Pumpkin Rage

Brittney and the boy bands; a 26 truck show
Ricky and Shania; crooning for the "cross-o"
There's rap-metal-funk, and country alterna-pop
Mutated, and degraded, whiney corporate slop.

Capped white teeth, and bleached hair; posed like bright figurines
Watch after-school sell-outs living endorsement scenes
With synchronized dance moves; in baggy pants or thongs
Their "See Spot run" lyrics don't come close to real songs.

Bands like the "Pumpkins" and "Rage" were genius-induced
But much is uninspired; it's factory-produced
Music groups have issues, and they let their fans know
Who wants to hear a band faked for a TV show?

These aren't artists, just performers, squirming in time
Marketing models marching on MTV prime
Now, I don't want the kids today to miss their call
But "made for Pepsi" music doesn't thrill me at all.

©2001 W. C. Davis

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