Rules For Breeding

Go Away/Do Not Read Further/Kiss My Ass
It's Fun To Bash Women Because It's So Easy

Jesus Fucking Christ, what the hell is wrong with you goddamn morons? There are parents who can't read above an eighth-grade level messing up child car seats now. Cute. And there's still lots of teenage girls having babies and then dumping them in dumpsters. Abort! Abort! There're trailer parks filling up with poor trash of all colors, and the world itself isn't getting any smarter. Children are NOT the solution, okay? And if you're NOT part of the solution, then you're part of the problem (somebody needed to say that)...Somebody needs to say this, too, so allow me:

No more babies. No more children. Period.

No more "additions to the family"; buy a fucking dog.

There's too many goddamn people on this planet.

80% of the people here now, and that probably means you,


soaked up in your own little reality show, and refusing to look at the big picture. And, if given long enough, you will say something about how 'people in other countries get to have all the kids they want--so you should, too'. Aww, you're so clever. It's pretty clear that you have missed the point. In fact, for wanting to have children, you show your own lack of intelligence. There's no NEED to breed, there's no good reason to breed; shut your dumb bitch-ass up--because you are insane. If you want a baby so badly, really want one, then go and choose one that is already here; there are plenty. Now let's get some of the rules understood:

You must have completed high school, or the equivalency. No high school? Then no baby. You must have money; there will be no more poor families. No money? Then no baby. You must have a car that is paid for, a current driver's license, and insurance on that car. No car? Then no baby. Honestly; these are bottom-line, common-sense issues that should be obvious to any girl who thinks she is ready for parenthood.

It's not my fault that Rules For Breeding didn't exist until now; but now there are rules. I have proof that stupid people have been breeding, unhindered, for over 30 years; again, not my fault. But no more. Breeding is not part of the life-cycle, okay? The "manifest destiny" of life--is death. Got it? Children are an earned privilege for an elite class. It's time to take this "privilege" of childbirth away; it is not a "right". How about a 'parenting license' to go with that 'driver's license', bitch? That's not a bad idea, but don't screw up my big 'roundhouse punch' finish for this paragraph--I worked long and hard on it: Procreation is a "sleight of hand" for selfish people to believe that they belong to something; it is merely the ultimate in "marking territory". (Read that again; I told you it was good.)

My girlfriend responded to the proud parental prayer of "I hope my children change the world." by saying 'shut up you stupid lazy person, if you want the world changed then do it yourself'. I couldn't agree more. This is another side to the problem; "Oh I couldn't change the world; so I'm going to have a child and hope that he does." See? This is a preferred continuation based upon an assumption of failure, and we have to stop this lack of logic in its tracks. No more children; we already have too much responsibility that we are ignoring now...I am SO looking forward to the backlash from this commentary; bring it on you fat whiney bitches.

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