The big picture is bigger than most people realize. The big picture is more than your life; more than your city, state, or country; the big picture is more than your planet; yes. The big picture is how well your planet moves in harmony with the other planets.

There will be a purification; believe that. There will be a painful period of necessary transition. This impending global adjustment will be for the overall good of the universe. Imagine the earth with somewhere between a 2% to 5% survival rate. Would you make the final cut?

We'll need a few doctors; doctors who specialize in natural healing, positive thinking, and mass-awareness. We'll need doctors who improvise, and who can work 16 hour days for no pay. We're going to need doctors who simply want to help people.

We're going to need some builders; people who can produce shelters creatively. These builders also will have to be able to improvise well. Fallen trees and damaged buildings will have to be made into adequate cover. We will definitely need some creative builders.

And then there's food; we're going to need some very smart farmers/gatherers/cooks to provide consumables. Most of the food will be either natural vegetation, roots/extracts, or dry stored grains. There won't be much "meat" as we know now. It will be tricky to feed the survivors; requiring inventive applications and explanations. It will be important to calm and soothe the people.

Along with the calming and soothing, we will also need many teachers/babysitters to prepare the survivors for the next stage. It will be difficult to keep order among the chaos, so all of the teachers will need to be strong and firm--while still being understanding. These "teachers" will be the leaders of groups of "students" who are awaiting directives.

And that's about it, folks; doctors, builders, farmers, and teachers. Even with the (maximum) 5% survival rate, 19 of 20 people like you will die. Many humans are terrified about the impending "purification"; personally, I can hardly wait.

I have already signed up to be an "executioner". The price for being an executioner will be my own life--in the final transition. That's fine; because I'm here to help. I just hope that we don't do mass-destruction. I want to kill people individually, and with devious sarcasm; "Now you may feel a tiny bit of pressure here", and "This could sting a little", and "Ouch, this is going to leave a mark". I'll have lots of cute little comments for my death troop.

Also, I want to fake some sensitivity. I'll ask some if they have any last requests, and as they open their mouths to make those requests, I'll snuff them and say "Buh-bye!". I have waited my whole life to go on this killing spree, so I will be living out a dream. If you happen to hear somebody yelling "Goddamn, I love this job!", that will be me.

But enough about me, the point of this process is still "purification". In the end, the very few human transplants will just be a slave mass in an alien culture. That's right again, folks, human beings are only a slave race. It might be important for you to "know your role" if you have any dream of surviving the purification. You can cry, wish for better, complain, beg for another chance; you can try to procrastinate the inevitable any way you desire. But IF you are in MY death troop, you WILL die with extreme prejudice. I just wish that Bill Hicks were here to see this fun.

And, all of a sudden, I'm in a great mood! So; try not to think about the future, and have a nice little ethnocentric today. Buh-bye.

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