Ray Krone/Death Penalty

(Ray Krone is this guy in Arizona who was in prison for 8 years, and then was on death row for 2 more years. Recent DNA evidence has finally proven that Mr. Krone is not guilty. He's been released from prison, and that's where we are now in this story...)

After the first "We owe Ray Krone such and such..." I was already outraged. Allow me to take the other side of this issue...Ray Krone is a very lucky man. He's lucky because he spent 2 years on Death Row, and lived, because our sissy government doesn't have the guts to do what it should. People should not come back from Death Row; period.

300 years ago, if teenage girls would have declared Ray Krone a witch/warlock, Ray would have been burned at the stake. 100 years ago, fingerprint evidence would not have mattered. In the 21st Century we now have DNA evidence, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Ray Krone had a court case, okay? Fingerprint evidence puts Ray Krone at the scene, okay? Crooked bite marks on the victim, combined with Ray's crooked teeth made Krone seem like the culprit. I may have made the same conclusion, in fact I probably would have, and so would you. So shut up.

100 innocent people have been put to death in 26 years of capital punishment? (That's all? I bet that thousands of "innocent" people have died from heart attacks while exercising in the last 26 years.) Those 100 innocent people had trials, appeals, and juries; all the standard fare of our wimpy justice system. In fact, it's the same treatment that you or I will get if we ever end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Deal with it, okay?

Ray Krone got his picture in the paper many times last week; he got to talk on a cell phone, eat a steak dinner, and swim in a hotel pool. Ray Krone is doing just fine; quit crying for him. If Ray can't find a job in the next couple of weeks, then make him a security guard at the prison he just got out of. Ray Krone owes us a 'thank you' for our sissy/wimpy justice system.

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