Another Rant About Women/Mothers

5 Paragraphs to Piss Women Off

So I read about this 20-something stripper in New York; she lives in a car with her 3 yr.old son (imagine that kind of in-your-face secondhand smoke). And we've all seen the video on tv of that Toogood woman beating her daughter in the back of that SUV (I liked the haunting way she looked around, to see if anybody was watching her, right before she started punching the little girl in the head); and then Toogood either lied to police, or simply "forgot" where she actually lived. Cute, huh? And on the radio this morning, September 24th, 2002, I heard that ANOTHER woman was videotaped while beating her child--we should be seeing that on CNN by tomorrow (Update: this was actually a grandmother beating children outside of a car in Mexico--it likely won't make it to CNN.). And I realized that it's been at least a month since I ripped women in a commentary, so here I am! "This looks like a job for me; so everybody just follow me..."

I've never seen or heard of a MALE stripper living in his car with a child. I've never heard of some crack-smoking DADDY out trying to father as many unwanted offspring as he can. And there has been no man anywhere, ever, who has said something like "Oh I just want a baby; this baby will straighten my life out completely."

And you can tell a woman about the $250,000 cost of getting a child to age 18, and another $60,000 or so for a college education, and women will go "pshaw", and wave it off like it's some obvious lie. I am now convinced, CONVINCED, that women do not understand how the laws of birthing nature apply to them as individuals. Women say cute things like 'Well that may be how it is for most people, but that's not how it will be for me. I'm different; I'm special; I'm thrifty; I'll raise my baby with love.' Sure you will.

I've already proven that women don't think of babies as independent vessels of thought. How? Because if women thought of children as being capable of rational thought, women would understand that children want a mom and a dad together, now; not some previous passing or mystery myth. A FAMILY, get it? It seems so simple, but women are completely clueless. Remember folks, in the USA in 1999, 48.4% of all babies born to adults aged 20-24 were born to single women. In the black community, 66% of all babies born were to single women; yes, two-thirds. But I'm not racial; I'm sexist. I'm not saying that black men are less responsible than others; I'm saying that all women are stupid.

Hey, I know that some relationships are doomed early. I know that men are undependable, too. Sometimes while closing in on daddyhood, the "flight" syndrome prevails over the "fight". But most single moms decided to be single parents long before they even got pregnant; what does that look like to you? It looks like a bunch of selfish, stupid bitches to me.

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