Satellite Radio

By now you have heard of, or seen commercials for this new "XM" radio stuff. "Pure music, no commercials; it's going to change the way you listen to music." Sure it is. Allow me to explain why you don't know anybody who has this shit, you don't know anybody who's heard this shit, and you have no intention of ever buying this shit for yourself.

We already have too many choices. Even a hands-down better mousetrap is going to have to scratch and claw for just a small piece of the music pie. In the car, everybody has a favorite radio station (or 2, or 3), and most car radios have presets that change channels with the push of a button. Plus you have cassette tapes and car CD players. And don't forget that you can now "create" your own CD's with the exact music you want to hear.

Satellite radio is not new. I marketed and installed TCI cable's "DMX" music service 12 years ago. Since around 1996, all digital cable subscribers have had access to 30+ music channels (TPG has had digital cable for a year, and he has NEVER used his music service). And both satellite television providers, DirecTV and Dish Network, have multiple music channels. In the last 15 years, there has never been a push for this music service in the car. But why would any intelligent person think that it will work now? Who is paying for all of these commercials on tv, radio, magazines and newspapers? Somebody is losing a shitload of money here.

Since some of you are really stupid, I'm going to wrap it up nice and tight for you here; you NEED regular radio in your car. You NEED voices; good and bad. You NEED commercials, public service announcements, and the occaisional magic (or tragic) station promotion. It is these diversions from music that make the music more than just music; and radio is more than just a jukebox set on random play. Thank you.
Now kiss my hairy, white, live DJ ass.

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