Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 5-23-04)

Sunday 6-13-04

More of Sunday 6-6; we are hearing more Crystal Method right now, and we just discovered that the mumblings about "crystal" in the beginning of my favorite "Trip Like I Do" song are from the movie "The Dark Crystal", which Static Girl is out there watching right now.
And I was pretty productive and all Sunday day; I was getting ready to go to the bar for another early run. As I was leaving, Static Girl did all the non-verbal communication she should have to do to let me know that she would have liked some attention--maybe even some company on the warped tour. I missed it. And then I was feeling guilty before I was even halfway into my first beer. Bummer. I knew it would become an apologetic thing later. Hey; at least I'm seeing it a little earlier now. Maybe we learned from this time. But the night at the bar got a little better when HEC and SAL showed. Then ACE, too. It became early drunk golf. At 10 they asked me to come across the street, but I was coming home to crash. And I did. Good sleep, and we're up
Monday morning for work. As I laid in bed, I thought about calling in. But then it dawned on me that if I can work, then I need to go ahead and do it. Plus, I might get overtime this week by default. So I jumped in the shower and got ready for work. On this ride in, today, we would not skimp on our prayers. I said many--there was no radio time this morning. And what a day at work it would be! Not only were there fewer people there than I've ever seen before, but it was quieter than ever, too. Not me, mind you, but everybody else was kinda quiet. Talking to "E" and "C" all day; I was whooping and tweezling, and we're all blowing on our candy wrappers to make that loud noise. I even taught "E" and "V" how to whoop before it was all over. I got 2 Leads easy, and could have had many more. Time flew by, as well. This was about as good as a workday gets, thank you. Forgot to take my workout clothes to work, so I would have to go home first. No. I went to the grocery to buy lots of veggies, and jalapenos (for me), to make another killer salad. Came home and started planning out my evening and my dinner. My FCP, busy making me another Crystal Method disc, called to make sure she wasn't repeating any music (she's so cool). Dinner went well, and we watched some tv here, then some really good snuggle. Many store runs are looming, and I forgot potatos at the grocery, but we'll do all that 2maro. I'm making CD's for work, and being a good boy. Time runs out early, darn. Gotta finish this up. To bed, and up
Tuesday morning. I really didn't want to get out of bed--even after pretty good sleep. But I talked myself into it (huh?), and I felt much better after a shower. And I had gone to bed hungry, so my breakfast (Balance) bar was especially yummy. On the ride in, it was all prayers. There were many thanks for yesterday, and hopes for more of the same. Sat next to "G"; she already has a crush on me. Okay; it's a day of old files. The day ended with less than 30 in the whole room--so they weren't expecting much today. We were so smart to keep ourselves entertained. And then they played my Crystal Method disc; now that was cool. And I became hard at work, again! I had to scoot my chair in all the way for an hour--I was busting out of my pants. I didn't feel so productive after work. No. I felt like heading for the bar. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought the 3 things on my list, then headed home to call Pool Guy. He said he'd join me, but he had to leave before 6 to go meet up with TPG for a business meeting. Okay. Apparently I am not involved in this. So it was an early party. Left alone, I chose to come home at 6:30 (huh?) and crash. Woke up at 9:30, hungry, ate some chips + salsa, and went back to bed. Slept very well until the alarm went off at 4:30 am
Wednesday morning. Damn I felt rested. It's so easy to jump out of bed when you've had excellent sleep--and nearly 9 hours of it. Wow. So I'm in a good mood, and we're heading to work--damn, I forgot my workout clothes again. It's okay; I'll get them later. All prayers on the way in, again. "E" was out today, so I was the only male entertainment for both "C" and "G". They played jealous, and I was the center of attention all day. So it's gonna be hard to get Leads, right? No. I nailed down 2 easy, and should have had 3 more. This was a day, baby. Oh yeah; I won $10, too. I was the man; and there were some extras that made it even more interesting. In my head, I started to hear some soft music--very dreamy. It was a very soft cross between the bassline of "Enjoy the Silence" and the prickly "Siberian Khatru" from the "Close to the Edge" Yes album. It was both angelic, and morbid. I think it's the music of death. I once thought that Yes' "Tempus Fugit" would be the music I would hear when I die, so this was all kind of strange. I can't explain it; this is just a reminder for me. The other neat/weird thing was when another girl asked me if I had children. It started me on a short rant, but an amusing one. And it should lead to this year's first children commentary. If you haven't been paying attention, I have now worked the first 5 days of the work week; I have to get special permission JUST to work tomorrow, and then I HAVE to take Friday off (which will be an extended gym visit). Oh yeah, they're happy to let me work Saturday night again--so I can party with Pool Guy on Friday night. Today finally ended, and I felt very good. I knew that I needed to workout. So I came home, changed clothes, threw some rice in the miocrowave + left a note for Static Girl--in case she beat me home, and I headed for the gym. But it's just trunk stuff today, not a full circuit. Well, I threw in a butterfly--just for funsies. Against better judgement, I hopped up on the scale. No dramatic build-up here, just the facts; 203. Then I put all my clothes back on; 205. Wow. And then I thought about it; I haven't been eating, drinking, or smoking like I normally do. And I don't eat at night anymore. Yeah; I weigh 205--after not working out for 2 weeks. Imagine this shit after I get back into it hard. Ha. Back home to pimp on the rice; added some corn, black beans, crumbles, and lemon juice. Damn I'm good. I'd tell you if it was just okay, but dinner was good! And then chocolate. At least 7 tv channels are dedicated to Ronald Reagan's funeral; this is bullshit. We watched Animal Planet instead. Then it's snuggle time; yay. Very good. Then a shared walk to the mail scored me my other computer rebate. Home for a load of white laundry and Evanescence. I feel fairly productive. Warning: after work 2maro could be the beginning of a 44-hour drunk, with 2 hours off for Friday's workout and snuggle. Or, Hell, maybe I'll be drunk for them, too. I'm a busy guy. Bed and up
Thursday morning for another grind. Unfortunately, this was not a banner day on the phone. I zeroed, but was a great source of energy for everybody else. They gave out the monthly awards, and I want to be back in that league again. Post-work, I went against the grain a little bit. Went to the bank and opened my real savings account, then I came home and prepared leftovers for me and Static Girl--she thought I wouldn't even be here when she got home. So I scored a few surprise points. After our dinner, I did a balcony dance (it's been a while), and then I was revved up to watch my tape of "Half Baked". Not a bad flick, just dumb. 2maro could be Reservoir Dogs, ha. So then I went to the bar, and of course Pool Guy is there. It became a Thursday blowout, fun. Home to crash and sleep in for my my forced day off. Up
around 10 am on Friday. Now my time is a little rushed; I have 2.5 hours of tv to catch up on, and Reservoir Dogs to watch. So I tubed up decent smokes while I watched everything. Time was getting away, but I got it all watched by 2:30. Headed to the gym for "Z"'s last day. He's been a good trainer for me. Again, it was all trunk stuff today. The good news being when I got up on the scale in my sweats and only weighed 200. With clothes I'm just under 203; cool. So I was happy. Came home and started womping on another yummy salad. It would be another excellent meal for me and the Static Queen. Then it's shave, shower, and sheet change--my Mom's sheets are nice! Some fantastic snuggle, and I'm getting ready for Friday night at the bar. Pool Guy is there; but instead of having money for me, he has a story about how the IRS took his whole check. So instead of gaining any $, I'm now out $150. It must be nice to have me as a friend. But it was a fun night, and I looked great in my svelt new frame.
Slept in on Saturday again, and then went to work the night shift. Apparently I missed the massive firings on Friday; many people from both shifts were let go. Not me--I think. Well, they let me work Saturday night. And it was loud and exciting, woo hooo. Let me tell you about it; 863 phone calls, and I never made it to the 2nd page once. This is the most pathetic crock of shit yet. And the tower is up there saying 'come on guys, we need more Leads'. Duh. Buy a real list of names and a new phone filing system. I giggle at all of this. Came home and made 2maro's lunch, then went to bed fairly early. The problem was that I wasn't really tired. So I didn't sleep well, and was up
for work Sunday. I expected complete shit, but it wasn't that bad. Got to the 2nd page a few times, and it's not my fault that 1 got lost in verification. But even after good prayers on the way in, I got really pissy today. Tower says that we need to have "Confidence, en-THU-siasm, and the sense of urgency"? Okay; you guys also need to buy some new sales books--this is 10th grade shit here. And my Michael Moore book just got really good. Oh yeah, it's "E"'s book, and E got fired on Friday. Those bastards. So I'll have to track him down seperately. Post-work I went shopping in 2 stores, then came home to make salad and do all this online crap. Do you hear that noise in the background? That's the bar calling for me. Great. I need to hear Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" right freakin' now.

Sunday 6-6-04

Yes I ate more cornbread. More of Memorial Monday; I uploaded all of my web stuff while drinking 4 cups of coffee; got it done around noonish. Not totally inspired, but I sat at the computer and typed many things out, got caught up on some stuff, listened to some cool music, blah. Made my first DVD-to-tape recording of "Bowling for Columbine" for "X", and maybe later for my Mom. I'd been hungry for awhile, and decided to celebrate girlfriend's excellent cornbread by making a new vegan feast for us; took some rice and mixed in a can of corn, and a can of vegan refried beans. Then we glopped the goop onto soft tortillas and made yummy burritos. Soon enough, it's snuggle time--as the meat, in between 2 "Bicycle Song" showers; yay. Then we opened up our May package from my Mom, while talking on the phone with her--lots of cool stuff in there. And now I'm back here in my room, wondering what the rest of the idiots are doing out there. Why, why, why, why did I call Sam's to see if they're open? Why, why, why, why is Sam's open? So I said a long prayer for our veterans, and went to the bar on Memorial Day. It was fun, too. Got home and had major trouble sleeping, but it was very comfortable laying there--it's not the bed's fault that I couldn't sleep--which brings up a whole different can of worms. The alarm goes off, and I'm up
Tuesday morning after less than an hour of sleep. It's okay, I've done this before. To work, and I'm in my new Sector 8, sitting next to young Pink Floyd and Michael Moore fan "E". I remained in a great mood all day, even though I was still a zero. I was witty and charming. Can't worry about what I can't change, dude. Took "E" home, and thought about starting the party way early--all I need is a haircut. Decided not to, yet. Came home and paid rent, made lunch, and got all ready to go to the bar. Last chance to stop me, I called my FCP and she begged me to not go, yet. So I was home when Static Girl got here; she had gone to the grocery. I helped unload. I had also doctored our vegan paste up with some fresh garlic, and it's now total yum. After dinner, I was really fidgety. The damn haircut got me--I had to have it. From the parking lot, I could see Pool Guy's car at the bar. Bad. I wound up funding another party night, but it was fun. And I got that mythical 7.7 billion score on A-13 pinball. Good golf, too. Home after 11, and this is not going to help me catch back up on sleep. I pretty much knew that there would be no work Wednesday. Sleep was choppy again, until after I
called in to work at 6 am Wednesday. Then I got some great sleep until 11 am. I feel much better now, and I'm sure that the whole world is mad at me. But I do all of this on my terms, okay? So I'll have to get a Dr.'s note, some gas, and some food? Yes, all of the above. And I had a good day going, all set up to welcome my girlfriend home. Unfortunately she was in a very unhappy place, and she didn't want to communicate. This is bad, because it turns out that she wanted, maybe, for me to wait around for her to come out of her dark place. I thought that she was just mad at me, and maybe I should just go ahead and leave. And I did. So my girlfriend and I miscommunicated--it's going to happen sometimes. I went to the bar; Pool Guy and TPG are there. I played pinball, and got a 4 billion game. In fact, I wound up investing another $50 into a night there. This will end soon, but it was fun 1 last time. TPG is trying to round up people for another IBO run, and good for him. His words were "I'm not worried about the money.". Good. Maybe he will be okay. Home early this time--I knew better. That's when I got my note from Static Girl saying that she hadn't wanted me to leave her tonight. I felt very small, but also realized that communication is a 2-way street. I would communicate with her later that sometimes we are going to miss each other. To sleep, and up
feeling much better on Thursday. All dressed up for my 1-year anniversary, I would have a good day--no matter what! Good prayers in, and I was in a great mood. Got a Lead, first 1 in 12 days, around 9 am. Then they did a holla for me and my 1-year anniversary, and I got my bling. Sat next to the newbie "C" and broke her in a little. It was so not a bad day. Talked to "X" after work, he's going to CA for 9 days--let's hope that I don't need him too bad. "E" didn't show up for work today, I hope he called in. Post-work I'm getting quarters and heading home. I will be home for my girlfriend today. And I was. I tried to explain to her that we will miss each other sometimes. Maybe she understands. Now I'm back here in my room with Tool's "Undertow", trying to be strategic. I'm doing a new "About You" thing, inspired by one my girlfriend did on her webpage. The Tool music led to God Lives Underwater's "Empty", and all of a sudden it was bedtime. Got some good sleep, and was up
Friday morning for work. This would have been my other day off; instead, I will work it, and work again on Saturday. To work, sitting in between newbie "C" and sunburnt "E". E wound up with 2 Leads today, C and I zeroed. I got frustrated at one point today, and had to take a short breather. No problem. Post-work, it's our extended training session; first one in 4 months. I learned, and we're going back to basics now. Trying to trick for more isn't working; it's time to pretend we're at the beginning again. It wound up being too late to workout, so I came home and added garlic to our yummy dinner of ricey/corny/broccoli. Good food, and then I asked for a nap. 2 hours later, it's vigorous snuggle, and now I'm laying low at 9 pm. Might have to eat a little more. Bed and up
early for work Saturday. I wore a tie and all. It felt good to be going to work on my day off. I said prayers on the ride in, and it felt kind of monotonous, but not in a bad way. Was God listening? You be the judge. The day started slowly, and I wasn't optimistic. I still felt good though. And I sat up straight and directed my voice at those poor people. I would be overpowering--if nothing else. Then I got a Lead; yay. It was a fantastic day; I got 4 Leads and won $15. In the mix, during the day, I was staring at my computer--I do this alot. Verifier "C" walked up behind me and kind of grabbed my shoulders (a wake up call) and said 'what are you thinking about right now?'. I replied "I had visions/I was in them/I was looking into the mirror/To see a little bit clearer/The rottenness and evil in me." Now I don't know if anybody else knew that those are the lyrics to "Flagpole Sitta", but she asked what I was thinking right then, and that was it. Later I would come home and play the song 2 or 3 times, because that's what I do. On the ride home from work I said thanks for such a great day. Came home, kissed on my woman, started taping "E"'s "Half Baked" movie, threw some laundry in, and went shopping at the 99cent store. Came back, and then I had the best talk with my FCP ever. Mr. Productivity; you know where I'm going to end up, right? I ate 2 burritos, and headed to the bar! Got another 4 billion game of A-13 pinball, and hugged all over my new favorite waitress "S". Home to crash at 10. Good move. Up
for work Sunday. I felt amazingly good, maybe. But my prayer session on the ride in was very choppy. In fact, I didn't finish. This would work against me, because I zeroed today. It was a fun day, just not extremely productive. I made lots of noise. Ride home, and I'm paying bills and cleaning a little. I could end up at the bar again. On a few days this week, I worked on the new 25 More Things About Me, and I have a very choppy idea for a poem. I'll keep you posted. We are hearing more Crystal Method right now, and we just discovered that the mumblings about "crystal" in the beginning of my favorite "Trip Like I Do" song are from the movie "The Dark Crystal", which Static Girl is out there watching right now.

Sunday 5-30-04

Late night chips and salsa; yum. I sleep very well in my real bed. Monday morning now, a little after 10 am. I'm doing a load of laundry, and trying to figure out what to do with the day. Usually this is bad; usually I wind up at the bar. Yes. I wasn't drinking by noon, but I was before 1. This day would prove to be another 7-hour web of Michelob Ultra and Golden Tee with Pool Guy. Oh and everybody's pissed. Good for them. My current theme of disappointment needed a nice party day. And there were Whoppers. Bed at like, 9 pm. I wanted to sleep forever, but my new bed allows me to get really good sleep. So I was up
at 6 am Tuesday, wondering if they miss me at work today. Does my new bed help with hangovers, or is it just just that a crappy bed makes them worse? I showered and brewed coffee. Watched the movie "Rush" on A+E--potentially as a wake-up call for myself, except I that don't do any drugs. It was a good attempt though. Static Girl should be coming home at 1 to take me to the hospital to get my steroid shot. Hey there's a needle; yeah, I'm a druggie. I am holing up here today, apparently; something feels a bit off. This may be more of my 'You don't pay me enough to just hang around with your dumb ass'; right, so I'm alone. I could have started smoking and drinking long ago, before sunrise even. However, it's just a quiet recovery day. If I'm going to go do anything, then I need to do it now. Later on during Tuesday, at the hospital, this is when I would finally realize what day it is. "Hey it's May 25th." I would say innocently. My programming is definitely cluttered when I don't even remember my own start of the writing season. Oh well. At least now we know why I'm so non-blah. My mind is swirling around; it is good that I didn't go drinking early today. I've even had 2 attempts at commentaries this evening already. Wow. GT2, hockey and basketball, too. Eventually I would go to bed, and wake up
with a little back pain--from the shot, Wednesday morning. Went to work and made 800 phone calls, talked to maybe 4 potential clients. This job that I have enjoyed has us do some really dumbass things that are a complete waste of time--sometimes an all day waste of time. My new stance is; whatever dude. I would like to make more money for me and my company, but my company won't allow me; why is that? My back never got any better, either, and this bothered me a little. Talked to physical therapy, and they said to skip today. Sure. So I come home, talked to my FCP, then cooked great ramen crumbles. All I could think about was wanting to snuggle with my woman, which was wonderful. Then my brain went into party mode; why? All I could think about was getting out of here and going to the bar. Sure there's some justification; pain relief, stress relief, pinball, drugs. It's the writing season apparently, so I'm allowed some twisted logic. Pool Guy is at the bar, and it became a medium party night. Home to crash; I was not too concerned about waking up for Thursday. Good,
because I somehow changed the time on my clock, and woke up an hour late with some more back pain. I should have called in and gone to work an hour late. I didn't. I called in and then slept till 11 am. The good news is that my back felt much better. Talked to the Dr.'s office, and they said it's all normal enough. Went to Safeway and brought some lunch home. Then I went major 99cent store shopping. Didn't beat girlfriend home, bummer, and she was concerned about my back. She's nice, and she seems to be in a dark place right now. I watched "Tin Cup", and am getting ready to watch a PBS special called "Frontline: The Way the Music died"; it's about the woes of the record business. It was good, and the re-run of Scrubs before it was probably better than anything on any other channel. Happy writing season everybody; I don't have much yet (but, as my FCP reminded me--I started early this year).
Friday morning started well enough, I guess. Went to work, where I crashed and burned like usual. It's okay. The good luck will swing back toward me soon enough. Post-work, I'm not feeling quite gym-worthy, so I came home and played Gran Turismo. For dinner, I combined leftovers--that always scores big points with vegetarians. Watched Ellen and a little X-Files, then it's snuggle time. Make that double snuggle time; yay us. Then I started getting ready to go to the bar--no rushing off. Made it to the bar, and there's always drama with Pool Guy's check. But I got the minimum from him. And then I won $ 2wice playing golf. Left a little after 11--so I stayed too late--but not horrible. Got to bed in good enough shape. Up
Saturday morning to look at my alarm saying it was already 6 am. Bad. The old me would have called in to work again and pissed Cheri off. Instead, I jumped in the shower and got there about 45 minutes late. I apologized, and all would be forgiven enough. Got close once, but never got a Lead today. Oh well. The big story was walking into the break room and seeing "E" sitting with the newest Michael Moore book "Dude, Where's My Country?". I am borrowing it now, thank you, and will read it soon. Post-work lunch with spiritual advisor "X" at Pepe's Taco Villa. Yum. Now I'm home, stripped down to underwear, and I'm going to read a little. Yes; I stayed in and read. Got to sleep around 11. Up
in fine shape for Indy 500 race-day work Sunday (Phoenix resident Buddy Rice is on the pole--go Buddy!); I set my VCR to tape 5 hours of race coverage. To work, and again, it's Sunday in a phone room--how much good do they expect from us? I continued my impressive run of nothing, and I got a little frustrated, too. It all sucks ass. Post-work talk with "X" enlightened me that I need to ask for help more; these pesky demons love Sunday work--that makes SO much sense now. Okay. So I head home, and I want to see who won the race. Checking on ABC, lap 91? What? There must have been 3 hours of rain delay (more like 4), and I taped 5 hours of nothing (yep). Okay; well now we know what we're doing for the next hour. Did I mention that Buddy Rice is American? And then, wait a second--I'm hungry, and something smells like cornbread. Yes; Static Girl has made cornbread that rivals my own mother's incredible cornbread. I ate 2 or 3 pieces of it and made num-num noises on every bite. Cornbread is an American treat; yes, Americans! Hats off to all the great drivers from other countries, but who gives a rat's ass about them during OUR Indy 500? Rice dominated and won--which is uncommon from the pole. In fact, Rice triple crowned; winning the pole, the pit-stop competition, and the race. Wow. It's going to be Buddy beers at the bar, baby. Yes, and pinball. I had fun drinking early. Golf, too. They threw us out at 10, and I came home to make some impressive nachos; I need to get back to fresh jalapenos. Yum, and then it's early crash time. Up
Monday Memorial Day at 8 am; wow. I'm early. 50 pages into my new Michael Moore book, and now at the computer. Watch me go. Watch me eat more cornbread, too.

Sunday 5-23-04

Woke up this Monday morning at 11 am; again it's nice to sleep in. Next week I will have a new bed, too. Speaking of, on my new day off, I decided to go to Wal-Mart and sheet shop. Of course I got some purple sheets, also a set of blue ones, a nice thick mattress pad, and an expensive new pillow, too. I feel a little guilty about taking today off unannounced, but I do have a Dr.'s appointment. Did. I went, and Dr. P is proud of me. She even commented on how well I was looking, and she gave me more patches and scripts for pills. She also made sure to stop me from obsessing about my weight--I should just be concentrating on strengthening my trunk, and she's right (of course). We're still trying to get the SCF on the phone for my 2nd epideral; it will happen. Then I did some more shopping, and came home to not see my girlfriend. She's pissed, and rightfully so. I'm just glad that I cooked up a nice ricey beany corny garlic thing before I left. It made 2 nice burritos for me. I still haven't seen Static Girl; oh well. So I did some cleaning, and washed up my new sheets, then called my FCP (I wanted to talk to at least 1 woman while at home today). Started a new musical commentary here on Trent Reznors' birthday. Okay. Now there might be hockey on, but I also need to write and read some newspapers...Yes, got some done, but the major accomplishment was doing background on Crystal Method, and then hit the 'valley of the bed'. Up
with 1 hour of sleep Tuesday--not a happy camper here. And my back hurt, although not quite as bad as my left elbow; it was a mess. But I got to work, and got going. Here's what I did wrong; I expected some common sense from the phone system. I went through over 850 calls (some went through 1000) and did not make it to a potential customer until 10 minutes before the end of the day. By then I was ready for the farm. I kept thinking (all day) that there would be something effective, I EXPECTED something more than just busy-work; but I was wrong. Some days are meant to be nothing; this is what I learned. I will never make this mistake again--mark my words. Today was proof that enthusiasm may turn something small into something bigger, but enthusiasm does NOT make something where there is nothing. I gave a full day of gold on the phone--all for nothing. I even yelled that 'the problem ain't me'. And now I'm looking for an outlet of my anger; stay away from me. I decided that the only thing to do was to call my FCP (remember that Static Girl still isn't talking to me), and rip the mattress off of my bed and replace it with the warped tour (futon). Sure; it makes sense to me. So I did. Voice mail was not enough, now I'm planning a bar run. "Drunk by dark"; yes, now we have a plan. Called Pool Guy; he'll join me. Oh yeah. Bonus? Yes, we even puked in the bathroom. They came and "fixed" A-13 pinball (sure they did), and then I had a 1.9 billion game going on ball 2--then the left flipper died again. Except for this, the plan went well. So then I'm home, and my girl has already gone to bed again (she may be talking to me again, but she's not feeling so well). The good news is that by going to bed at 7, I'm sure to get more than an hour of sleep by 4 am. I did. Up
in as good of shape as there can be for Wednesday at work. We rode in and asked for much--but then we left it in God's hands, because I'm trying out my new 'tude of non-expectation. Boy did we suck. Our whole Sector only got 1 Lead. But I don't mind; I got that one Lead, and young Pink Floyd fan "E" dropped off his "Electronic Tribute to Pink Floyd" for me to make a copy of; thanks. Elbow still hurts; I'm not excited about working out. In fact, naaa, it ain't gonna happen. I went TO the good Dr.'s gym to check on my epideral, and it's ready for service--cool! So I did a little shopping to make a nice garlic veggie crumble thing for my girlfriend who's not feeling so hot. At home, my FCP called me! Now THIS is a better day than Tuesday. (Hang on, my new bed's here.) Back to Wednesday, at the end of the chat with my FCP, Mattress USA called to let me know I'd get my bed between 11 am and 1 pm Thursday. Wednesday dinner was a success, and then there was short but yummy snuggle. Now to decide what to do with my evening. I offered my presence to Static Girl, but she would have none of it. It looks like I'm heading for the bar. Oh yes. Many people are here, too. I can't be beaten on golf. And I did well with my money for once; I'm not the bank. Whoppers! Cool, and then I'm home. I even did a round on the balcony. To sleep for my final night of struggles. And I did toss and turn alot. Up
Thursday to Dr. B calling at 10:30 to set up my 2nd epideral. Cleaned up the bed area, and then started updating here with my Cackalackey coffee at 11 am, and that's when the cool bed guys showed. My bed is big and tall, too. My sheets are a tad short; oh well. But this is cool. And since I've been so productive so early, I'm already at the bar with Pool Guy. It's expensive, and I told him that I expect more input from him. I'm just going to start charging people for my time--otherwise I will be alone. But this is later; first I got good and happy, and then came home to pass out on my new bed. Slept great, and up
with no problems for Friday morning. To work, and look at me with no back pain. I might even feel good. I asked for a good day, but also reminded the listeners that I'm in my new 'tude. Bring it on; it won't affect me. It don't rile me one way or another. I like it; I watch the clock now. I help "S" with babysitting, too, but it ain't my baby. Zero; look at the concern on my face. Skipped the workout to go shop at Wal-Mart. And home to cook a hot and cold feast for my and my girl. Anybody would have been impressed with tonight's double encore dinner of fake meat and potatos with a veggie tray. Girlfriend asked for short snuggle, and I complied (what a bed). Later we would walk to get mail together, watch a little tv, and then I tucked her in. I'm all caught up on paper-reading, and throughout the evening I came up with my newest plan of socialization; 'how much am I being paid here?' If people want to be around me so badly, then they can pay me for my services. Period; end of script. Don't wanna pay? Then have fun without me. G'night at 11 pm. I didn't want to get up
for work Saturday. I started to think of reasons to stay in bed. Luckily, I figured out that I was in no pain--I was just being lazy. Screw that. So I'm up and showering--a long shower; shouldn't have eaten that can of Pringles before bed, oops. But the flood ended, and I rode to work. Asked for a good day, but left it up to grace. I would have 2 Leads before 8 am; wow. I am cool. It was fun talking to "G"; she won't get married either, but she already has 3 kids. Okay. Post-work, I'm shopping and cashing a retro work check. Home to walk through the park, and go to get mail. 1 load of laundry, too. Made a tuscan veggie crumble thing for dinner. I like this quiet stuff in here. Shhh. Turned on GT2 just to hear "Now is the Time" a couple of times; and I finished my (weak) Commentary about Music in 2004/Crystal Method . Then I convinced Static Girl to watch "Bowling For Columbine" with me--which disturbed me again. I was thinking about the bar, but now I'm thinking about bed. Bed is good. Can you believe; both a Friday night and a Saturday night in? Wow.
I looked at my clock at 5:48 am Sunday morn; 8 minutes after the first alarm SHOULD have gone off--I forgot to set the alarm. In the old days I would have skipped work for this. Instead, I got up only 10 minutes late, and headed in for another long shower. Then I'm dressed, hugging on my woman, and riding to work. Asked for patience and tolerance, and I would need both. What a crap day on the phone. Yes I zeroed; but I did remain employed--I think. Talked to sweet Verifier "S" about her plight; I was a good sounding board. Why work a phone room on a Sunday? Beats the shit out of me...But it does give my Static Girl some time to be alone in the apartment, and good for her. Post-work run to the 99cent store; nice. Then I'm home to make more of my tuscan veggie crumble stuff for dinner. I wonder what the leech crowd is doing today; hopefully they're all at the nudey bar. Not me. I went to the regular bar and had a blast by myself playing pinball. New high score is 3.6 billion.

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