It has taken me far too long to figure this one out. For 30 years I have questioned 'why' and 'why not'--from the perspective of the consumer. As it turns out, that is exactly what the average moron is supposed to do.

We are taught that this world is a "buyer's market", and that the people who spend the money have the power. We are taught that consumers make the difference in an open society. To THEIR credit, THEY have sold us a pretty good story.

Now let's jump up to the present day...THEY tell us to go back to our normal lives, spend money, and be proud Americans. But then THEY warn us to be careful, be on the lookout, and to 'expect another terrorist attack within the week'. THEY tell us how important it is to boost the economy with consumer spending, and then THEY give billions of dollars in tax relief to profit-producing corporations like IBM and General Electric. THEY say that this is not another Vietnam type of war, but then THEY promise it will take many years, casualties, and billions more dollars--for no visible benefit here.

Without pointing fingers at middle-easterners or ourselves, the premise of this conflict rests upon America's dependence on foreign oil. I was in middle school during the first "energy crisis"; back in the '70's. An intelligent government, a "buyer's market", or an open society would have been seeking alternative fuel sources on the first day that a gallon of gasoline cost more than a pack of cigarettes. In fact, alternatives not only should have been explored, but completely exploited--to the point of global cooperation and implementation. The definition of a "buyer's market" includes multiple options, different choices, and personal allegiances. But...

Our market does not have anything like that. You either drive a mass-produced car, or you don't. The "cars" that you can choose from all use the same single fuel source. Even the newest hybrid cars (for 2001 and beyond) are still half gasoline powered; doesn't this seem at least mildly pathetic to you? Many hundreds, perhaps even thousands of independent people and companies have developed very workable prototypes of alternative fuel vehicles. Not one of these vehicles has been mass-produced; ever. Read that sentence again.

Since you're really dumb, I want you to read the rest of this very slowly. It's almost as if THEY want to keep us relying on terrorist networks. If THEY can keep us dependent on foreign oil (as THEY have), then THEY can control consumers by regulating the availability of our one fuel source. Also, THEY can the hang fear of terrorists over our heads--because the countries that we buy oil from are very poorly managed...And, wow, look at that! Now we are in a war that THEY can dump billions of our dollars into, while THEY tell us to get back to our normal lives--with our one fuel source.

God bless America.

The Overnight Guy also would like to remind you that inside your own dwelling, perhaps where you are right now, you are a slave to a different singular fuel source; electricity.
THEY pretty much have us by the balls, you know?

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