Old Personal News

(starting 12-19-04)

Sunday 1-9-05

The rest of Sunday 1-02-05 was pretty lazy. Here I am wanting to do all these things; clean, shop, prepare my will (and other paperwork); but I took a painfully hot shower and got lazy. My best attempt at productivity was cleaning some of the non-vegan things out of the fridge, and a load of laundry. Hey; at least I did something. Now it's almost 8 pm, and I'm just sitting here. I managed to stay in, and the weather continues to be drizzly. To bed, but sleep was tricky. There were only a couple of hours rest here. Up
for work Monday. No shower. I would do this in jeans. The rain came after I got to work. Everybody but me got money calls. Frustrated. And this went way beyond normal frustrated; I was questioning existence again. And I decided to skip the gym because my internals weren't happy either. Sometimes it can be hard to see that the 2 things you need are a shit and a nap; I couldn't see it. I actually did okay at work--there's no lack-of-productivity issues here; I just wasn't the best. And I was sitting in my new seat, next to a girl who had almost $40K dumped in her lap; while I got nothing. It ain't fair. Came home, in the rain, and told Static Girl that I wasn't happy. She says now that I was extra grumpy; no kidding. First I shit, then I napped. Later, I cooked, and was hoping for a standard Monday, but it was not meant to be. This didn't sit so well with me; I have stress to release. Grumble. Talked to X, and he wants to come to the meeting Tuesday. So now it could be a bar run; if I don't start drinking now then I'm going to be up all night. Yes. I went for some stress release, baby. It was good, and I did well. Later on, midnight-ish, TPG and Pool Guy showed. More golf. Even with the nap, now going to work is a question. Lots of rain. I set alarms, stupidly, planning on going to work. 5 am was like a dream here; I couldn't handle it. Reset the alarm to get up
at 7 am here Tuesday; missed that one, too. My Leader called, and she wants me to be happy, so she gave me today off. I slept until after 1; visions of "Office Space" here. So it's rainy, gloomy, girlfriend is pissed and home, I'm off work and unmotivated. Fucking perfect; I should go back to the bar. But I got up and ate more beans, brewed coffee, and watched some tv. Now it's 2:30, and I'm just as lost as ever. I started writing a commentary on pro-lifers; you can imagine how well that went. 5 pm now; still lost. I laughed a little, and maybe feel better. Ate some chili. I cancelled any obligations I might have had for this evening. Very unmotivated still; almost aggressively unmotivated. Tv is not much help; watched the interview with Amber Frye, and some of the Orange Bowl. The show "House", with the alternative Dr., now that has some potential. Then W D called me, after 9, to check and see how I was doing. He's my new business' sponsor's sponsor. While I'm all depressed and unsocial right now, it is good to know that I'm close to some good people. Sleep was very difficult to get, but I got some, and we're up
for work Wednesday. No shower. Boy I needed for it to go well. It was slow. But I did get a money call, and some good training. Winning at Bingo got me a little travel chess set; cool. Weird thoughts came from all different places. Had an idea for a commentary, but I'm all pissy. I just really need a workout, and for some time with my baby. Went to workout, and discovered that I have gained about 7 lbs. Great. So I did eat well with my Mom here. And my strength is down, too. It was a short workout, and it made me tired. So I came home to hope for a good Wednesday, and it was not. Girlfriend wants to watch tv; what is this shit? So I took a shower, and then I was (weirdly) even more tired. So I took another nap. She's slamming doors; again, what the fuck did I do here? I had told her that I need for us to be back on schedule. You fucking sheep had better pray that things get better for me, or I'm going to put an end to this little ride you're on...Ooo, the anger. So she goes to bed at 8:30, and I'll be staying up for awhile with nothing here. Sure. Then the phone rings. Pool Guy is up at the bar with TPG; so now I have an out. It would surely prove to be a bad idea, but I went to the bar. The new golf game is fun, and I did well. There would be no problems until
6:30 am Thursday, when my girlfriend came in to my room and say that she was going to work. I apparently slept through any and all alarms. Called in to work and went back to sleep until after noon. My body is all sore, but I feel much better now. I recommend sleeping in for anyone who is all ate up with stress. You may have to pay for it later, as I'm sure I will, but take care of you first. I need to remember while even though I don't have much to live for that I don't have much to complain about. These little complaints, lately, that I have taken far too seriously, are the whinings of a spoiled brat. And I haven't called myself that in years. If it really is all about just changing your perspective, then I need to change mine. So I cleaned the apartment and cooked up some dinner for me and my girl. She appreciated food, and we watched Will + Grace. Then that "Smallpox" movie was on FX, and it was good. So there was much tv. Then I opened up my presents from Static Girl's parents; they like me. Called my Mom; she has all her mail. I did no meetings and no socials. We'll worry about that shit later. It's almost 11 pm here. Went to bed, and got up for work
Friday. Am I still employed? Yes! Lucky for me, many people took off yesterday--at least I called in. One guy on our team just up and left for 3 days of snowboarding. It sucks for him, but sure takes the pressure off me. Now all will be well if I can just hat-trick and be amusing today; no problem. Moderately impressive, I was. Cool. Now I can work 2maro, or just not take a day off next week. I have doubts. Oh well. I was anxious about the full workout coming today; no excuses not to. So I headed for the gym. Oh the pain. Everything hurts again; this is good, right? Then we're heading home to see my baby. Leftover dinners were very tasty. On to good snuggle; nice. Then I'm primping for a bar run. Except; Static GIrl has no hot water in her shower. Wait; no hot water in the house. Bummer. But I still went out to see Barney's new place. Wow. That's what a 1-bedroom should look like. And he hooked me up. Than I'm heading back to Sam's. LAH is broken. K + D are there; apparently they are engaged now. They said they'd been waiting 3 hours for any of us to show up, awww--it's not like we ever talk to them anymore, and ACE was down at some other big bar. Then they left. Bye. I played some golf, and Southpark pinball. Then TPG and Pool Guy showed again! Had to slaughter them at new golf. Okay. And we would be asked to leave at close to 1; what do you think about work 2maro? I came home and set alarms again. I got up
to go for Saturday work, sore and strungover, and said 'no'; I made the decision--plus we still have no hot water. Went back to sleep for hours. Maintenance came to give us hot water around noon; I started thinking about getting up then. It's already 3:15, and I'm just now finishing my 2nd cup of coffee. Talked to my FCP about real estate, and I'm probably the laziest person on the planet right now. Hey, this is me. Barney invited me over for a poker tournament at his place tonight. The thing to do right now would be to go find this big bar with all the games that I heard about; let's go! Okay. So at 4 we went in search of Six Shooters. Now this is a bar; it's huge. Only 2 pinballs, though; A-13, and Corvette. Very dark, very fast, yes, but I wasn't leaving until I put up a billion on Corvette. 2wice. Then I headed back to my neighborhood for some golf. The free poker tournament at the bar is getting too big now--with people hanging out the doors already. It's just a card game people. I never ate lunch, and would come home after the great second football game's overtime, near 10 pm. Now I'm gonna eat. Bean stuff and rice, and a little chocolate. Yum. Would come back here to my sweet bed and crash before midnight, I think. I should get more productive today. We'll see. Set alarms for
8 am Sunday, to call in to work and see if I'm supposed to be there. They haven't called back, so I'm not going. Coffee, and we already paid some bills and semi-balanced the checkbook. Found some missing money in the checkbook; that's always fun. This is me being productive. I'm even cooking rice and making shopping lists right now; you can't stop me. Now we're hearing more weird music from the 90's. In fact, I'm ripping through my CD's; finding, remembering, rediscovering; this is cool. Found a missing CD; that's always fun, too. How many other people have so many CD's that they can find new shit EVERY time they go through their collection? Ha; I'm cool. I would leave football to go shop and pick up packages at the office. Home to brush with aggravation, and some food was in order. I got great gifts from Static's parents. I can't help the fact that people around me are falling apart; my emotions run high--kiss my ass. Why can't we get a fucking tsunami here? A nice little tsunami, and the smell of death would be very productive here. I still want to see some blood in the streets.

Sunday 1-2-05

Let's make lots of money this year!

Where the hell? Did I leave off on a Monday? I'm confused and fat right now, okay? I just spent a week eating everything but other humans, and it's not that I wouldn't have eaten some humans, too, it's just that we didn't have access to any. I'm gonna need some more coffee and some Fig Dish to do this. Caviar. Whatever. I've made some notes to help remind me of some shit; good luck to all of us.
Alarms were set for 8:30 am Monday 12-27. Supposed to go to Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright west); watch it unfold. Coffee, primping, a fashion show, and then it was just going to be a quick stop at the Teacher's store in my neighborhood. No. Mom shopped for close to 3 hours while I ran around and did other errands. I got gas, found Roswell and the Ref on tape, and the day was almost shot. So we ate at the Happy Dude Restaurant; that's MY hole-in-the-wall Mexican food place; yum! Then a walk through the 99cent store, and we're home to hit golf balls and watch Roswell. Mom loved the movie, too. It's a definite top-10 (that's another list to be updated). We soaked up 2 loads of beans to make bean soup later. I added garlic. Trouble sleeping, and I'm up
a hair late for work Tuesday. No shower, no piggie breakfast, running late, but I did look nice. We have no leader! We're just kids running around the mall, unsupervised! I would get 2 outta 3, woo. Home at 3, and there's stuff cooking on the stove. It's my beans! So much for an afternoon movie. And we started hitting golf balls--this may rule out a business meeting. The beans were a roaring success; I could say that we were both spraying everywhere, but I won't. I gave her a short business meeting, and she's in her usual mindset. She says I need to push it to Dad, but I know Dad. Then my spiritual advisor X called; he's adamant about getting me to go to some 4 day seminar. What? This is some thing that TPG went to, so you can imagine how excited I am (not). I'll trade meetings with X, but I'm not looking for a new God, new cult, or new business. He wants me to invest 40 hours into this thing that I didn't even inquire about. Whatever. Tonight would end around midnight. Up
and dressed for work Wednesday. No rush, on time, I like this. The day was quiet but smooth. We were unsupervised kids again. I landed 1 good money call. Home for the one-game Scrabble tournament. I won, and didn't even cheat. I would've cheated, sure, but I didn't need to. Listened to, and loved, the comedy disc that Dad sent. Had to hear it 2wice. Sat around and watched stupid tv. I mentioned that Wednesday makes a good bar night, and she said that I should go. So I did. Met TPG up there, and we ruled the new Golden Tee Live. That was fun. Home after midnight, and to bed. Up
Thursday at 8:30 am. Mom brought coffee, and we talked for a little while. Then we primped to finally go to the Frank Lloyd Wright museum. My camera's batteries died on the first picture. I finally got hungry. After the museum it was time for food. We went and had the finest New China buffet ever, and she was impressed. I even tried sushi, that's the dumbest shit ever, but whatever. Now I understand the humor. Now we're in the home stretch of the visit, and I'm gonna go pick up Static Girl. Went and found right where I needed to be; but the arrival screens said that she hadn't landed yet. So I kept waiting for the screens to say she had landed. They never did. But I found my awesome girlfriend anyway. She was sad at first, but after I found her she felt better. I showered her with affection and carried her bags (what more can I do?). Home to pick up Big Mama and head back to the Flamingo Palace for a late dinner (hey look, more Chinese food). Yum again. Then back here for some more talking. Static Girl stayed up and was talkative; wow. She finally headed for bed after 1 am, I think. Mom and I would be pulling an all-nighter. More Scrabble; she can't touch me. Dropping Mom off was easy, and took less than 30 minutes. Back home, and Static Girl's door was locked. I stayed up late again; till 7 am. Then I crashed till noon. So this is now up
Friday at 12 noon. Mom called soon after to say she was home. Yay. I went out and ran some errands, and then came home for welcome back snuggle. I finished the year with a double; thank you. Then, while she showered, I cooked the ramen that Static Girl wanted--I'm the best boyfriend ever! Then I showered, and it's going to be an early bar run on NYEve. I was the last person kicked out of Sam's, and then headed 'cross the street for some golf. Home by 10:30, and I went to bed; I have to work early Saturday. Up with alarms at 5:30 am. I cooked a guinea pig breakfast, and hugged on my baby. To work, where I would hat trick early. In fact, this was a pretty good day. Turns out that I went to work an hour early; who knew? So I got to leave early, too. Home to check in with my baby. There's not much going on here; it's looking like an early bar run again. It was. I would make this quite an adventure. 3 rides, 5 games of golf, and a 601 million game of LAH pinball--even with a weak right flipper. Ha! Home at 11, and we again ate everything. Oops. Crash, and to be visited at noon by Static Girl. Nice.
Happy Sunday world! Now kiss my ass. Coffee, and more coffee; put some clean clothes away, and started up over here with the computer updates. Man this is some work. Lovin' the Caviar. My Patriots were up 14 on the 49er's; let's hope for the best there. Steelers need to lose, too. It's 3 pm. What details did we miss from the Mom visit? I sewed on my first button, and made creative cornbread. I'll think of more later.

Sunday 12-26-04 A Little Late: Piss Off

For Big Mama Monday I showered and dressed up. Cool. At work I would have major issues. I had nothing, and I mean "nothing" like zero minus negative nothing, diddly-poo shit, okay? I didn't get a hit until 1:30 pm, (when Mom's plane was landing, hmmm). This crap day called for me to get some special attention, and my team leader "S" did work with me; she's great. I finished with a weak hat trick; which is impressive all by itself. Then we're checking to see if Mom had called; she had! So I'm tearing down to the airport. Mom was camped out in a smart spot; found her easily. We got a $61 ham on the way back up here. Checked her into the motel, and then headed here to pick up Static Girl and go eat good Chinese food. Yum. Then we came back here to see the place, and open up some presents. I got loot! I didn't have shit for anybody, so I just cleaned up here. Yay me. Then I took Momster back to her warm closet hole...and watched my Patriots lose. Bummer. But I also think they know what they're doing; stay tuned. Mom found a few museums to go check out on our upcoming days off; cool. Now I'm back here listening to Caviar. I've been missing this music. It's beautiful. I need sleep soon. We'll see. Sleep; sure. Then we're up
for work Tuesday. Dressed up again. I would get 2 outta 3, and close to some money. Oh well. Finished my day, then picked up bread and muffins on the way home. Called Mom, then brought her back here for quick sandwiches. Static Girl shows up, and it's movie time. My choice was to go see "Closer"; a decent indie type movie, but not very Christamassy. Natalie Portman was very good, she always is--and she's a robo-babe, but this was a crazy casual sex indie film not meant to take your mom to. Ate a pound of chocolate, and half a large bag of popcorn--that was fun. Back here for conversations and computer lessons. Took Mom back, and then I shockingly went to the bar for some pinball and Caviar. Brand new Golden Tee! Finished -10 on my first game ever! It was fun. Stayed way too late, then came home to crash. Up to alarms at 9?
Before 10 anyway Wednesday. Had to go get Mom and move her in. Then we're setting up to take Static Girl to the airport. Digital pictures? The complete airport mission lasted less than 40 minutes--my luck is amazing; I even saved a lost old couple. 40 minutes, and done. Came straight home, and we were camped out in the living room until 3 am. Ham sandwiches and such; lots of chocolate, too. Coffee. Ice cream. Flipping channels, movies and tapes. Lazy was good. New Clerks DVD; I liked it--she fell asleep. Last Laugh 2004 with Modest Mouse was great, too. Mom likes being waited on. I like playing host. I want a cigarette, but will have to improvise. Sleep. Up
for a Thursday that started almost as lazy, but we had a plan. The plan was for a few hours at the Heard museum, and then a slide through Hap's bar-b-que (Best of Phoenix for ribs--Hap's does an excellent spice rub). Then it's a grocery run, and we're home to prepare a Christmas salad. We are pumping some great Christmas music through the house. Tegan is appreciative, if also confused. We're watching every tape I own; old tv and movies, all Sportsnights, the new older version of "Clerks" that Static Girlfriend got me, my Down in Roswell documentary about the 1994 Showtime movie, and then...Wait; how do I not own the Roswell movie? That Roswell movie is a part of my life; I will get it. Then Hooper on DVD, which makes Hooper the first movie that I've watched 2wice on DVD. Crash at 4 am. Up
for Friday Christmas Eve. We sat around and ate everything. Golf balls and party favors. Botanical Gardens? Ha. Not a chance; we're busy. Football and Christmas movies, all Scrubs, and some mystery tapes, Unexplained Mysteries on tv...Man, we never even looked outside; I wonder what kind of day we missed. This is MY kind of lazy, like the early 90's hangovers at TCV. Talked to Dad, and TPG. Dad sent cool clothes. Last thing watched was the Bill Mahar "Cynical" thing. Bed by 1 Christmas Eve. Was awakened by the neighbors Christmas music at
5 am Saturday Christmas morning. Thanks, actually, that helped. To work right at 7 am. They started calling me "Hannibal" after my Soilent Green comments (I'm fucking tired of people snubbing the idea of cannabalism). Whatever. Work had snacks for us; my first day at work in 4 days. I got 2 outta 3 without even trying. I was first in line to get out early, and they let me leave at noon. Nice. I would go on a mission, since most food stops were open, and Blockbuster! Oh that's movies; maybe Roswell. No Roswell. Manchurian Candidate (my FCP rated it highly), and Alien Hunter. Nice. Dinner was the hash brown festival; MY kind of Christmas dinner. Stayed up too late watching MY Christmas movie "Scrooged". I cried, just like always. Up
a hair late Sunday. Meant to get up early. Coffee, and to work. It's busy. I'm late. This sucks. I asked to leave early, and the head babysitter got a little pissy with me and said to not plan on leaving early. Fine. Bitch. So I kept working. Then, at 1:30, most of the BT people left. Great; that's more work for me (frustrated and short-sighted as I usually am). Okay, wait for it; yes, it's a little more work, but it's also some more money calls for me! In that last hour I nailed down 3 days worth of money. Cool. Home at 3. Back by work to pick up this piece of paper, then we're off to TJ Maxx to shop. I have great dress pants now; dress like the money that folds. Steak time, and then some more groceries. Home for coffee and more obnoxious tv. Bed by 1 am; I'm off 2maro. Yay.

Sunday 12-19-04

All of a sudden it was Monday morning, 12-13-04, and I hadn't had much sleep. Went to work expecting it to be easy; but it wasn't. This was a tough day, and my attitude was shot. It was a slow day all the way around; I didn't feel bad about getting only 1 item. Nobody has watched my DVD's. That's disenchanting, but it ain't my fucking problem. To the gym already; alone. Did my 2 circuits, and headed back home. Forgot to get the package at the office; oh well. At home; the rice I cooked as we left for work this morning became a yummy deluxe dinner. Then my Supreme Dream Team Leader WD called me to check in. It took a few tries, but talking to him (after snuggle) was a good move. 80/20; yeah, no shit--that's good. Then he called back to tell me about a conference call, and I did that. Going to go and get some materials from him, too. Then I'm watching a fantastic MNF game, with the Chiefs squeaking by Tennessee. Washed dishes, made lunch, and now it's almost 11 pm. Should I actually enjoy shutting some people out of my life? What if I do? Will I be sending Christmas cards? Naa. I'm going to revel in my independent thought here. I don't "do" like the rest of the herd; my sheep says "bah". Not Scrooge, but I'm not all stressed out either. An American commits suicide every 17 minutes normally; about every 14 minutes during the holidays. Ha; I like that stat. Sleep would come after midnight. Up
for work Tuesday. I designated a better attitude on the prayer ride in. I can do it. But it would continue to be painfully slow; however, I took the small victories that I could muster. Looking forward to getting some materials from WD after work here, too. Keeping a good attitude is tough with no $ on the board; at least today I had a couple of product sales. Then it happened. There exists a premise in phone work that one phone call can make or break the whole day; I believe half of that--but only because I LOVE pissing people off. One really bad phone call doesn't bother me; sometimes they even make me giggle. Ha. Do you believe that one good phone call can salvage a crappy day? I have been fortunate to live through proof of this before, and it happened again today. One guy was smart, funny, sharp, and money--for me. It's not a great day by any stretch, but this ONE call, of about 300, turned a crap day into an okay day. I like that. Home to get on the phone with cable--trying to hook up high speed internet; my idea of a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Getting high speed internet is now more likely than just possible. I explained it all to girlfriend; she just doesn't seem thrilled. Turned lazy. This will turn into a nap, too. It's my last night to go play, perhaps. Girlfriend didn't know that I'd be at a training Wednesday night. We will miss our appointed round. So I'm going out to play some pinball and golf tonight. LAH has no drop targets; this is a real challenge. I even scored a 400 million game all messed up like that. The bar was empty; so guess who ran the jukebox? In the end I would ride up the street, too. Home to eat nachos and 20 pounds of chocolate; erugh. Crash hard, and roll around until
9:30 am Wednesday. Getting up to go get my teeth cleaned. That new 98.7 radio is on at my Dr. J's office; Heart, the Knack, Jethro Tull, and Eagles; cool. These teeth are no worse off than 6 months ago; that's actually very good. We'll start the major teethus rehab in January. Bought Gus the Slick 50 high miles treatment; other fluids are all okay, the rear-view mirror has issues again. Lunch at New China Buffet. Came home, did some laundry and called Qwest to see about DSL internet here. It may be possible; either way I'm switching back to Qwest phone service--it's cheap now. Called my FCP; she got my little mail package today. Trying to get so much done, and there's still so much to do. Cooked ramen for my baby, and told her all about the internet progress. Getting ready for the business seminar now. Home at 11 pm. That was a great Fast Start Training. WD showed up; gave me a flip chart and some books. I bought tickets to 2 other functions, as well. This is it; I am now officially "all in". I have needed to do some streamlining of my personal contacts for years now; the world hasn't blown up like it was supposed to, and so I'm ready to get in gear. Bed and sleep. Up
and ready to go for a Thursday. I dressed nicely, but it was a casual day, and our big dinner party. We ate dinner at 9 am. The rest of the day was very slow; but I did pull 2 outta 3. Tired again; I'm always tired. And my left ankle hurts. I playfully pushed to get my DVD's back, and that might work out well. We'll see. After work I will go get the rest of Dad's stuff. Ambitious. Home to talk to Mom and Dad, then go mail, then come back for ramen. Then laundry, and it's evening again. I'm still tired; ankle still hurts. Dad says to quit doing squats for awhile. Sure. My shoulder hurts, too. I'm so whiney today. What's with this shit? Can we go to bed soon? Yes. went to bed right after 9.
Friday night here, 1 am. Woo. Crappy workdaay, home to cook killer mushroom stuff for my baby. Full snuggle, her idea, and then I'm motivated for the bar. No Pool Guy, just me. Good golf and broken pinball. Left games up there. Home and drooling...
That was my drunk entry after going out Friday night. Friday morning, after all that sleep, you'd think I'd be rested and ready for production. Not as such. Oh I was ready; it just wasn't happening. I can only play the hand I'm dealt. A very weak 2 outta 3 won't keep me employed for long, but we all had a slow day. And how am I still falling asleep? This sucks. And I'm wondering how I'm supposed to respond to all the...issues with people who should be closer. Neverfuckingmind. So I was all pent up with frustration; good time for a workout, except for my ankle hurting. At the gym I was thinking about quitting early, but did not. I stayed and played; squats and all. Beat girlfriend home; she went shopping. I cooked supreme leftover ghoulash with mushrooms; yeah, I'm just making shit up now. Girlfriend was so impressed that she asked for full Friday snuggle; wow--I was going to let her have her usual short version. I cut myself shaving and bled for an hour; Narrating the rubbing alcohol application was funny. Snuggle was excellent, and the shower motivated me for stress release. I would go for pinball/golf therapy with some Caviar in the background. Nice. Stayed way too late, then came home and danced more--because I'm stupid. Jeez. I could barely type at all, but did a little up there. Bed by 2. Up
for work Saturday. Girlfriend helped me get up, but she wanted me outta here anyway. No shower, no coffee, freezing cold (shut up, it was maybe 50 degrees, and you should've had more than a t-shirt on), limping, and I couldn't breathe. To work; there's no fucking way I can do this. I was laughing at the idea. But I'll go and pretend. Couldn't talk, and when I could it was like tires screeching. But I stayed with it. Turns out that the vending coffee is actually really good. By 11 am I was ripping shit up. I led the room in products; let me say that again: I fucking LED the ROOM in products--and that's without being able to talk for the first 3 hours; welcome to my hangover, bitch. Found my voice, and part of a good mood; what is this shit? Wait, wait, this is all way too familiar...I guess that any victory has a mental reward. Done. Gone. Did. I mean, dude, I'm over here trying to NOT puke, NOT shit in my pants, and NOT freak out...while everybody else is telling me how great I sound. Yes; yes, this was EXACTLY like the radio--and it STILL pisses me off. Fuckers. I did feel victorious (dude, you earned "victorious"). So then I'm home to do some paperwork (shit), and then back out to shop, eat, + haircut. Home finally to clean more of my room, and later to cook g/j/v/machoroni. Yum. Pro football on Saturday; cool, but I don't have time to care. Still in a daze, too. Ankle still hurts. Girlfriend did great at some cleaning on the apartment, too, but she's now hurt her back. We just whine on. It'll all be over soon. Slept some, an extra hour in the morning, and I'm up
for work Sunday. No shower, but I brewed a pot of coffee and took it in my thermos. Ha. I was 30 minutes early; oops. But I clocked in and got busy. They fed us with 2 6-foot sub sandwiches, doughnuts, desserts, chips and soda; working Sundays is okay. Just what I need; more sandwiches (I had 2). I worked, even a little frustrated, and did fine. My attitude could improve, but they know I'm under intense pressure right now. Post work, we're cleaning up Gus. That's a new console, and we threw out the carpet piece in my floorboard, a full vaccum, and a wash. Now you can really see how dirty the windows are; great. Home to grab a yummy girlfriend who had been cleaning up all day here--she did most of the kitchen; wow, I like her. Oh; and we're going to the mall. Not the best idea in the history of loners who hate people--going on the last mall Sunday before Christmas, but we coped. I like shopping with Static Girl. On the way home, she offered to buy me Subway. That's what I need; more sandwiches. Yum. Home to talk to Moms, and clean the rest of the kitchen and my bathroom. It's so crazy hectic here that we had to add some snuggle, too. Sure. And it went great. Now it's 10:30, and the end is near. Made lunch for 2maro; can you guess what it is? Did you guess more sandwiches? Big Mama is coming! Slept okay, I think. Up
and ready for Big Mama Monday; 12-20-04. Next week you can read all about the Big Mama week in the Big Mama update from Hell. Are you excited? I am! Bye!

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