Racial Mixing

This is a very touchy subject. I don't see what the problem is with wanting to date a member of another race; after all, this is America. We should all be free to choose to date whomever we want; and I applaud the people who are willing to date outside their own race. However, when we start to talk about breeding with another race, that's where I disagree. Again; date whomever you desire, but when it comes to bringing a child into this world, you are NOT free to impose your will upon that child. Mixing, or cross-breeding, whatever you want to call it is unfair to the incoming child. Remember, little racial mixer wannabe, just because you think that you deserve to have a child does not make it so. In fact, even considering to have a mixed child shows clearly that the couple involved needs to be not only stopped--but also prevented from having any children, ever. Again; you can choose to date whatever kind of farm animal or inflatable friend you want, but not when it comes to having a baby. In a free country, babies should not be born with wills imposed on them.
And if you disagree, then you are a moron.

In Boston, a mixed-race White supremacist (Leo Felon) was sentenced to 22 years in prison (mid-December 2002) for plotting to blow up Black and Jewish landmarks. Felon, son of a Black father and White mother (duh) blames his parents for "contaminating" him with Black blood.

Now this is a good example of how an inter-racial couple FORCED their will on an incoming child who did not ask to be born mixed. If Felon (discovers, and later) hates himself for being homosexual (like the Black cop on the Shield), that is a personal decision. But an inter-racial child makes no "decision"; there is no choice about what to be. That mixed child is going to be ridiculed all through school, targeted for pranks, lynchings and beatings; the child will always have trouble finding friends, and even more trouble finding companions. This child will suffer in every sense of the word; do you understand that? Good.

Can somebody explain to me how having a mixed race child is acceptable? I mean, I've apparently got some free time while you idiots are still trying to form ONE logical pro-life argument. Just one; that's all I ask, and you can't even fucking do that. Okay; well I'm just going to hang out over here with my pro-death and racially pure superiority.

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