"16,000 kids die each day because of hunger issues."

"In 2005 there were more births, and fewer abortions than any year ever before."

These are news stories--without my cute little comments added in. Pay attention; 90% of you are morons. You are possibly offended, because I may be talking about you; right? Well, let's nip this in the bud right here; I AM talking about you. Period. You are a moron until you prove yourself otherwise to me. 90% is an understatement of the stupidity you all demonstrate.

Global warming? Sure it's real. It's all because of overpopulation.

Too many cars? Yes, because there are too many people. Overpopulation strikes again; moron.

Homeless people? Yes; because there're too many people. AKA: Overpopulation.

Hungry people? Yes, I'm sure there are far too many hungry people. Less people would make more food for the rest of us. Again; overpopulation is the problem.

These fucking 2008 Commentaries are going to be easy as shit.

My "minimalist mentality" could have saved this stupid planet 20 years ago, but nobody listens to me.

I will not be taking ANYTHING seriously, ever, until there are clearly defined, applied and ENFORCED rules for breeding. Birth control should have been made mandatory back in the 1960's, and then I wouldn't have to be here--throwing this screaming shit fit. Life is beautiful? Sure; fucking life is beautiful. Wanna know what real beauty would be? Non-fucking-existence would be beautiful; like, 'I'm not here, and I'm only barely watching this shit through a window--part time. And now I'm going back to sleep.' There's some beauty for ya. G'night.

Any yahoo cunt who can beg, borrow or steal a clump of cum between her legs, and get herself pregnant, can shit out a crying baby in a few months. It's currently a free-for-all; nobody says 'no' to the idea of childbirth. This "miracle" needs some regulation by intelligent beings; right now as I type, and you later read--drug addicts, criminals and millions of other angry females are creating new people. Childbirth should be made into a lottery. Fuck this. I am done being nice. Accomodating is historical; it's time for massive changes, and EVERY person on this fucking planet is going to suffer.

Let's go one year, just one fucking year, with ZERO births. The population would actually DROP! Can you imagine? Instead of our current broken philosophies on "structured growth" (ha!), we could get a handle on things as they are right now. We might even begin to see the error of our ways, and get a real plan for the future. Stop the babies, and you stop the problem; and SOMEBODY had to say that--by the way.

This is a finite planet, with finite resources. Didn't you dimwit fucks at least glimpse that fact somewhere in high school? Maybe not. I will call you morons.

One of the 'thoughts' from my March, 2008 Sidebar is: "Our problem results from acting like cowboys on a limitless frontier when in truth we inhabit a living spaceship with a finely balanced life-support system."óDavid C. Korton

Let the suffering begin!!!

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