Ray Krone: 2003 Update

I had some help with this, and did some research on this. What I found out about this specific case is kind of scary. My original point, and my original idea of being pro-death penalty; well, everything is different now. I'm not different, okay maybe a little, but everything I thought about the death penalty centered on the idea that our court system was competent. Especially for the concept OF the death penalty; I mean, there have to be trials, appeals, multiple judges AND multiple juries all agreeing on guilt and punishment. See? This is not what happened in Ray Krone's case.

Ray Krone was not treated fairly from 1991 to 2002, when DNA evidence finally exonerated him. Ray has now filed a $100 million, 25 count lawsuit against the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and Phoenix police. During his trials, it certainly does appear that key evidence was concealed by investigators, and it does appear that prosecutors may have been ("shopping") looking for experts who would testify that Ray Krone's teeth matched a bite mark on the murder victim. Those 2 points, however, are still speculation.

Let me give you 2 FACTS to consider: #1 Krone's first conviction in 1992 resulted in a death sentence that was overturned based on prosecutorial misconduct. And, #2 When Krone was retried and convicted in 1996, instead of the death penalty, Krone received life in prison from a judge who "expressed reservations about the case". So we already know that the prosecution was clearly out of line in 1992, and 4 years later a judge was not comfortable with sentencing Krone to die.

How much evidence do you need to see that this man's life was improperly toyed with by people empowered to uphold the law? Ray Krone was chosen to be the scapegoat by people who were pretty high up in the food chain. Seeing this far of a reach in the perversion of justice makes me question my own attitude toward punishment, and I hope that you can appreciate that.

So I was right about only one thing in my 2002 rant about Krone; he IS very lucky. I wish him and his family the best, and hope he wins his lawsuit. Many thanks to all who helped with my research.

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