Old Personal News

(Starting with the week ending 9-12-04)


Went to get the Caviar CD at Zia; it weren't the $10 that I was promised. It were 12.99. Oh well. But it has 15 songs, and a video and interviews; cool! That is, until I get it home and find out it has no visual anything on it. Bummer. I has been swindleded. Although now I can find www.thecaviarmy.com website; that's pretty cool. Groceries had to wait; did the 99cent store though. Haven't reviewed anything since the new (and final) Everclear last Summer, and now we've got 2 new CD's in one week. Sometimes it's cool to be me. Staying in with no drink or smoke on a Saturday and Sunday night was not fun, but necessary to get over the worst of this cough and sinus shit. Up
Monday for work. We had a substitute Trainer, and it was a fun day. I'm still lacking alot of brains on this new stuff, but I'm not alone. They want us to figure it out--so we'll be making lots of mistakes. Post-work I'm heading for the gym; gonna bump up some weights. I did. And although I wanted to take off early, I stayed for the whole thing. Good boy. Came home, after the grocery, to fry up potato/veggies for my girl--who was NOT late getting home. Yum. Then it's snuggle time. Bugs bite, and I made a check to see if anybody wanted to play. No? So I definitely went out. Couple of beers, and football. Woo. Home to stretch and crash around 11; fairly responsible. Up
Tuesday without too much pain. In some cultures I may have even felt good--my body is taking to the exercises again. Yay. At first break, I went for a breakfast burrito; yum. We diddled with outbound on the phones; it's not too exciting. I had a good coaching session with a trainer. 2maro is our final exam. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have a good driving record (and be so damn old), because some of the people in my class pay between $2K and $4K a year for car insurance. Remember how I complained about paying $2 a day for car insurance? Imagine paying $10 a day. So it was a day. Then I came home to start my string of errands. Tuesdays are busy now. Lots of tv, laundry, and a start to the big Caviar review. Now it's after 11 pm, and I meant to go to bed by 10. Up
for work Wedneday. I'm a little concerned about how I know most of the answers, but still have trouble on the computer screen. We reviewed for the final, and it didn't seem like it would be too difficult. I got a 96, but the whole class averaged a 94--so we all did well. And we're on the phone some. I didn't do much. Post-work, I forgot to clockout, and headed for the gym. I was in a good mood, too. I pumped hard on everything. Hell, I figured to be drunk before 9 pm. Then I came home to cook up some kind of fried festival for my baby. We loved it. Then I was falling asleep, and asked to take a nap. She said 'no', and the least selfish thing to do was to go ahead and snuggle--then either go out or go to bed early. I still figured to be drunk by 9 pm. After snuggle, brilliantly, I got tired. Decided that the smart thing to do would be to go to bed at 9 pm. Not drunk; in bed--by 9 pm (Tell me I'm not growing up a little.). Sleep wasn't too hard to find for a change. Up
in great shape for work Thursday. I would do better today; our last day with trainer "D". I did well. I was more aggressive. I can't help slowness on the computer, but I can out-talk most of the world (it's almost like I used to be a DJ or something). So I talked. For lunch we had many pizzas; that was our reward for doing so well with training. I had this feeling that to celebrate not going out last night, yeah, I might go out tonight. But first I came home and cooked lots of food; ramen, and potatos. Ate and watched tv with my baby. Pretty soon there would be a presidential debate? Oh I am so going to the bar. As I walk in, I see E-Rock. Sat next to him, and we discussed all things Caviar. I'll be getting a signed poster and an accoustic song soon; he says he'll also get me a better disc that will play on the computer screen, too. Glug and puff; guess I'm not sick anymore. Kicked ass at golf and pinball. TPG showed, more golf, and lazer Floyd tickets. I ran 'em all out, and had another beer; I was nuts. Home to stretch and crash. Up
in amazingly good shape for work Friday. Our first day of transitional training with "J". I'm still way slow on the computer, but getting better. And I keep learning new stuff; it's really hard to believe how these not extremely bright kids are getting all of this shit done on so many screens. But good for them. We stayed until almost 3 pm. I started to think of reasons to not go to the gym; huh? My brain compromised on doing trunk and arms; 2 full circuits (9 exercises instead of 12; 2 circuits instead of 3--due to time constraints--a fine compromise). Great idea; finished up right at 3:40. And the gym was nearly empty; you know I like that. Home at 4 to cook for girlfriend. Yum. Our big show to watch together now is Angel at 5; no more Judging Amy at 4--it's been cut for more Law and Order. Then it's snuggle time; I do good service. We talk about hiking, and how her brother may come live with us. Okay. A 3-bedroom with high speed internet sounds damn nice to me. And then we're done. I'm loading up for a Friday night run. I'm alone, and that's more fun for me. I talked Caviar with E-Rock's babe wife. And I am ruling golf, by the way. TPG and Pool Guy show up later; drunk from the nudey bar. It must be nice. Birdies/Eagles; I was 13/2 2wice, and then 10/4 with competition; you can't touch me. They ordered food, and I helped a little. I would eventually come home and eat a raw jalapeno with...I ate everything, okay? And I'm not sorry about it. Crashed hard. Up
with phones ringing at 10:30 am. Wow. I have to shit. And 30 minutes later shit again, too. What the hell; did I eat everything last night? 3 cups of coffee so far; GA/LSU just started. Talked to Dave O. back in Georgia; he's not in jail yet. He's not employed either, but let's stick with the positive for now; not in jail--yet. Okay. GA just scored; I'm in here listening to (gee imagine) Caviar again. Life's not too bad. Gotta do a Caviar update, add a new Sidebar, and tons of other shit. Damn. Go Dawgs! And Barney wants me to come over. For 2 days now the song in my head is Caviar's "Hey Let Go". Right. So I went to see Barney, and that was interesting. Productive, also. Then I headed for the bar to watch some football. Poor Tennessee. But I was fired up for the ASU game, and we all screamed and yelled. I still rule golf. Home to cook up garlic/jalapeno tamales; that was ambitious and yummy. Crashed, and up
before 10 am Sunday. Not much football here, and I'm just not motivated to go do the ACE thing. Cooked up yummy ricey stuff, and that makes the house happy. Looks like burritos to me; 2 of 'em. More jalapenos, too. Now I have much computing to do while listening to Caviar.


I wasn't too bad off Sunday (9-19-04) night, and got to bed before 1 am. It won't help much, but maybe I can work with it. Ha. Yes. I got up
for work Monday, got it going, and got to work early. On the phone, I was 1 of 2 who won lunch. Should have known better (oh isn't that cute--that'll be the name of my life's story--Should have known better...) but I ate a big sirloin b-b-q burger, and fries, for lunch instead of my boring and healthy turkey/wheat crackers. I'll still be able to workout though. I wound up being tied for #2 producer today--sure as hell didn't see that coming. The big deal will be today's workout, though. I did good; you know, when I wasn't throat-puking sirloin and coughing up blood. Got some instruction on that new crazy leg press, and bumped up the weight on most everything else. Sweated on some people, but didn't puke on any--I'm smooth. Home to call my FCP, she's on voice mail; her loss. Then called the Dr., and started cooking a veggie-potato-garlic feast. Girlfriend came home to a happy boyfriend; flexing and cooking in his underwear. Whoo-baby. I'd have to say that my mood was pretty good overall today. We watched some tv, and then it was snuggle time. Here's what I've been doing wrong; I've been rushing to get into it. I need to enjoy the front end more--that's what I learned today. And I made it last as long as I could. Then I cleaned and stuff before a shower. I feel pretty good; the slight pain in my back is probably from straining too hard. Later I called TPG--no answer; he's s'posed to have some funds for me since he got paid. Sure. I assume he's nudey-barring with Pool Guy, who also owes me money. Maybe they can/already have found new strippers. Yippee. Wound up going out to meet up with them for a late run that Pool Guy funded.
Tuesday I have frustration. There was some productivity, too. I am incredibly sore. I got productive after 1:30. Went to a few stores, bargain shopping and such. It was a gorgeous day--not too hot. Made yummy burritos for dinner, and there's lots of leftovers for 2maro. Cool. Watched alot of tv here on Tuesday. Got to bed before midnight. Up
for work Wednesday. A beautiful day, the weather keeps cooling off. I was in good spirits, too. My problem is that I'm being too funny at work again; way too funny at lunch. I need to calm down and get organized. Coughing and hacking--can hardly breathe. Post-work, I limped to the fitness center for another round. I am crazy. Dropped some weight, because it would kill me if I didn't. Put in a full hour of it. Ouch. Gas, and home to heat back up yummy burritos for dinner. Tv, and then it's snuggle time. I went slow, and it was worth it. Now it's 8 pm, and I'm looking at lots of laundry. I just don't feel like doing it. Naaa. We ain't doing no damn laundry here. We finished the Dream Life Misery CD Review, and now it's after 11 pm. How do people get things done in this world? I used to get things done, and STILL get to the bar by 9. I might be getting old. My body hurts. Ouch. Bed. Up
a hair late for Thursday, but I got to work. Chaos in the parking lot, and lost in the building. Never mind. Got a 100% on my little quiz; yay me. I kept thinking about how the world's ending, and there was a strange vibe at work--the whole class felt it. I wasn't too sore, but still in some pain. I have issues, but I'm not alone. I could feel myself wanting to blow today off at 1:30 and go to the bar. Uh-oh. But I was smart. Got a phone number to get my benefits issued, and came home to call it. My new plan was to get a load of laundry done, do the benefits call, and maybe go out later. Came home and got the productivity thing going. Tried to call my FCP again, with no luck; bummer. I even boiled up some potatos for dinner. I was tired, but feeling better than if I had gone straight to the bar. My really busy FCP called back to check in, woo-hoo, and that made me happy. Ate with girlfriend, and started falling asleep beside her. She asked if I was going out, and I said I was going to bed. Took a nice nap, couple hours, and was in a daze. Decided to get up and finish Thursday. Ate bananas, read the paper, watched the rest of Rescue Me, and never went out. Yay me, again. It's almost 11, and now I'm in that limbo. Glad I don't have much money. It wasn't that hard to get to sleep. Up
for work Friday. Still a little sore. Still coughing hard, too. And my sinuses are clogged up, but I can't worry about all that right now. To work, baby! Work went fairly well, too. We're doing inter-office e-mails; I guess that's good. Sure. When the day was done, still hacking, I went for another workout. Is my persistence impressive or insane? Right. But I put in a full 3 rounds; over an hour's worth. Home for a little cleaning, and impressive rice and black beans. Good dinner, and then it's snuggle time. Very nice; I performed well. Then I'm loading up for a Friday night. We even saved lives on the ride. This was fun. Pool Guy and TPG came there after their run to the nudey bar. Pool Guy bought most of the beer. When it was done, I came home for killer mouth-scorching nachos. Maybe I spilled a glass of water in my room, or maybe I played 'look I'm a fountain', I don't know. But there are no reports, after waking up
Saturday afternoon, that I passed out halfway in the bathroom, like last week, and no reports of playing 'fountain' in the hall or anything, like last Summer. I am sore, but not limping and moaning sore; that's good, right? Coffee, and then I had 2 burritos for breakfast. I like burritos; had about as many burritos lately as listens to the new Dream Life Misery CD. Poor girlfriend doesn't seem to be getting good sleep; she has to take long naps in the afternoon. She shouldn't get up at 7 am on the weekends, either; that's just weird. But I talked her into going to get her new bookcase at the new Home Depot, and a walk through the 99cent store. She wasn't nearly as impressed with the 99cent store, but it's okay. Now I'm home, reading the depressing paper, and listening to Dream Life Misery for the 15th time. Barney wants me to come over. Then I got hungry and thought about bar-b-que, but stayed home and ate...place your bets...2 more burritos! I am burrito-man for the past week. Later I would have bananas, too. Friday night, when the hell was that? Last night? Sure. Mrs. E-Rock asked me if I had bought the new Caviar CD yet. I said no, that I was waiting to wear my new Caviar shirt that I don't have yet and go to Zia Records to buy it. She told me that they didn't have any Caviar shirts--at least she's fucking honest about it. It got me thinking. Yes; E-Rock is a lying sack of crap, but that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking that maybe I should go ahead and buy the real Caviar CD because I want it. It would be the first one I've paid for, and it's on sale at Zia for $10; I could do a whole thing about how the greatest 2 new CD's available are only $10 right now. I am way too sober presently. It's 1 am Saturday night, and I stayed in. Talked to Mom 2wice today; she's staying for the storm. Good luck, Mom. Bed around 4 am. Up
at 10 am Sunday. Football is happening. Talked to Mom, and she's still alive. Tried to call Dad; we don't know about him. I'm staying home for now; unlike the past 2 Sundays. Maybe I can even get well by not partying today. Perhaps I should make a short run to Zia and the grocery.


There was no more of Sunday 9-12. Week 1 of football just about killed me. It is only by the grace of some higher power that I...Woke up
Monday at 5 am on my own. To say I was 'a little groggy' might be a mild understatement. Puked in the shower; actually, we played 'look I'm a fountain' all over the shower--with encores. Hey; nobody sees it, and I'll clean it before my Mom comes to visit. Maybe. I was good while I was moving; it's when I was just sitting in class that I was pretty woozy. My punishment would be to wokout, hungover, for the 1st time. Well; for the 1st time here, anyway. I was drunk, unshaven, and lacking affection all weekend. Okay, well I didn't puke in class. To the gym. I don't dare go near a scale; bet I gained 15 lbs. this weekend. Excellent equipment, but a very wimpy workout. I'll get some training on Wednesday. I like to mention when I can't get a song out of my head; today it was Caviar's "She's Your Problem Now". It's on the pre-disc from last year; maybe it's on the real release, too. I'm more interested in the new Dream Life Misery CD. Where are we? Done working out? By Basha's grocery for bread and bar-b-que; both on sale. Home to make excellent rice for a semi-happy girlfriend. She was substantially more forgiving than ANY other girlfriend I've ever had would be. The words of that last sentence may need restructuring--you're on your own. FCP called on her way to go workout; good for her! There was shaving and snuggle; I'm happy. TPG is at the bar with Pool Guy; not me. Not tonight. Nope. I'm still groggy at 11 pm the night after. Not tired. Woke up
on time for Tuesday. Another weird shower. I felt pretty awake, but the sleep bugs would come soon enough. My computer still isn't working right--surely I'm not as slow as it seems lately. The song in my head today was Caviar's "Last Rays of the Sun"; just so you'll know. Post work, little "M"'s car had stalled. We couldn't get to his battery, and then he forgot his garage key, so by the time we got him inside his house he owed me favors. Hello favors! Home to do laundry and vaccum like a good boy. I'm even still sober here at 8:30; wow. Ate with girlfriend on the warped tour, all the shows have kissing and crying today; boo. Then I'm in my own weird little world; like making mix tapes for imaginary girlfriends. Mine doesn't mind. Saw some Gilmore Girls. Oh well. It's about time to kick back. Oh yes. We kicked back with favors! Cool. Having trouble falling asleep, but got up
ready to get on the phone on Wednesday. I'm at work; got 29 out of 30 on my quiz, and we're on the phones! I still attract the crazies--that's never going to change. But it went okay. Then came my post-work fitness center orientation. Now I know how the machines work--and they have green balls, too! So I put in a good workout, then came home to find my girlfriend already at home. They don't have much sign-making work to do, so she came home early. She may even lay out 2maro. So I suggested Subway; yay! Yummy dinner, and some tv. Then we're snuggling. Falling asleep afterwards, too. So I call the boys; they're heading to Sam's soon. Looks like I'll be going to meet up with them. Oh boy. I'll lose my girlfriend forever if I don't go to work 2maro; hmmm...I was a very good boy. Didn't party too hard, had a blast, and got home before 11:30. Stretched like crazy because I KNEW pain was coming. I would be right. Sleep. Up
with relatively no alcohol trauma Thursday morning. Then I stood up on the limp spaghetti noodles disguised as my legs. Now THIS is pain. The hangover would have to give in to the day-after workout muscle pain. At least I puked in the shower, so it was partly a hangover, too. Thank goodness my shower isn't big enough to fall over in. Never mind. Casual day means crappy blue jeans and a Mountain Dew t-shirt; bite me--I should get bonus points for just showing up today, bitch. I worked, and actually did fairly well. Post-work, I stopped by our north library branch and got a library card. Checked my e-mail and surfed some porn, too. They even rent crappy DVD movies at the library; no porn, though. I checked. Oh well. Home to my girlfriend who laid out of work today. She went to see the Dr., and got in a small car wreck on the way home--not her fault. Oh well. I'm tired. I hurt. No rest. Chores abound, but I'm so lazy at home. Watched some tv. Now I'm making iced tea, and debating doing some computer stuff. Well, not actually debating--because I'm here. I'll let you know. Again, I would stay up late and have difficulty sleeping. Up
for Friday work. Wore a dress code shirt on casual day--I'm so cool. It's Friday! Bagels from a pretty teacher wearing high heels and blue jeans; not bad. I'm damn glad to work here. There is still so much to learn about the screen, and where everything is--I'm a little slow catching on. I do like hanging out with the kids half my age, though. At the end of the day, it was workout time. Still learning the equipment, and we're doing old and new--with the green ball AND the new high tech torture. Elliptical trainers are good, and have no impact; cool. Sometimes I like 'no impact'. This was a good workout; very good. Home to start womping up tonight's fried feast of kitchen sink; rice, potatos, veggies and crumbles. I get so lucky with food sometimes. Yum. Soon enough it was snuggle time; girlfriend was willing to work with me--even after the car wreck and Dr. shot. This just in; I like my girlfriend. Then I was loading up for a Friday night run with the guys. This should be a fun night. Well, sort of. Pool Guy stood us up! That bitch! He was supposed to have money, too. Without him, but with ACE and some others we had a blast. Topping it off was having a monster omlette at the bar at 1 am. Yummy again. Home to crash by 2. Up
and groggy for Saturday after noon. I missed girlfriend's going to get her car worked on, and missed her trip to the mailbox. In the mail, though, I got my new Dream Life Misery CD. I'm anxious to review it, and hope it's good stuff. UGA won in football; yay. Talked to TPG; he's no more motivated than I am to go anywhere. Listened to my new CD, and I like it. I cooked some cool veggie garlic stuff with tons of celery in it; that's healthy. Also cooked up some potatoes so we'd have them to work with later. I do like to cook. Watched some Animal Planet with my baby, and haven't even showered by 7:30 pm. I might be having a lazy day here. By 3 am, I've played my new CD 4 times, wrote most of the review, and am now playing my old "Brand New Worries" CD. I like these guys. Must sleep. Up
after just a few hours sleep on Sunday; shower. Coffee. Might be heading over to ACE's to watch more football on the big screen. Oop. Yes, I am. And taking coffee in a thermos. Now the dilemma is to somehow get some shopping done, and it's raining, and now I want to trash Sunday again. This is going to be tough. Actually it wasn't. I took a break and went shopping early--in the middle of a monsoon here. Dropped some groceries off back home, cleaned a little, and asked girlfriend nicely if I could go back and watch more football. She was ambivalent (key word), so I went back for the party. Still, I remained responsible. We had fun, but I was coherent. So I came home and read the paper--still nothing about the UFO here Friday morning. Oh well. This is going to be a day late; bite me. Maybe 2 days late; not my problem. It should be up by Wednesday. Don't like it? Then pay me more.

Sunday 9-12-04

The rest of Sunday 9-5-04 had a new food; garlic/jalapeno mac + cheese. I had Kraft Dinner on the brain. "Greetings From Area 51"; that's the name of the Alternative sampler CD I'm listening to; 1995. Girlfriend is watching Dr. Who videos from the 80's. I'm trying to figure out important stuff; like, where the hell is my van? I don't need to go anywhere, I just want to know where it is. I lied; I want to go play pinball. So I did. Wound up going to 3 different places before it was all over. Home for more g/j m + c; yum. Crashed hard and got up
before 11 am Monday Labor Day. Talked to Mom; she's alive and the house is intact in Florida. Good. My muscles still hurt; maybe I need to take a walk. Maybe I will; might need to go find my van again--I don't know. Finished off my g/j m + c for breakfast--that's definitely my favorite food right now. If you do it right, 1 box is 3 servings; gotta love that. Took my walk and found the van; exercise is good. Came back and worked on the green ball some, too. Later I would also talk to Dad; they didn't go to Florida this weekend. Good. And it was a fairly quiet day; lots of tv and quiet configuration. Later on, around 9, TPG calls to say he has money from Arby's. I had been thinking about being nicer to him, so I was. We both work very close to each other now; cool. Tried to go to sleep at 12, and again at 1; no sleep. I'm plotting grocery runs after work 2maro. Staring at the ceiling gets old after a few hours, so I got up
at 5 am Tuesday and brewed good coffee. It's nice to get to see my girlfriend in the morning, too. She's not so thrilled, but that's to be expected. Got to work in 12 minutes; cool. Our training is pretty slow, but it's good. I didn't mean to be funny in the class--it just happens naturally. Damn. After lunch I started to fall asleep; oops. Then we were let go before 2 pm. I headed to the grocery, then the 99cent store--where they now have lots of produce, then back by a different grocery to close out shopping. Home to call my FCP and brag, then to make incredible garlic fried potatoes; girlfriend was impressed. After food, as you might imagine, I started nodding off. So I went to bed at 5 pm--forgot to tape Scrubs, too; booo. Then I woke up at 10 pm. So; girlfriend got the evening alone, and now I get the late night alone in the house. Not bad. I'm eating apples and Girlfriend bread; yum. Crashed. Up
for training Wednesday. A little more awake this time. I was a good boy. After work was my quickie meeting at the fitness center with Jeff. He likes that I know exactly what I want--sort of know what I'm doing. Cool. Came home to make awesome ramen crumbles for dinner. Figured I might be going out later. After dinner with my girl it was snuggle time. It went incredibly well, and then I did my occasional screw up. I rushed to get ready to go out and play--when I should have been more aware of my woman. I keep learning as I go here; but I definitely screwed up again. Went to see Barney, and then I was at the bar with TPG and Pool Guy. It was a great run, tons of fun, but I did feel guilty for leaving my woman AND for partying on a school night. Home to crash, feeling big remorse. Up
on Thursday morning to an unhappy girlfriend slamming doors for the fact that I was still in bed. Her anger fueled me to get up and go to work. Good. It helps that the commute is so short. The whole class was falling asleep today. Don't know how I made it through the entire day, but I did. Came home to crash hard for a few hours. Girlfriend is still pissed, who could blame her, and she wants to be left alone. Fine. I am keeping to myself. Watched hours of taped tv, and now I may get online. It's 11 pm. Yeah, and we got to bed before 2 am. Up
to shower and make lunch for work Friday. I was awake, and in blue jeans for casual day. We got it going. We even got on the phones. Stopped by TPG's eatery on the way home, then got me a combo lock for my locker at the fitness center. This did not feel like a snuggle day. I was right--still in the dog house, I am. But I made killer fried rice for our dinner anyway. Soon enough I'm at the bar with TPG and Pool Guy. I was not the golf master tonight, but it was still fun. In fact I was bent up pretty early; it happens. But I made it home for some leftovers + salsa, and then crashed. Man. Up
Saturday around 11 am. Nice sleep. I got online and checked out cdbaby.com to hear some of the new Dream Life Misery CD (formerly 3 Penny Needle). Good move. I had an urge to try In and Out burger for the first time; had a double/double. Oh my gosh; another good move. That was very yummy. Then I walked around Costco to check out their deals; not bad. Now I'm home. GA/SC is on ESPN. Where to watch the end of it? Hmmm. Talking to TPG, we decided to go watch the end at the bar. Hmmm. UGA had to score 20 points in the 2nd half, but we did. I lost the first 2 golf games--even though I played well. TPG has graduated into elite player status. I won the 2 drunk games of golf, but that's to be expected. Then it gets blurry. Blurry, as in, the Nudey bar and Del Taco. "Blurry" doesn't mean smart. At least we had dropped my van off here. Those were good burritos; definitely blurry. All of a sudden I'm crashing. Up
before 9 am Sunday, although I don't know why. Coffee is, perhaps, the greatest invention ever. No perhaps; absolutely. Now we could go watch that Sunday NFL Ticket deal over at ACE's house; drink, smoke, play poker and eat greasy food all day--but that'd just be stupid. Okay; I'll be back in about 8 hours. Better make that 11 hours. We drank like it was 1990 at the TCV pool. 18 beers just got us warmed up for more. 3 pizzas, chip and dip, lots of trips to the balcony. ACE has a nice place around his 51 inch tv. Home and drooling at 10 pm. I made lunch for work 2maro. Girlfriend left a note saying that she was going to leave me, or something; I probably should have paid more attention to it. Oh well. Passed out Sunday night; maybe I was giggling a little under the covers.

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