Old Personal News

(starting 5-2-04)

Sunday 5-16-04

Woke up at 10 am Monday, nice. Brewed coffee, and remembered that I need to upload this page. Oops. Did that, and tried to make a few phone calls. Eventually I would go shopping at the 99cent store, and then come home to make an awesome hominy ricey beany base (garlic central) to put veggie burgers on. I can cook some stuff. Chocolate and Ellen, and some snuggle. Pool Guy needs to play tonight. Yes, and we did. It was a fun night of ruling golf and pinball; 2 more pinball high scores. I have the top 4, and 5 of the 6 high scores. You will need to top my 2.117 billion to put your name up; good luck. Came home and ate 2 more cans of everything. Wait; not all of it, because there was some left for breakfast
Tuesday afternoon. Noon was not enough, baby, I slept in until 1. That was when I realized today is girlfriend's birthday. Wow. So I'm going to Safeway, Walgreen's, and to Fry's Electronics for a gift card. Static Girl came home with 2 lasagnas, yum; and then we opened her presents. Then we went back to Fry's to get her track ball. Then back home to watch tv. Where is "Scrubs"? The best sit-com on tv can't buy a slot during sweeps? There are some real monkeys running tv right now. I'm just kicking back, in my room, with some more Crystal Method. But I don't have any wisdom for you. Chalk it up to close disappointment; that's what I do. But the rubber band of reality is going to elasticate back, and beyond; that will be the fun part. So anyway; I stayed in on my girlfriend's birthday. I may have even gotten some good sleep; it was easy enough getting up
at 4 am Wednesday. I asked for a good day on the ride in. At work, our computers were down for the first 3 hours. Social time. Talked to the paperwork lady about my check problems; I was right for a change. Cool. Maybe I'll even get some extra $ on the upcoming light check. And make no mistake; they still seem to like me--even though more people were fired in the last 2 days. I can't stop the wave, and I can't change the wave; I just ride the wave. I even rode the wave into a Lead on this very slow day. How do I do it? Oh, and Verifier "S" asked if I had mentioned her on my website lately, and I said that I would today. I am so up on things. Went to workout, and I have sustained a slight elbow injury. Bummer. So I only did 2 full circuits; and I weighed 206; we'll take it. Home to reheat much good food for my girlfriend; she came home to remember that we forgot to pick up her cake. So we went and got it--had to pay for it, too. Home for food, and low-impact snuggle. Now my SO doesn't want to be bothered; I can only offer so much, and then I leave her alone. She deserves her dark place every once in a while. Go Static Girl! I'm going to groove on some CM, like I have every night since I got it. Go FCP! Oh what the hell: Go me! Allright, so we're all goin' now. Varoom. And we went. Got to bed before 10. Up
a few minutes late Thursday morning. Nosey Snowboots, the cat, is back. And I raced out of here. Asked for a good day, and patience. I would not get the day, and I would need the patience. Morbidly slow; it was 40 minutes before the first Lead. And the bosses were all bragging about how we were getting new numbers today; we did not. Whatever. The only bright spot of the day was being told by "K" that I appear to be losing weight, and it looks good. "X", "E", and I all zeroed today. Bad. And it frustrates me. (There may be more than just 1 chord I need to cut around here.) So it was a big nothing day. I thought about heading straight for the bar. But since it IS Thursday, an old times pocket money day, I decided to go check out the new pocket money place. Good choice. The new Wal-Mart Supercenter is disgusting--just like we figured; I didn't dare go in there. At the new pocket money I was informed that this week is my 3rd anniversary of pocket money; I get another physical--whether I want one or not. But I do; I like the free medical care. And in all street clothes, with 2 shirts on, full pockets and shoes I only weighed 207.1; we will take it, and say 'thank you'. It took an extra hour for the physical, and my drain machine was moody, and then my arm bled for an extra 20 minutes (it also got on my good shirt, boo). Finally out of there after 6 pm, and I was hungry. But I drove all the way to the 99cent store to shop, and then came home to eat hot tamales and leftover lasagna (no junk fast food). Yum. Then girlfriend and I walked to the mailboxes. Guess what? This should now be the "weekend of my new bed". Perhaps on Saturday. Now; do I have to wash sheets? I won't be using them after this weekend. Girlfriend suggested that I should, and she's right. So I did a load of sheets! Look at me being all productive. All of a sudden it's after 9 pm, and I haven't even started listening to my daily CM. So here I am; oh yeah, I also changed our outgoing message on the machine. What a full day. And if I had gone to the bar, NONE of this good stuff would have happened. I can be cool sometimes. Bed soon. Up
in good shape for work Friday. But it's another painfully slow day. More zeroes for "X" and me; oh well. Went to the bank during lunch. After work, me and the hurt elbow went to workout. No curls. "A" says it sounds like I may have stretched a ligament; ouch. Only 2 circuits; same as Wednesday. But, in sweats I only weigh 204. Okay. Next it's to the grocery for burrito wraps, and then I'm home to make a veggie tray to go with. It was a feast! Girlfriend was quite impressed. Then we had good enough snuggle, and I'm getting ready for Friday night. Many free golf games, but I only won money once. No pinball. We stayed late. Home to have another burrito, and go crash. Up
near 11 on Saturday; sleep good. Now we're updating, and perhaps getting ready to go buy a bed. Woo. Yes, after a little coffee we went (me and Static Girl) to Mattress USA and bought my Spring Air Back Supporter Silk Conforma Pillowtop (does it need a few more names?). It's also called the "Bear's Choice"; whatever. I will get it delivered on Thursday--my next day off. Cheri was impressed with the selection I made, as well. Then it's back here to gather and go to work. It's weird going to work in the daylight and watching it turn dark. Our whole Sector zeroed, but the calls were weak. People should work a different shift every once in awhile--just to see some different faces. They even have 1 guy who's louder than me; wow, and he's annoying as shit. I like him; I sat next to him. Ha. Then we got to leave work in the dark; that was weird. Home in 20 minutes, though, and I liked that. Kissed on my girlfriend, and then made some more killer clam chowder. I got to write alot at work, and kind of showed my age, too. Most people don't write anymore; writing has gone the way of the record album turntable. With the billions of computers and wimpy soft keyboards, I am a dinosaur with writer's cramp. Hey I love the keyboard; it has a great results: effort. But individuals have to remain true to some loves, so let me say that even though I don't use as much paper now as I have in previous centuries--I will keep on writing. A keyboard didn't make my inspirational milkcrate, baby. And a webpage is not as personal as a hand-written notebook. I'm typing out thoughts right here + right now, yes, but I will write more 2maro. Yes. Bedtime. Up
at 5:45 Sunday, Static Girl came in to make sure I'd be leaving (she likes her time alone--good for her). I left. Good ride in to work; no radio. But I would not get the patience and tolerance that I asked for. In fact, I was having a rough morning. I stomped out of the room at lunch. It felt better after I went to the restroom, and then ate some lunch. But then I started feeling really good after watching cool Manager "T" throw a fit on his cell phone to his ex-wife (he was in the lunch area). "So, what is the problem?" he kept asking over and over, mean and mad. I almost cried, but we couldn't laugh out loud. Whee. I went back to the phone in much better shape, and even got a couple of calls to Verifiers. Yay. They all fell through, of course, with these crap-ass numbers we're calling. I like the job, I believe in the job, and the job likes me. But now that I've been there a year, I see how the shit rolls, flops, and gets re-served. Thank you. And after work, I decided it was time to go try out the best cheap Mexican food in Phoenix; Pepe's Taco Villa. I had a mexican bar-b-que burrito, red enchilada style. Oh yes, and watched some of the Sharks/Flames game. Cool. Home to change clothes, and let's get this thing going. What's next? Gas? Groceries? We're hearing Orbit's "Bicycle Song" for the 4th time today already; we may need to hear it a few more times, too. There is a chance, after I go shopping, that I might go trash Sunday night at the bar with the gang. Oops...

Sunday 5-9: Mother's Day 2004...

5-2-04 cont. My big plans may give in to low key and quiet time...Or so I thought. After getting my free anti-virus stuff hooked up, I called my FCP. We were talking about stuff, when TPG beeped in, calling from the bar. He and Pool Guy wanted to be taken down hard at golf, again! And there could be fireworks later; cool. Here's where I messed up: Static Girl didn't know that people called me from the bar. She just saw me gather and leave. I realized my mess up at 8:15, having said to my girlfriend earlier that I wanted to be home for more 8:15's. Oops. I rule all golf, of course. Beer was yicky; Pool Guy and I both puked. But then we felt better, and headed across the street...for more golf + beer. TPG tied me on the 2nd game, but I'm still the man (I'm undefeated in 9 straight). Home a little after 12; I didn't know how I felt about trying to go to work Monday morn, but I set my alarm. Up
on the 1st alarm Monday. I should've tried for a shower, I probably could have made it. But instead I slept in, after calling in early. And I feel all frayed today. Soon I will go shopping and workout. First I need to run the vacuum. Yes...Okay, we are victorious. Did some phone work, then mailed a great card to Mom, and a small pack to S. Cackalackey. Then to go workout. Do you know how when you sleep late, eat a big breakfast, and you haven't sweated out any of the beer from last night, and you go to workout, and you weigh like, a ton? Well, my X-files life continued when I got on the scale and it said 205. At the end of my workout I weighed again, just to see if it was, you know, back to working properly. Now I weigh 204.5. Okay. I needed some kind of boost today--and I just found it. Hell yes! So all of this crazy stretching and carrying on, not eating at night, no milk or mayo, and limiting sugar is actually working? Wow. You should have seen me strutting around the grocery after my trip to the gym. I am SO the man. Wait a sec, let me climb down from my perch up here. So I came home to cook some ramen crumbles for my awesome girlfriend. I scored extra points for vacuuming and getting the info for our newspaper carrier guy. Missed half of Ellen because of funeral services for Pat Tillman, and then it's snuggle time! I tried hard to make it worthy--it was. Then it's a shower to Crystal Method's "Trip Like I Do", and now I'm updating you. Screens Windexed, and bed adjustments to follow. Yes. It was a productive day. Bed by 11:30, and then the alarms came at
4:30 am Tuesday. Up on 1 alarm here. Long shower, and we're off to work a few minutes early. I got the 1st Lead at work today, and $1 for doing it. The I started falling asleep. I'm tired. Painfully made it through another wickedly slow day. Then I was off to do some shopping; the trip for Static Girl didn't go so well. Then I went to the bed shops to compare. I like the biggest place I went to. Queen bed frames have a middle rail to prevent sagging; there's half of my solution right there. Spring Air Back Supporters seem to have the edge over Sealy Posturepedics right now. No turn and pillowtop, too. Home of the Whopper, 2 of 'em; that was dinner. Then I came home to cook rice for my girlfriend; also stopped and picked up a new A/C filter for us. We sat and watched some Ellen, and then I took a 2-hour nap. Still tired, there is NOTHING I have to stay awake for; I could pop pills and pass out. Nope. I got up and watched Gilmore Girls with my baby, and then we walked to get the mail. Now Scrubs is taping; I'm going to eat ice cream and kick back. And go to bed early; like at 10:30. Up
on 1 alarm Wednesday morning; pretty good sleep. Went another belt hole deeper on my brown belt--this may be my thinnest in 10 years. Asked for another good day on the ride in; patience and tolerance are my specifics. At work, where is everybody? It's like a skeleton crew. Whatever. I got a Lead early; and $20--so I was good. And I got to hear about all of the drama in "K"'s life. Wow. But it was still a very tough day for everybody. We finished with 31 total; that won't keep us funded for very long. Sure. But I can't worry about a poorly run phone room right now. I have my own minseries of drama and disappointment to direct. Start it with a good workout. Nice. I weigh 205 again; pretty cool. Out to go spend my new $20 at the 99cent store. Accomplished. And we're home to be cooking for my awesome girlfriend by 3:40. It's double bean rice with garden burgers. Since I am the only one (in the world perhaps) with the decent home life and excellent woman, I am going to enjoy both today. Food, fine snuggle, and showers lead to taped tv. Nobody called me; good. Look at all the dollar$ I'm saving by staying in and listening to Crystal Method. I'll go to the bar alone 2maro, maybe, so then I can skip Friday night. It'd be different if I owed them money--I would even feel guilty. But I do not; they owe me. Thank you. I slept, and woke up
for work Thursday. Big fuckin' deal. Oh by the way, it's Friday, and I'm pissy. Don't read this; I'm serious--go away now. I worked hard on Thursday; maintained an excellent mood through many bullshit calls. I dealt with stupidity from my co-workers and bosses; why am I still here (alive)? What the fuck am I supposed to be proving anyway? 24 fucking Leads in the whole damn room. Yes, 1 of them was mine, but so what? They're lucky I keep putting up with that shit. I decided that the only thing that might make me feel better would be to hear my FCP's voice. So I came home after work and called her. I was right; she made me feel better. I came up with a plan to party Thursday night, probably alone, and to stay in Friday night. "Great plan", as my girlfriend would later write to me in a note. So I went out Thursday night, and Pool Guy is there--somehow short on money again. I can't believe this shit (he will be giving me money Friday). Reluctantly I funded some more of his adventure. And I drank stupidly--like a guy who wasn't going to work 2maro. I spent my $40. Home after 11 to eat and crash. Of course there is no way I could get up
and go to work Friday. Girlfriend left me the note; I called in to work 2 hours late, and felt like shit. Went to get my Dr.'s note, ate some lunch at Wendy's (and got short-changed). Came home and checked e-mail. And I started to get mean. That's it, even, I am DONE covering for other people. Obviously other people cannot be trusted for shit, and the people I call "friends" are pretty fucking worthless. Some of this is age; I used to be able to drink and smoke for hours, sleep for 3 and go to work. I can't do that anymore. Some of this is my not being serious about getting the money that's owed to me; that's going to change, as well. I tried to take a nap Friday afternoon, but just laid there in bed hating everything. When girlfriend got home, I felt better. We ate, and got mail, snuggled nicely, and now it's a Friday night at home. Woo. And keeping a journal is pretty stupid, too. The main reason I do this shit here, I declare, is too postpone my killing spree. And the killing spree is coming baby. I'm going to chew on the flesh of some stupid mother fuckers. The smell of death will surround me; I can't fucking wait...Wow, I had some anger there, didn't I? By not exercising on Friday, I wasn't very tired when bedtime came. And my bed is a twisted lump anyway; oh this is bad. Laying there, trying to sleep, I figured out the 2 most important things in a person's life. Ready? It's your bed, and your water. Those are it; the big 2. I decided that I would make things better on Saturday. Up
on 2 alarms Saturday morning; maybe 3 hours of sleep. I felt rough, very rough. Girlfriend got up, and I got to hug on her a little--nice. I felt better. Asked for more patience and tolerance on the ride in--and that also felt good. In the parking lot, at work, I learned from AJ that the entire room only got 19 on Friday--a new record low. Bummer, but I apparently picked as good a day as there was to lay out and lose my attendance bonus. A few people walked out and quit yesterday; I could have easily been leading that parade. Hangovers aren't always a bad thing, huh? Inside work, we learn that we DO have new #'s to call. Yes! It was a fine morning; I had 3 before 10 am. Oh, I SO needed a day like this. And all of a sudden, I don't feel so crappy anymore. They had made up the schedule for next week already, with me working Saturday morning. I asked to work Sat. evening, and they agreed (they still love me). Yes, I was feeling better. Decided to go by Wendy's on the way home and get my $4. They gave it to me, and apologized. But my bed is still going to be an issue. However, Static Girl will let me take the futon to my room if I want. Cool. I'll work on that in a few minutes. Today is 5-8-04; five eight. In their honor, I am already playing all of my Five Eight CD's today. This is the type of cool shit that makes me ME! Static Girl would sit with me later while we watched half of the first Hobbit movie. I also checked in with Barney--he's doing okay in his new place. Pretty soon it's lumpy bedtime. Up
with the extra hour of sleep on Sunday. To work; it's just a medium day--I got 1. They're talking about a meeting 2maro at 1:30, but I won't be there. Schedule it for a day when I'm working. Post-work, I got some groceries, then headed home to hug on my girl. Then I had to call my Mom for her big Mother's Day thing; she loved my card. Rift and I watched the other part of the 1st Hobbit movie. Some cum stain gave ACE my phone number; gee I wonder who. So people will show up at Sam's; me, too. Pool Guy never showed. I had some fun, and tested out Barney's new enablings. Thrown out early, I would go across the street to whip up on PGA golf, as well. Home eventually to eat a couple of cans of everything. Then it's crash time.
Woke up at 10 am Monday, nice. Brewed coffee, and remembered that I need to upload this page. Oops.

Sunday 5-2-04...

Sunday 4-25-04 continued: I hear a bar calling me...Yes it was. I got everybody out, and we were golfing. 10 pm came too early, and we headed across the street. The other bar now has PGA golf and Golden Tee. PGA is fun and harder than Golden Tee. We stayed for 2 games; lucky I didn't have to go to work today. I wanted to, and foolishly set my alarm; I even woke up Static Girl with it, but I slept in. Bummer. Up for good
Monday around 1 pm. I was groggy, too. And broke now. This blowout ruins how well I had been saving $ recently. Oh well. My FCP called, and she's still crazy about me. Good. Went to workout around 2; very painful. Weighed 209, and only did 2 full circuits. Home to make yummy ramen crumbles for me and my baby. She's off in her dark place right now, so there's not a whole lot of conversation going here. We had some quiet snuggle, and then I'm doing some laundry. Called job-hunting TPG, he's with Pool Guy up at the nudey bar. One must assume that job-hunting went well. I'll go meet up with them at a cheaper bar, where both of them can fund some fun for me. Yes. And it will be an early night tonight. More later. They all showed up at the cheaper bar, and then more people showed. It was an absolute blast--even though nobody meant to make tonight a major party night. Again I came home and foolishly set my alarm.
I got up Tuesday, planning on working, when I realized that I was an hour late. So I called in, and they gave me a choice of just skipping today. So I did. And my alarm woke Static Girl up again; she left me a note saying she was upset. Boo. So I slept in until noon again. Now I'm up and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I did not lose anything, but I could have lost both a girlfriend and a good job today. The others all want to go back to the bar. I don't blame them, but I can't hang with them. Did some cooking and cleaning here, and watched some tv. Girlfriend came home; she's mad, but not steaming. Good. So I did lots of thinking today; what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, etc. It turns out that after doing so well up until 11 of 2003, I have been slipping since then. Stupidly, I gave my phone # to AJ, and he tried to call me a couple of times from a worthless cell phone. I'll stop that action 2maro. Then I took some time and went to my girlfriend's room to try and explain to her that I WANT to do better. It's not HER fault that I start well and finish poorly with so many things (everything). So I'm having another start here, okay? I was doing very well at explaining all of this, about finished, and the phone rang. It's TPG; his car has died again. This time it's up by the nudey bar. Great. So I went and saved him again. Pool Guy is with him. More of the same here. But we get his car back to his place, and then the 3 of us head for taco night at Del Taco. Yum. I took TPG to Safeway for groceries, and then as I was dropping him off I explained that he and I will be talking soon. He has no idea how fucked up he is; completely clueless. But that also means he needs me more than ever, and I would like to keep him as my best friend. It's pretty mature of me that I have until now. This will be a fun ride later. I came home to crash by 11 pm. My new plan is to set the alarm later, and only snooze 1 time, so as to not disturb my girlfriend. And it was hard getting to sleep. Up
after 1 snooze Wednesday morning; good boy. Shower, and dressed by 5 am. Shit; I'm early. But I know what to do. On 19th ave, just south of Thunderbird, I saw a pinball machine in a landromat--I guessed (wrongly) it was Whirlwind. I'll go check it out before work. So I pull in there; it's a 24 hour laundry place with, count 'em, 2 pinball machines; Medieval Madness and Bride of Pinbot. I may have a new laundromat. So I was all giggly on the way to work; and this will be a big day--if I'm not fired 1st thing for calling off the last 2 days. Shut up. So I walked in really slowly, and asked if they wanted to lobby-hold me. They're all like 'shut up W, and get inside'. Turns out they WERE firing about a dozen more people today--just not me. Our Sector just got 2 bodies lighter; bye to cool "M" and sweetie "T". "R" came back, but started falling apart again; he'll be on an excused leave--because of his sick wife. And let the weak-assed calls come through, baby! I had asked for more patience and tolerance on the way in, and it was needed. I had nothing, all day. And then I had 1 callback in the final hour that turned into 1 Lead for today; yay. Got to talk to "X" about my current situation; holding in so much best-friend frustration for 7 months, torment and turmoil. He made a great physical metaphor to being "off balance", and how this is all part of the growing process. Okay. So I left work happy; heading to workout. Oh man, what a mess. Adding weight, ripping and straining; grrrr. I am Mr. Muscle. And, I only weigh 207; yay. Then to shop, and home to be cooking and cleaning--in my underwear, for when my girlfriend got home. Turned last night's leftovers into a new day's veggie feast; I am so cool. We ate, then I took TPG up to get his car, and rushed back here to shave, shower, snuggle, and shower again. Talk about active; guess I'm not a pothead alcoholic today. Oh well. Updating here, then I will make cole slaw, and finish cleaning the kitchen. If I were to go out, which does not look likely, then there would be no beer tonight...I never went out. Others went out early and finished by 9. I could have done that, but nobody told me about it. Watched all my tv, even saw some with Static Girl on the warped tour, and went to bed by 11. Up
on 1 snooze Thursday again; my active plan is going well. Up and dressed, ready for what would be quite a full day. We're working with our really weak calls (what new numbers?), and it's tough. I did get a Lead before 9:30 though. Yay. I asked for Saturday night shift, and they give me Saturday AND Sunday off (nobody ever gets a weekend off). Okay. "X" comes to tell me that 3 people called off from the good seats today. Their Supervisor, "S", my former Supervisor, was asking me about my production. "X" tells me (from talking to "S") that I may get to go to the good seats soon. So; I've been worrying about my final days there possibly, but now it looks like they all want me--everywhere! I get a dream schedule, the new day manager wants to keep me nearby, and the good seats are making a play for me. Shit, I like this. I feel wanted. Tonight might be laundry night at the new laundromat. Hmmm...Yes; a load of laundry and some pinball. Tough games, but only .25 to play. I won on Medieval, but no Pinbot Bride. Came home and dropped laundry, then went to Sam's and drank NO beer--lots of Pepsi. Different. I won $4 on the 2nd golf game. Home at 10:13. Good boy. On the balcony I devised 2maro's dinner for me and my girlfriend. Bed soon after. Up
Friday in a great mood and ready for work. I asked for more patience and tolerance on the ride in. More people have been fired; we didn't have enough people to open the "good seats" room (shark tank). So they came and sat with the rest of us today, and we all got the same calls. I had a Lead before my 9 am lunch; cool. Our Sector did better than the good seats, so that only helps my case. I was "on" all day; iffy calls did not bother me, and I represented well. A fine day. Then to go workout; oww. And I still weigh 207; perhaps I have broken that pesky 208 barrier. Home to start cooking a well-presented dinner (veggie beans on white rice) for my appreciative girlfriend. Watched Ellen, and then we went for good snuggle. My only mistake of the whole day was to quickly leave her after the festivities; that's something I usually do, yes, but I can improve on that. Since I'm the only adult male in this story with a good woman and decent homelife, I don't need to be rushing out of here for the bar. Perhaps, as I did think about this for awhile, I have been a great guy for 3 days--and I deserved some play time. Oh, and play time it was. Quite a fun night; I never lost a golf game. In fact, I won money all 4 times; ha! Home when I got tired of taking all their money, ha again, and I ate a can of 99cent store tamales--surprisingly good. Yum, even. Crashed with NO alarm, yummy, and awoke at
noon Saturday. Just finished watching "Threshold" on Sci-fi, that was fun. It's a whole day of killer death movies on Sci-fi. We will pay rent, get a document notarized, and eat something somewhere. Yes; all of the above. And then we called Mom. It's been a productive day, so what's left? Let's go to the bar! At the bar, we ran into new waitress "S". She is sweet and flirty; she encouraged me to do well at my solo golf and pinball. That's right; I was alone. Golf went okay, but pinball is where the scores were. A-13 pinball has finally had its high scores reset; so I need to get back over 2.4 billion. First came 2.606, then later came 2.727 billion; I am the man. And it was fun. Home to crash by 11:30. Tough to sleep, but I got a little. Up
for work Sunday. I was in great spirits, but it's Sunday in a phone room--and I don't get the good calls. Zero for me, and that's fine. I'm tired. My big plans may give in to low key and quiet time; why can't I take a nap? Naps should be mandatory for people who work this early.

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