Old Personal News

(starting with a week ending 2-20-04)

Sunday 3-7-04...

I was early to work Monday. Got there in good shape--even got to explain to the big boss that my ear may be healed by Wednesday. I clapped, I yelled, I tried hard to stay positive. As luck rides with me sometimes, I got a Lead with 20 minutes left in the day. Since the big ear Dr.'s appointment is 2maro, I ain't working out today. Naaa, I went shopping. I got lots of cool stuff at the 99cent store, too. Then I'm home to cook ramen for my girlfriend. Yummy and soup-like. I had forgotten that she had broken up with me; so there's no snuggle today. Okay. And then she ignored me/maybe I ignored her for a couple of hours--while I tubed up 2 packs of smokes and listened to Crystal Method. Then I told her that I didn't feel wanted, needed, or appreciated (3 things that I ALWAYS make her feel--regardless of the situation); and I went to the bar. Met up with Pool Guy; I'm spending my last $40 apparently. Why does nobody have $ but me? I still haven't figured this one out. 1 guy makes $33K a year + bonuses, and he's always broke. Pool Guy supposedly just got a bonus bigger than a year of my salary--plus he regularly wins $2K a pop at the casino, and he's always broke. And then there's me; the $20K a year phone pro--yet I can always find $ to party with. I am amazing; really, it's not just a sales pitch anymore. I am incredible. And if you don't think so, then get out of my world before I kick your ass out. Thank you. Where the hell was I? At the bar; yes, Pool Guy beat me at golf, but then lost to me at pinball and drunk darts. A nice buzz. I came home hungry--which is never a good thing. I invented turkey chunk/baby clam/mustard salsa. And it was apparently delicious--because (although I did spill some on the carpet) I ate over a pound of it, and chips, too. Yum yum. Then I'm crashing, with the alarm set for 8--to get to the Dr. by 10:15 am. Up
Tuesday morning with a pretty nasty taste in my mouth (gee, imagine). Cotton in the ear for at least 1 more shower, some coffee, and I'm off. I even remembered my camera this time. To see Dr D. for nothing but good news. All healed, all happy, and NO more cotton ball showers. The little bit of popping (about 10% of the original) will be with me for life--and that's just fine. Took pictures of where the Crooked Sky used to be, and the new damn Wal-Mart building is already built. It'll probably be open in a month. Pocket money! And we need pocket money, badly, and to take it straight to the bank before my insurance draft comes out. Bummer. $10 left, I went on an economic shopping binge to make my killer salad. And it was a killer salad; Static Girl loved it. But before making the salad, I was feeling weird at home. So I did what one is supposed to do when one feels weird at home; housework (Ha! You thought I was going to say "bong hits", didn't you? I considered it.) But I was trying to be responsible; I'd like to believe that I can be responsible at times. I came up with a great idea...that Static Girl shot down hard. She did try to help me set up my computer for CD stuff, but my hard drive is too small. At least now we know. Nobody has heard from Pool Guy, and TPG is closing his store. I already tucked Static Girl in, and now the bugs are biting. Damn...Okay; I went to the bar. Tubed smokes, and coffee can change for money--am I pathetic? Sure. Good choice. ACE+KAS were there; no Pool Guy. I won golf, and the first game of darts. KAS won the drunk dart game; but these are pro dart players I beat; ha! I am ripped at 1 am. Woo. They bought me sympathy beers--and they are cool guys. No pinball tonight; wow, I just realized that. Crash...Up
Wednesday after over 2 hours of snooze-buttoning. I know it's weird, it's probably even unhealthy to not get all the way back to REM sleep, but I love the snooze button. I also love drinking coffee in my underwear at 2 pm. In fact, I need a little more. Make that 2:30 pm for my last cup, with a burp of satisfaction as a garnish. I could do laundry, or I could just sit here and giggle...Sat and giggled for awhile. Then I took another very loud, extended mix of the Cure's "Fascination Street" shower (for the 9000th time--it's the best shower song ever--and look for more Cure drooling in my Musical Section soon). Made sure there was enough of my yummy salad left for Static Girl's dinner, and I made some dip for myself. Finally went and did a load of laundry; yay. Now I'm just chillin'. I lost the rest of Wednesday night; went to bed or something. (It's Sunday now; I haven't been online in days.) Up
Thursday for a gloomy, wet, gorgeous Thursday at work. Morale is low; some of Phoenix got hailed on last night--I bet that was interesting. Leads are hard to get; too hard for me (I came close a few times; oh well.). I'm tired. Need money. Hey; pocket money is closed until March 10th--that's just great. Don't they know I'm broke? I brought sober Whoppers home (cheap). Get this; we live in the desert, and we're in a drought. Got it? The Camelwest office complex's big fountain still runs ALL day (in the rain); 2 of the 3 golf courses I drive by on the way home have sprinklers spraying--in the rain; I get home (in the rain, with Whoppers) and the apartment sprinklers are spraying the sidewalk I have to walk on. I just don't believe the water-shortage crap, okay? I was tired, so I did some housework. Walked to the mail, and Mom's check came! Yay! So I'm back home and calling Fry's electronics. A 60 GB hard drive is $60; I want it. But Static Girl doesn't want to drive in the rain, and she's right; if it's meant to be--then it will be there 2maro. I wanted a nap; so I went to bed at 6 pm. Woke up at 9:30 pm to find out that Static Girl had to move furniture around--our celing is leaking again. Fun. Pool Guy called from the bar, and it seemed to make sense to go up there. He won golf, we split darts,a nd I won pinball. Home to crash again at 1 am; the ceiling wasn't any worse at that point. It rained all night; I thought this was the desert. Up
and 5 am Friday came quickly. I'm up and showered; McD's breakfast. At work; no work. The phones are dead. It was such a struggle to stay awake; I was being tormented by sleepiness. Finally got the phones going, but there was no Lead for me. Later I went and had a great workout; then home to cook garlic/bean/taters. Nothing's been done in here about the roof or floor; but they've left a message saying that it's time to come renew our lease; ha. So we went to Fry's to get a hard drive and speaker wire. Now we have a 90 GB hard drive on sale, and with a rebate; cool. Home for excellent and extended double snuggle; then I chose to go meet Pool Guy for a Friday night debacle. Home to crash at 1. Up
at 6 am Saturday (cussing) to girlfriend hitting me in the head. I was sleeping right through the alarm. But I HAD to go to work--or risk losing Static Girl. So I went. It was horrible. I couldn't talk or breathe. I was falling asleep sitting up; and contemplating going home. Then I got a Lead; and God gets the assist on this one. I also won $10; and got another Lead, too. Still tired, though. Left work Saturday, and got home with a full tank of gas around 3 pm; I'm hungry and sleepy. Girlfriend was not mad about having to wake me up this morning, so that will get her a Subway lunch. Yum. Then we tried to play with my new computer; not much luck. But it was great spending the whole evening with her. We even tried some bedtime cuddling; however "sleeping together" is still pretty difficult. Got some good sleep though, and up
Sunday early, way early. I even fed the cat and went in and kissed on my girlfriend for a few minutes. I'm in a great mood, and it's a gorgeous day. I prayed and said many thanks for all of my fortune. With a sandwich from McD's at work, and a Ramiero's burrito, I ate 3 full meals before 11 am Sunday. Woo-hoo. No Lead--so what? Came home to find my girlfriend trying to piece together my new computer. She was having modem and video problems. But we (she) got through it while we (I) read the Sunday paper and cleaned in the kitchen. Finally...I have a new computer! Many things are different now, and look for a new commentary soon. Right now, and for the next few days I will be adjusting. We watched Mythbusters at 9, and I'm taping a few more for her tonight. I must close down soon. Bed before 12.

Sunday 2-29-2004...

And then we come to wake-up Saturday. This is going to be such a big day; I'm getting a new computer. Rather than sit and worry about the things that are not right in my little world, and how I don't feel appreciated--screw all of that. I'm going to put some people to work for me today. My plan was to be at Fry's Electronics by 12; TPG and I got there about 1. Everything I was looking for was found; I even got the biggest monster computer fan in the world (it's humming as I type now). Round 1 was completed, and we headed back to TPG's for the building. 1 modem won't transfer, and there is a problem getting the onboard sound going; no problem. So for Round 2 we're at CompUSA, getting a modem and a cool $5 sound card. Dinner at the best Chinese buffet in Phoenix, and we're back to TPG's to get this thing going. By midnight I still had no sound; maybe everything else was working. But I had to go home and go to bed for work on Sunday. The deal was made and agreed on by TPG and myself that I would give him my entire old computer (even the monitor if he wants it), and he would give me the stereo that he won in some contest--but still is not using (we need a new living room stereo). I went home, slept, and got up
for work Sunday. It was a strange day, but I got a Lead, and things went well enough. After work, I came home and tried to call TPG, but his phone was not working, so I went up there. He had, by this time, gotten everything working BUT the sound--he'd done a fine job and is to be commended. I decided to bring my new computer home and let Static Girl have a crack at the "sound barrier". As I tried to leave TPG's with my new stereo--as per our agreement--he balked (what a shock). So he gave me some little wimpy boom box that isn't even as loud as the thing we are using in our living room now. Whatever. We get the new computer home, and Rift does some tweaking and re-attaching--still no sound. I'm a tad frustrated. I went back to TPG's to get a couple of things I had left, drop off his piece-of-crap boom box, and to pick up my new stereo. He says "let's wait and see what I'm going to do with the stereo". I should have stood my ground right then. He agreed to give it to me; it's mine now. But, again, here I am letting people go back on their word to me. I'm tired of people not coming through with their ends of the deals--and there's lots more of this crap coming. So by Sunday night I have a new computer, very capable, just no sound. Oh well. Hard to sleep, but I did, and we're up
Monday for work. It was a rainy, rough and slow day, but somehow I managed 1 Lead. After work, I went and did some shopping, and made another 1 of my great salads for dinner. I even got to talk to my FCP while doing some slam-chopping; fun. Later I would talk to computer wizard Pool Guy--he's already at the bar. He says to come and help him out a little, and we'll drink tonight--then fix my computer 2maro, around 6 pm. This made perfect sense to me, it even made semi-sense to Static Girl, too. Unfortunately, the party went late; too late. I wound up crashing hard, and waking up
Tuesday with a headache, ear-ache and hangover. I hate calling in to work--this is EXACTLY the type of crap that pisses off my amazing girlfriend--and here I am doing it again. But I got to feeling better, and even went to go get some pocket money. Hey; I'm excited--I'm getting my computer fixed today. That's what we all agreed on, right? Right. So; after weighing 209 at pocket money (cool), I get home and call Pool Guy. Voice mail. Called him at work; voice mail. Well, he agreed to help me by 6, so I know he'll call by then. Wrong. It's 9:30 Tuesday night now, and I still haven't heard from him--not even an apology. Hey; he's a busy guy with an important job--I know that things can come up. All I needed, wanted, or expected was a 1 minute phone call saying that he got tied up, and let's reschedule the computer time. Nothing. So I waited/wasted a whole evening; I've got errands to run too, you know, this ain't just some big happy time to kill for me either. So; Static Girl is livid with me--and rightfully so. I'm upset that my 2 friends have each gone back on agreements they made with me in the past 2 days, and I have this great new computer with no sound. I didn't throw a fit, but I had a nice long soliliquy on the warped tour with Static Girl about my current situation(s). All I get is disappointment, and I continue to disappoint the most important person in my world--her. Well it's time to make some changes. It looks like Static Girl may forgive me, a little, if I can follow through on some of the changes I have been trying to make. As for the rest of the world, or my world, there's about to be some changes in here, too. First we will get my computer going; and don't be thinking I'm not appreciating the help I've gotten so far with my new computer. The fact is that computer people; TPG, Static Girl, and Pool Guy all LOVE to put computers together. I may have accidentally pissed my girlfriend off by ALLOWING TPG to put my new system together; I don't know how that "pride" stuff works with techies--it's not my world. All I know is that I will have a new computer with sound, and a new stereo very soon (or my old computer back--his choice). But it's now 10 pm Tuesday night; I still haven't read nearly enough of all the newspapers on my floor, and I have to go to bed soon. Let's hope that Wednesday goes just a TINY freaking bit better than today did. Up
for work Wednesday. The day went okay; our room did well. I had 2 Leads, but they were lost in verification because of time constaraints--not my problem. Decided to live out some of my stress at the gym. Good move. I'm adding weight to everything. Home for some yummy garlic taters, a little snuggle, and Pool Guy called. He's having bad domestic issues, and figured I would be really mad at him. No; I just wanted him to come and look at my computer. Well he did. Unforunately he couldn't figure out the problem with the 2 mystery drivers either. So Pool Guy had to leave--trying to keep his domestic issues in check. Then Static Girl takes over. Rather than getting frustrated by what won't work, my baby starts thinking "outside the box" at what can be done. We'll start over from scratch by reloading all of Windows '98; and checking on it during the commercials of "West Wing". Again, the 2 mystery applications appear. Since there still is no, and has never been any sound on the new computer, she decided to go get one of her old computer speakers--with a power supply, and plug it up. Sound! One problem eliminated! So then we traced the chords from my 5-year old speakers back to their base, and Static Girl asks 'ok, where's the power supply?'. As if I would know; but it dawned on me that these speakers were configured to work with my old HP computer--and nothing else. The power supply COULD have been inside the old computer case (it was--and I am now an official computer tech). So now I have sound; the 2 mystery applications were the old speakers, and we can now just buy a new speaker set-up for my new computer; probably $30-50. I called TPG to tell him the good news. He now understood everything (the 2 missing applications), as well. While on the phone with him, I remembered that 3 years ago I purchased the cables needed to run my computer sound through my home stereo--if I ever so desired. I stayed on the phone with TPG, while my girlfriend hooked up the computer sound to my stereo. This is nice. Let's just say that I now have 280 watts of computer-powered sound on demand. Sub-woofer? No, baby. I have 2 integrated Super Woofers at this time. Later, I may go buy a computer sound system. At this time, however, 4 people who were all stumped at one point are now pretty happy that we figured out the problem--and have created more than one solution for it. I can honestly say that I even helped, too. This was like a big, long math word problem; I hate them. But every once in awhile you get 1 right--and it feels really good. So I had to e-mail my FCP and tell her the good news. Then it was bedtime soon. Up
Thursday for work. I didn't know how everything would play out, but I was in a much better mood--considering the most complicated of my dilemmas was now behind me. I took a box of doughnuts to work, and asked to speak to big boss "D" for a couple of minutes. He said we could--later. Cool. I got to sit next to new sweetie "T", and I kept her smiling all day. I even helped her get a couple of Leads, got a couple of my own too, and it was a great day. I got to talk to "D", and remembered to say almost everything I meant to say, and he boasts that he has no problem with me at all. End of the day, we're getting ready for our training session--led by big boss "D". Wow. He was good. He got up there and raised his voice a few times--made some good points, too. I thanked him at the end, and all was good. I took "T" home, and then went for pocket money. (weighed 211, oh well). Put all of my pocket money into the gas tank, and came home. I was going to just stay home and play on the computer. But Pool Guy called, and he was having some more major domestic issues; police called and everything. So he needed a friend, and I foolishly went to the bar with him. The key factor that will be forgotten here is that I did not want to have to let Pool Guy crash in my apartment. Static Girl can be as mad at me as she wants, but I had to convince the Pool master to go home. It took awhile. Too long. It became a medium (not major) party night. Home to crash. Up
Friday morning, to Static Girl hitting me in the head again. Now watch this; I got up and took a shower. After I showered and got dressed, my ear started leaking again. It is possible that I have been puttting too much of the ear drop medicine in my ear, I don't know. (A call to the DR.'s office concludes that I'm doing everything wrong with my ear drops; too much, wrong times, and NEVER right before a shower--which is when I take them.) But I can't handle much more of this ear drainage bullshit (maybe you won't have to, goofus, if you start doing it correctly). So here I am; up, and showered; ready to go to work--even if I would have been 10 minutes late, and my ear's leaking AGAIN. So I had to call into work, and they were very nice, sure, but I'm missing another attendance bonus now (I'll be poor forever). Damn. And there's no telling how pissed Static Girl will be. I can only worry about so much at 1 time, okay? I'm having trouble getting CD's to play through my computer, but I'm sure I'll figure that out. Yeah, that was easy. Maybe I should just go workout, and worry about the minor imperfections of my existence later. Amen. Yes. That was an excellent workout; 70 lb. butterflys will test your mettle. Girlfriend is still going to be upset, but I'm going home to cook our new garlic/bean/taters anyway. So I told her about how I'm not using my medicine properly, and she couldn't care less. And I tried to inquire about what having "sound" on my motherboard actually means--but we had a communication breakdown. But we had a great dinner, some good snuggle, and then I was being called by all the bar people. During this shower, the one with NO ear drops right before it, my ear drained a little (in a good way), and the Cure's "Fascinations Street" got a little bit louder. I was happy. Really. I can hear a little better now. So I go up to the bar to tell the crowd about how I'm taking my medicine wrong, and how my Dr.'s office cannot believe that I've only called off of work 3 times in the past month. I won the 1st round of money golf, then lost the 2nd. TPG explained to me that on my motherboard is a decent little soundcard--an AC97, that is just fine for me right now. We bought the $5 Mad Dog soundcard back when we didn't actually HAVE sound working on the new computer--it made perfect sense then (and now I understand). TPG also said that he could use the $5 soundcard, and can give me a better floppy drive--one that actually has a face plate on it. Cool. We didn't party to extreme, which was smart by all of us. However, it did run until after 11. I came home and crashed, like a good boy. I was excited about working on Saturday; didn't count on any more ear drama. Up
Saturday in enough time to work, showered too, and then my ear started its little drain dance (there's still alot more liquid left up in there). New plan; I have to call into work 1 more time, but I'm going to sleep on my left side, and just let the thing drain for hours. This was probably a pretty smart move. My ear has stopped draining all by itself now, and 1 more really hot shower with no ear drops may put it back on the regular healing track. I hope so. I don't think that my girlfriend will be talking to me again until next week, but that may be okay. I obviously still have some personal crap to figure out on my own. And it does get lost in here somewhere amidst my trips to the bar, but my ear has been freaking complicated. It's a small wonder that I have dealt with it as well as I have. So she's mad at me, and I'm pretty happy that I'm only as screwed up as I am. Sure; that sounds like a typical relationship for me. Talked to Mom; she's doing okay. Maybe she'll send me some sympathy $. And I'm in here playing on the computer; my boom box within reach, computer still running through the stereo. TPG wants to know when we're going to the bar. He teases me well by offering me a set of decent computer speakers that he doesn't need anymore. That's not fair. Okay; so we'll go party responsibly just this one time. We'll do the 2 beer limit. Oh it always goes so well. TPG had the "whatevers" to ask me if "X" had asked any more about Quixtar; well, "X" asked a pretty simple question of TPG 2 months ago that STILL has not been answered, so let's just end this stupid subject. And, well, it WOULD have been an early night at the bar, except that ACE and KAS showed up for some golf lessons. Damn. So we partied late. Then I came home and couldn't sleep. It was a mess. But I HAD to go to work on Sunday. Sleep or not, and that's a "not", I'm up
in okay shape for work Sunday. Tired. No extra ear drainage, but it wouldn't have stopped me either way. I am to work, baby! I'm going to yell and cheer, and it's going to be okay. Sat next to sweetie "T" again; she's crazy about me--I got her e-mail address. At the end of the day, I lucked into a Lead; yay. Now I'm home; cooking potatos with 2 kinds of organic beans--black and kidney. This should be good food with lots of leftovers. And I'm in here without the extra speakers from TPG's because the chords aren't long enough until we put the case in the cabinet, and we can't put the case in there until somebody hooks up my new CD writer. C'mon Static Girl; I've been such a good boy today--never mind the past week. So I'm going to start loading up my Sunday stash here pretty soon. I'm the busiest drunk you know. Then I started falling asleep in my chair; so I went and took a little nap. Now it's 9 pm, and I'm about to get online.

Friday 2-20-04...

(Details on why this doesn't end on a Sunday will follow, later)

Up a few minutes late on Sunday. No big deal; I rode in and asked for a good day. I got a Lead, wrote some on a letter, and finished writing this other thing. I yelled and clapped, too. I felt good. They played Chevelle's "Send the Pain Below", and I almost freaked--I can still shake my head like a college kid. Then I left work and headed for the great Mexican cookout place--in my neighborhood. Oh man! I can actually top the grilled chicken quesadilla from the Taco Stand back in Athens. How? The grill for this place is out in the parking lot; a real, live, outdoor grill. Yum. That was the best quesadilla I've had in Phoenix. Then to my 99cent store for real Soy milk and candy. I'm in a great mood; let's hope that nothing/nobody super stupid wants to try to screw it up. I could go out, I could stay in, I could take a nap. Girlfriend made yummy bread--I hope she starts doing this on Sundays. I went for the nap, nap good, and then got up to watch some tv with Static Girl. We saw some of 1984's Terminater, and then it was time for Mythbusters--her new favorite show. It was approaching bedtime, and I got there around midnight. Up
really groggy Monday morning. I should feel great, right? I had a good ride in, and asked for a good day. I liked sitting next to cool "N" at work; my problem at work was that out of 617 calls I only talked to 3 people who I might could have helped. 3. I would have had better luck ripping 3 pages out of the phone book. I don't know where our #'s come form sometimes, but Monday at my cool litle phone job was a day to forget. My bong was still in the car, I thought about hitting it on the way to the gym. At the gym, Dr. P had disappeared. Whatever. I was there to work out anyway. This is stress release; oh my goodness I have missed this. After my 1 big circuit, I headed home to cook double-fried, double-garliced potatos and rice. That's some of the best food I've cooked lately. Then it was time for some good snuggle, and then I'm taking another nap. Pool Guy starts calling. I gathered my last 2 mystery pain pills, and my bag of cigarette-making materials, and headed for thr bar. We split darts; I won pinball and slughtered him at golf. Cutting up the pain pills like a drug dealer was fun. They were apparently pretty effective, 'coz I don't remember much. Now I have no pills, no back-ups, no reserves, and no emergency stash; nothing. I definitely need to see Dr. P on Wednesday. I want to be "Med Man'. I'll fly around in a rainbow cape with a big purple "M" on my chest, and talk like Tommy Chong. At least I have a plan. But first I'm going to need some drugs. Where was I? Right; so we stayed too late at the bar again; imagine that. Home and disoriented by midnight. I did a balcony dance--like a moron. Passed out by 1. Up
for work Tuesday. Girlfriend had to help with the assist. I was unmotivated; it was like I spent the night smogging out, chain-smoking, drinking heavily and popping pills. What kind of moron does that on a skool night? There are more descriptive ways to say this, but I had the "strung out shivers" Tuesday morning. How am I going to pull this off? The only thing that might save me is an early lunch, and I got 1. I actually started to feel better, too. It took 609 calls for me to get to the 2nd page 1 time. Out of 697 calls total, that was as far as I got; 1 time. This is pathetic. As I left the building, I threw a nice screaming shit fit, and told everybody to kiss my ass; it apparently scared some other lady tennant of the building--she lodged a formal complaint (but we won't find out about that until Thursday). And even though I'm in no mood to party tonight; let somebody call me with the idea to. Post-work was pocket money--"B" has come back to work there! Then I went to buy some bar-b-que to cook at home. I closed Static Girl's door so that the smell wouldn't bother her, but she saw that as my trying to seperate myself from her--perhaps she was in a slightly social mood. Either way, I missed it; put the blame on me. And then...Pool Guy calls from the bar. This is what I was waiting for, right? Oh I'm going out strong, too. It wound up being super fun; TPG showed, too. I partied responsibly after such a great day at work--NOT. My ear's a mess anyway. Home to crash by 1, I have no worries about it. Up
Wednesday in good enough shape to go work, but my ear started bubbling again, and leaking a little. I'm not doing this shit in public, thank you. So I callled in and slept till after noon. Blow me. I'm cooking potatos and going to see the Dr. Saw the Dr., she seems to be happy enough with my current progress. I may need a worker's comp. lawyer. Whatever I do, I won't be going out tonight, right? So I got home and cooked for my slightly disappointed woman. And there was some snuggle. And I was happy at home...then Pool Guy called from the bar. So much for being a good boy. But I had gotten some good sleep Wednesday, so I figured I could pull it off. It's another party Wednesday! Home with no food, sleep, and up
Thursday for work. Part of me was worried about having to deal with worthless calls; I wasn't even thinking about getting fired for my tantrum Tuesday afternoon. At the top of the steps, Security held me and told me to wait for the big Security boss "J". He said 'come with me, W'. So I did; and I said loudly "We're going to the reprimand room, aren't we?" And he said 'yes'. We got in there, and he said we had to wait for big boss "D". I got in front of "J" and said "C'mon Magilla, let's arm wrestle 1 time; this could be it." And he questioned my seriousness about this whole issue. Can you believe that shit? "J," I said, "it's just a sales job. I've had 30 others before, and I'll have 30 more after this one." Then "D" walked in. Let's just say that I admitted to all the negative reports he had heard (foul language, disrespectful behavior, intense volume, etc.) I may have even bragged about them in my own, sick 'what are you gonna do, fire me?' kind of way. But it all closed with BOTH of us saying that if this ever happens again, I most certainly will not be employed there. And then I went and got on the phone; had 2 Leads before 11 am. I also won some money for being a good motivater, and I helped out many people around me. This was a good day. After work, it was time for some pocket money. Then I took my new $20 and went shopping at the grocery. We'll be having veggie burritos for Friday dinner. At home, in trouble with my woman, duh, I was certainly not going out tonight. And then Pool Guy called from the bar; the new 2005 Golden Tees have landed at our bar. Oh this is not good. After a short lecture from my extremely angry girlfriend, I decided to go check out the new courses. Me and Pool Guy are both in trouble with our respective women. And then I get home at 1ish, and set my alarm to go off at 5:30 PM; how dumb can I possibly get? I have this feeling that I'm in need of a good wake-up call...Up
ugly, at 6:10 am. Luckily my ear is a mess; at least I can call into work. It'll cost me $220 to miss my attendance bonus, but I remain employed, and I have other issues anyway. Eventually I went and had a nice, short workout, and then bought the tortillas at (grocery) Fry's. The Friday (electronics) Fry's ad is good; that could be my new computer. Static Girl comes home to find me cooking the veggie burrito feast, and I had a nice talk with her. Dinner was excellent; snuggle was good, too. And now I'm playing DJ for her; getting ready to go meet up with Pool Guy for his birthday celebration. I'm excited...Yes, and it was a party. I didn't even really feel like partying, but I wasn't about to let that stop me. And it was Pool Guy's night; he ruled everything, and drank every drink bought for him. I don't know how he did so well.

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