6 American Seaports...to the Saudi's?

How long has this crap idea been kicking around now? 2 weeks? There are so many writers and editorialists who just want to yell at the dumbass President of the United States for whatever reasons. Yawn. I knew what my response to this issue was THE EXACT MOMENT that the news of the port deal came down. To this moment, although I haven't done much digging, I have NOT read the opinion of anyone who is saying what I'm about to say.

Yo Son of a Bush; it was YOUR idea for us to have elevated terror alerts. It was YOUR idea for all Americans to be more aware of things. It was YOUR idea for us to be on the lookout for anything that doesn't look right; it was YOUR idea for us to wake-up from our imperialist comas. So we did. And NOW we find out that you want to give away (or sell) Port Authority in 6 major U. S. ports to a Saudi-based company.

And YOU say, 'But it's okay; the ports are being run poorly right now by some Great Britain-based company. We're just going to give the reigns to a different regime.' That's cute; a different regime. Are you ready for my questions yet?

Why was ANY Great British loser crew EVER in charge of our ports? Who let them be in charge of OUR ports? They can't even run a moderately-sized island in Europe...but they control the massive sea-based input and output of the United States? Do WE control the Great British ports; and if not, then why not? Do we control the Saudi-Arabian ports? And, again; if not, then why not? And did you THINK we the people would just let you give away (or sell) the rights to our ports? What kind of attention would we be paying if we let YOU give our ports away? So; Bushy-Boy, it is because of YOUR wake-up call that we the people don't like this little plan of yours. How dumb are you?

I'm going to make this solution really easy: Great Britain will now let us take over their ports, and we're going to run them like we run OUR OWN ports, OUR OWN ports that we will NOT be giving away to anybody else. Okay? Americans need jobs, too. Bushy Baby must have already made some back-stabbing deal to let the British run our ports currently--so in return we will now take over the British seas. Thank you. As for Saudi-Arabia (a crap country I never trusted, though nobody asked me), I don't predict much American port action for you either. In fact, for your attempt of this idea, we'll be taking over YOUR ports now, too. If you don't like this plan, then raise the price of oil or something--teach us a towel head lesson. Yeah. How did our drunk, armed, duck-hunting government expect us to respond to this Wag-The-Dog, triangular moronocdote?

Imagine Jon Stewart doing his best impersonation of Bush; "See, what we're gonna do is give the Docks over to the Saudi's--just give 'em to them. Why? Because those stupid British can't run our ports worth a darn. Heh heh, heh heh."

Did you see the Coast Guard guy? He was on CNN 2 weeks ago saying 'No way would we give our ports to Dubai, not even Bush is that dumb. We can't control the ports now--how stupid would it be to give Port Authority to the Saudis?' Today, 3-1-06, he's back on CNN saying 'With these new assurances, our ports will certainly be safe.' Somebody ask this well-dressed life guard exactly WHAT these new "assurances" are--because the guy on CNN didn't. Assurances, huh?

I give up; you are so totally on your own now that I just sit and giggle. Governments can't govern, reporters can't report, and Coast Guards can't guard. If I didn't live in this country, then I might hate America, too.

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