For many reasons, I have a strong feeling that "religion" is going to get really heated over the next couple of months. The battle cries of "We are right and you are wrong." have always been close at hand. Check your local listings for updates in your area.

Oh this is such a touchy subject. People get their underwear all knotted up (and many people get stupid) just at the mention of the word "religion". I think that is wrong. Remember folks, "church and state" are forever linked in the reach of the powers that be. Are you with me? You know how we all make fun of George W. Bush, and the election farce, and how gas prices keep going up--even though the cost of a barrel of oil remains stable? It's entertainment, and it's pathetic irony--how we keep putting up with the lies and actions of politicians is actually outrageous. So, what's my point? Well if you can't figure it out from this set-up, then I will spell it out for you:

We make fun of the government, so we should make fun of religion, too.

Can you imagine if the 2 political parties both tried to name the same guy as their leader? Can you imagine if 2 competitive teams in the same sport tried to have the same person as their manager? This would never happen; it is a strategic impossibility. If it were to occur, then the whole deal would be thrown out, and everybody would start over. Enter Judaism and Christianity; 2 very powerful and differing religions that both claim the same "manager"; Jesus. In my little world, both of these deals get thrown out, and we have to start over. Hey; this was alot funnier in my head. Down here it almost makes sense.

The lyrics of Tom Petty's "Refugee" are screaming in my head as I attempt to continue my thoughts; "you believe what you want to believe". The fact that Christianity has Old and New, and the way there are different bibles for different times in history--I just don't buy it. In fact, some might even argue that Christianity was "created" (just as Christians say that life on earth was "created" 12,000 years ago). I feel myself standing there, right behind Bill Hicks, saying
"12,000 years? Okay, explain the dinosaur fossils to me".

I don't have such a problem with Judaism--their story is much more sensible. However, they do have large areas of manipulation--and I believe that to be a contradiction of what Jesus was intending. Regardless of their humble beginnings, I consider 21st Century Judaism to be no better than any other advertising campaign.

I want something older; I want a religion that made sense thousands of years before Amerigo Vespucci decided to sail west across the Atlantic. Personally, I am a little "modernized" by the United States; my brain is a bit "processed" by a government (a world, actually) that is just over 200 years old. It's not my fault that I am ignorant; and because of such--I have done research. There SHOULD be a religion that transcends time; let's have a look.

There is a religion called Santeria that is 5,000 years older than Christianity. Unfortunately, Santeria is some scary shit. They chant, kill animals, drink blood, and do voodoo dolls. This is a large and respected religion (cult?), where their rituals and sacrafices WORK (magic?). If you are paying attention, this should terrify your little bottled-up 'meek will inherit the earth' Christian upbringing.

Oh I could really start rolling now; but I'll stay in my tight spiral. Have you ever bought into the VERY believable ideas of the Mother Earth and the Father Provider? Yes; actually, I think we've all been a little swayed by how correct they seem. Does it make so much sense that it's obvious? Well, hang on, because that's Paganism (perhaps the oldest Western religion). And if you ever mention Paganism to a Christian, you'll be in for a long and ugly conversation. I think it's funny how Christians are always trying to "sell", explain, and justify their religion to people, but Pagans are very calm and confident. You have to respect that.

Personally, I do not play well with others. I like to go against the grain, to deviate, and be the exception. To me, religion is a personal reference and a definitive preference. It is what you make it; vital or unnecessary. I think that we have so many different choices of religion because religion is trying WAY too hard to get us involved. And, bottom line, I feel that religion is controlled by men (not by Gods).

For another "jab" against religion, I hate the way that each religion thinks IT is the "true path", and if you will just listen to their story--then you will be in IT for life. Hell, half of all marriages have divorces--and most of those idiots get remarried, too! I have even been chastised and talked down to by people for doing my information-gathering about religion; isn't research usually necessary when trying to make an informed decision? Screw organized religion, and screw the network marketers who try to recruit people into it, too. Okay; I just mooned the entire financial institution of God.

Let's try to relate this to you, in your world, right now: If your religion welcomes newcomers and softly offers information to those who seek it, then that may be a good thing. But if your religion actively seeks out new members, bad-mouths other religions, or ever asks for monetary contributions, then your religion is a lying sack of crap.
Thank you very much.

Hopefully, in the "next realm", there will be some kind of bonus points for being a tad more insightful than the average sheep. Bring on the Annunaki!

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