There is some question as to exactly what people make up this group; but we all know that there is a Specific Controlling Group (SCG) in charge of the media. Radio, television, newspapers and periodicals do not cover stories at random. Stories are chosen for the public to interpret through a loaded filter. (Remember--sheep don't roam freely; sheep are led to "specific" destinations)

This SCG does not like the internet at all. There is NO control over the information superhighway; there's not even a rational way to police it yet. With this in mind, the SCG is delaying the 'widespread panic' of broadband access.
If you disagree, then just stay with your herd.

Broadband access is the "big moment" for computers. Broadband will mean high speed, worldwide, instantaneous communication. Broadband will be better than radio, tv, newspapers and magazines combined. Broadband will be everything from the real-time video phone to digital radio, and a commercial-free Headline News. Broadband will be the end-all cure-all "changing of the guard" for our daily lives. It is thrilling--to say the least.

Tens of millions, maybe as many as 100 million people in North America alone(!) are waiting patiently to pay $40 a month for broadband access. That's 4 billion dollars ($4,000,000,000) a month! Have you ever heard of ANY service that people were so eager to pay for; so much total money, yet no company can provide it? How can this possibly seem natural to you? Are you really that dumb?

The SCG "programs" you right now with their tv, their radio, and their newspapers. The SCG has a hand in every external influence on your life. As the current shepherd, the SCG doesn't want to switch over to "free range". And they do have a valid point.

These sheep have been guarded or hindered (depending on your perspective) for their entire lives. Are they ready to rule themselves? A full classroom with no teacher is a scary little cave of anarchy. Honestly, I don't know which is the better way. But it's nice to see the SCG shuddering, peeing on themselves, and passing up $4 billion a month--just to stay in charge.

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