the playground; needles and nookie all before middle school. This is fun.

Is somebody going to explain something to me; like, where can I donate some of my 6-foot sperm? The centers pay $50 a load for it; imagine some deranged fat girl pumping a wad of "me" into her egg sack. My little spermals would make all her eggs cry before bitch-slapping them doggie style. Ooo, and "6 Foot Sperm" would be a great band name, too. I simply cannot stay serious with female shit THIS stupid. Bite me.

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