More Old Personal News

(for the week ending somewhere around)

Sunday 11-30-03...

Sunday afternoon, after 4, we...checked some e-mail, and all of a sudden we're getting ready to go do Sunday night at the bar; pinball therapy. TPG wants to go to the expensive bar--imagine that. So he left. I played pinball and came home at 10 pm. Didn't do much around here. Bed by 1. Up
at 9 am Monday morning. 4 cups of cpffee, an hour of e-writing, then some house-cleaning, and then it's time to go shopping. Finally mailed to FCP, too. Then I had to be patient and well-behaved at electrode therapy. Home to cook red beans and rice for my baby. Good food and snuggle. I was going to stay in for many reasons; one of them is that I need help. Talked to FCP on the phone, and then I called Barney--he can help! Then TPG called and said that we had to go to the bar for football. So I get to the bar, and Pool Guy is there! So this became the "very bad idea" golf tournament. I won the first 3, but he took the last 1. (TPG never showed; here's 2 nights in the past 4 days where people tell me to come and party--then they don't even show up. This is another thing that's going to change soon.) Whopppers, giggles, and a messed up VHS tape of PTI; is my VCR messed up now? Zonked out by 1am. How in the world am I up
Tuesday morning 15 minutes early? I'm even alert. Don't tell me that I have become a morning person--I'll slit my wrists. Right; but I got up early to clean the kitchen and make lunch (who is this guy?). Big day; work, and 2 Dr.'s appointments. Lots of reading to catch up on, too; and everything feels weird again. So I got a Lead, yay, and remained employed for another day. Then I got my head cat-scanned. This is, well, it's easier than an MRI. And then it's to Dr. P for the 2 week check-up on the new back injury. Now she wants me to come to the clinic 5 days a week; 3 for electro, and 2 for strength-conditioning. I don't know. Then I decided to go eat/shop at Fry's; they have seats by their deli (unlike Safeway). It became a Tuesday night at home--not too great an adventure. I even got to bed around 11. Up
Wednesday for work, no big deal. I like wearing nice pants with street hiker shoes/hiking boots (for back support). Got the first Lead in my Sector, first in the room to 2, first in the room to 3, and just missed the money machine by 1. But I won $30 in spiff money, and was the coolest person in the room. Everybody enjoyed me today. Then it's to a little electrode therapy, and home to fry up ramen crumbles. Static Girl was impressed. Then we had fine snuggle, and I'm heading up to the bar for some thankful golf and pinball. Pool Guy ruled pool (gee imagine), then beat me in golf too, but I ruled the reset pinball--even got a new high score over the 2.4 billion. I had partied irresponsibly, so I called it an early night. Home to crash...Up
at 10 am Thanksgiving, getting ready to head to TPG's for a small feast. Details to follow...Wow. What a feast; and we got so lucky on many things: the nachos for breakfast, turkey, stuffing, and killer mashed red potatos. I helped (like, I went to the store and bought $20 worth of last minute details), but TPG ruled the affair. I skillfully remained non-confrontational--even though he made my opening to confront. We watched football, and moaned alot. Then we had pie and ice cream, too. I even have some leftovers to take for lunch at work 2maro. Why, exactly, are we going to try to do phone promotions on the day after Thanksgiving? I have no clue; it ain't my idea. Bite me. I talked to Dad, and then came home to not stay up too late because of working on Friday. Crash, and up
in good shape Friday morning. Talk about hardly any traffic; I zoomed to work. I even got a Lead at work, but that's not the fun part of Friday. One of the spiffs for today was to give away lottery tickets. One kind was called "Wild Turkey", and the others were "9's in a Line". Well, 'wild turkey' is a great and obvious liquor reference. My selective hearing skills turned the others into "Nuns in a Lake". This is so wacked out that it caught on; and other people were calling them 'nuns in a lake'. MC Dwayne even called them 'nuns in a lake'. I was funny. And then there's 'drown the nuns', 'drinking nuns', then 'drinking wild turkey nuns'; and then "Drunken Nuns" would be a great band name--you see how well this went, right? I was definitely the man. After work it was electrode therapy. Then a .99 cent store and Safeway run. Static Girl had the day off, and then we sat and watched the "Practical Magic" movie that my FCP sent us. Cute movie; boy women are stupid (except for my 2). Then there was 3-candle snuggle; very nice lighting. Unhurried; I'll catch up with bar people later. Turns out that they had to wait for me; awww. Party. I lost the final golf game. Whoppers on the way home. Then crashed around 1. Slept okay, and up
for work Saturday. Did very smart sinus therapy with the 3 snoozes. Showered, coffeed, ate a handful of pills, slapped on a back patch, and headed for work in a pinball T-shirt at 50 degrees; nice. Hard to believe I feel this good. So I'm pumped; clapping and yelling; they gave me an early free spin, and I won $20! Pretty slow for a Saturday; I did some writing, and just played cheerleader today; no Leads. I got more hungover as the day progressed--I don't like this recurring trend. By 2 pm, I was ready to go to bed. Instead, I went to the bank, and shopping again. Came home and made yummy garlic taters for my hot sultry babe of a girlfriend. Now I'm catching up on the paper, and contemplating bar-time...Wow. After discussing it with TPG, and deciding to NOT go to the bar this evening, in less than 1 minute, Pool Guy calls and says it's a party night. Timing. Pool Guy also got his Colden Tee card in the mail finally. He killed me at golf; luckily I played great pinball. They talked me into going to the expensive bar; I should have known better. After only 2 beers, I was done (we had parked Gus already). With me being the only person who had to work Sunday, I didn't feel bad about needing to go home early--I just shouldn't have gone at all. So I got some sleep, and was up
for work Sunday. Coffee and pills again. I was going to fake a good mood all day. And I did. I worked very hard to get a Lead, and came close many times, but it didn't happen. Grrr. I started feeling carniverous at work, and I think I know where this is going to take me--in a few minutes. And it's December 2maro; yuck. Give me an hour...Yeah, that was fun. I went to Safeway and bought a rack of ribs, then sat and ate them in the closed Wells Fargo bank area, and read the New Times while eating. That was very me-ish. After I finished eating, I was finally "asked to leave" (by a bag boy), and shown that a video camera had recorded the whole incident. So I shot 2 birds at the video camera and left. Home now, and feeling like some green Doritos and salsa. I'm hungry; what diet? My plan is to lay low for the rest of the night here. I have to tell you, though, there is some strange energy at work in the universe; my ears are buzzing. Something big is about to go down, somewhere--stay tuned to your local listings. Signing off for now at 5 pm Sunday.

Sunday 11-23-03...

Monday was such a fun wake up, with the intensified hangover/pain/guilt complex; it is amazing how small I can make myself feel sometimes. So I talked to my FCP--I wanted her honest opinion of my situation, and even SHE is disappointed in my screwing up 2 Sundays in a row (but it was still fantastic to get to talk to her). So my (usual) mission was to cook and clean and beg forgiveness. However, I wanted to make it a tad bit stronger than a typical "oops, it became a party night" apology. I typed out some words that may have some impact (or not), and promised (later) to get some of my act together. Before this presentation I did go to therapy and get some more lower back shock and heat--which I am loving; my new trainer "Z" is a very cool guy. [And, kiddies, if you're still undecided about a career--I mean if you're still at point zero--consider physical therapy/sports medicine; your daily duties would be helping thousands of people (over the years) improve, get over, and deal with injuries. Imagine how many people you could assist, and imagine what kind of real satisfaction you would feel--as a fellow human being. Where was this sales pitch when I was 20?] Back to now, with the apologizing to Static Girl; she's already okay--she's fine. She says that whatever I say as I'm leaving for the bar is always a lie; none of this is new to her. I'm relieved, and yet even further disappointed in myself; you HAVE to respect her economy with words. She appreciated the cooking and cleaning, and the free food, but she was already past all of this; wow. Have I mentioned lately that I like her alot? I do. Pretty impressive winter snuggle, too. Then she's reading and doing her laundry; I'm computing and watching a little football. TPG and I talked on the phone, wondering if Pool Guy was waiting for us. I decided that he would call one of us if he was missing us, and it took awhile--but I was right. It was a late start to a party night that I wasn't even worried about having (still in the self-imposed dog house over here), but sure I'll come out of it to go beat everybody at golf and pinball--this is no problem for me. Came home and ate everything. Crash and wake up
around 10 am Tuesday. Thankfully I don't feel as bad as yesterday. A little back pain is probably healthy at this point. And I should get some stuff done; I feel very positive. More good emergency coffee. Look at me planning out a mission here...Yes, it was a good run. I Christmas-shopped, groceried, pocket-monied, and did everything but mail stuff (sorry FCP). I even set a Dr.'s appointment for Thursday--my ear is officially gone. Came home and cooked my pizza, too. Went to bed at a reasonable time, and was up
Wednesday ready for a good workday. It was a slow day. Out of practice, I stayed a zero. Boo. Then to get some electrode treatment, and home with a little more catered food. Sat and ate with my girlfriend, and then I got really weak and tired. I apologized to her for being almost sick, and went to bed at 4:30 pm. Up 3 hours later to go pee, and I called TPG to see what the deal was with the business meeting. He and Pool Guy are at the expensive bar, and have been for hours. No business meeting; I get called out to go play. This cannot be a good idea, so I went for it. Beer therapy; and yes, on a school night. And I was hungry. So by the time we were done, I was ready for some Whoppers. No; there's food at home. So I came home and fried up some of the catered leftovers, and ate them while watching PTI; this is all after midnight. Went to sleep around 1, and woke up
on time Thursday (no way). Yeah, I'm pretty cool. I do not know why, but there is no hot water in our apartment. Shower-less. This distracted me; because I also brewed coffee, and then forgot it when I left. This is a weird day already, and it hasn't even started yet. Then I started to panic about my production at work. Today is the 20th, and the old measure of productivity is (that you need to have) 20 Leads by the 20th; I think I have less. So it was a contemplational drive to work. I'm not depressed; just stressed. Should I switch out my mattress? It'll be good to get my ear looked at today. Where is the money? Life appears to center around 2 functions; #1 is distraction from the obvious present condition/situation, and #2 is mediation between supply and demand. Life is distraction (entertainment) and mediation (sales). Is it profound? No. Is it simple? No. Amazingly, almost scarily coherent I am--on a day I should be way hungover--remember I didn't even get to shower! The "oddness" continues at work. Slow beyond belief. Oh; I miscounted my Leads from earlier--I have 23 already. I'm in no productivity jeopordy--even if I zero out today. I didn't though; I got one, yay. After work, I'm driving to the Dr.'s office. And today I get to see...Dr. D! The original pissy, sarcastic, dirty joke Doc that we all know and love. He says that I might not need surgery; wow, thanks Dr. D. I said 'let's just get some spackle and close this left ear up--I don't need to hear with both ears'. Doc says my ears hear too well to spackle one off; but remember, he gets paid to say stuff like that. Instead of drugs, he wants me to shoot vinegar water in my ear--as if that's going to do anything. I have some kind of repressed infection, wait, maybe that's "recessed", and I have to get some kind of head X-Rays; catscans? I don't need this crap; I'm a busy man. You know; give me some pills. I don't want to turn my X-Files ears into some case study; I still have bionic hearing--even with my recessed infection; my hearing test was fun. Apparently my hearing just isn't nearly AS bionic as it used to be 3 years ago; well, duh. The lady said I still had 'way above average hearing'. I just want some pills; maybe some little blue ones. Now I gotta go buy a baby nasal syringe thingie. Great. So we go to pocket money, where it's even slower; 3 hours later I leave. Tried to save a kitty stranded in the road, but he got hit before I could turn around and get back to him; I carried his body over to the median. Then I screamed some cuss words, and cried. No collar, no tag; he was a stray cat. Gas, Walgreen's, and I'm finally home at 8:30; these 14 hour days suck. Typing here, and now it's 10:30; I've still got PTI and Scrubs on tape. Later...Watched both, and got to bed finally around 12. Up
Friday morning with no trouble. I was very awake, and very loud--I may have to take back the MVP crown at work. I also got female hottie "S"'s e-mail address, and I got 4 Leads, too. Then it's over to electrode therapy, and home to cook dinner for my baby. She came home and announced that we were going to go see The Matrix Resolutions, and that I would be paying. Okay. A pretty average movie; with some downright silly crap, too, but we had fun watching it. Home with Static Girl to again misread her non-verbal communications. Get this; she was ready for some extended affection, but I didn't quite catch on. Now she did sigh once (a "bored" signal), and my messed up ear needed some doctoring, yes, but the bottom line is that I ended our snuggle time in order to go play bar games. Both of my guys were SUPPOSED to be there waiting for me; now if I had known that NEITHER TPG NOR Pool Guy would be there, I would've stayed snuggled up with my babe goddess girlfriend. So I wound up having to entertain myself at the bar, which I can do (4.027 billion on A-13 pinball), but I felt really bad. How many times will I continue to screw up? Home after midnight, and bed soon after. Up
Saturday morning early and coherent again (how?). Spilled half a bottle of vinegar in the shower--trying to shoot the mixture into my ear. That's when we learned that vinegar is extremely slippery on a wet floor (be careful old man). Great. Later, I did get to hug on Static Girl; she's already past any disappointment with me, and has moved on to new personal crises of her own. I guess there are some benefits to my dating a pessimistic introvert; hell, she probably blames herself for all of this. Get it? She's a pessimistic introvert; so she blames herself for all of this? Oh never mind. After about 30 minutes of work, 7:30 am, I start falling asleep every 5 minutes. Great. So; how exactly did I wind up with 4 Leads? I don't know; I must be pretty impressive. Home now, catching up on stuff. Bite me. Took girlfriend to get her car, and then tried to shop; no love. Back home to cook catered food and burn incense. Falling asleep while watching Anna Kournikova's True Hollywood story, now do I want to go out? Yes I did! And good for me! TPG showed up, Pool Guy showed up, too. I explained to both of them that I was quite disappointed in being stood up last night. And they just brushed it off; so now we know how seriously the 2 friends I have right now take my words; they don't. So screw both of them. Static Girl is THE single most important person in my life, and I need to make sure I am giving her all of the quality attention I can (dude, calm down; she doesn't want alot of attention). Huh? The friends, and the bar, are very secondary--and this is THEIR idea, not mine. Thank you. But we were at the bar, playing great golf, and having fun. So much fun that we decided to make it a bar-closing adventure. Woo-hooo. Before I went out, I got to talk to STT back in Georgia, and he's doing okay. I also called Mom, and as usual she got stupid with me, so that call ended badly (look at the concern on my face). Came home after 1, loopy, and I don't remember much at all. All of a sudden,
Sunday morning alarms are going off, there's some back pain, and I'm plotting snooze button math. Too late for a shower, but I smell pretty anyway. Too late for breakfast, too, but I hit Mickey D's on the way in. I knew the hangover would catch up, and the "tired's", I was even prepared to puke if I had to, but it wasn't too bad. I was even funny--it's almost like I ate a big pain pill right before work; hmmm. I just couldn't buy a Lead. I had great people around me, decent energy, and all I could think was "it's not my dumbass idea to do phone work on Sunday". See; now that attitude isn't going to win friends and make money (or get a Lead), but that's the real me. Bite it and smile. Now I'm home, boiling potatos. I'm tempted to cut loose and go have the impending talk with TPG, then head for the bar. But first I'm going to fry up some yummy garlic-taters for the most important person in my life. Nope; she's eating ramen. Well maybe I'll load this up. It's 4 pm, and I'm drinking coffee in the desert. Obviously I have issues; my suggestion would be to stay far away from me. Dammit; who ate my last Vicodin pill?

Sunday 11-16-03...
more like Monday 11-17-03

Then the mental patient decided to go play some fixed pinball. Here's the problem; I forgot to even consider what my girlfriend's plans were for Sunday night. She likes to watch "Taken" on Sci-Fi, and this is my big chance to sit with her for a couple of hours. Of course, I don't figure this out until I'm on my 2nd beer up at the bar. Now we can argue that I had to get gas, and wanted to see some football, or play solo pinball, but the point here is that I didn't read my girlfriend's non-verbal communication correctly--and we're supposed to be pretty good at that. Elsewhere in the neighborhood--while missing Warped Tour companionship, the mental patient got 4 scores over the game's base high score of 2.4 billion--it was a productive pinball run. Hopefully we will learn from our mistakes. Home for a little more guilt, and then to bed. Up
before 10 am Monday. You have to wonder if it's spinal stuff messing with both the right toe, left heel, and mid-section. Man, I'm ready to see the Dr. No luck; she's in surgery all day. How 'bout an oil change? Nope; booked up until 2maro. So what should I do about working out? As you can see, I have concerns...Well, I went and fixed some incompetence--we now have a Dr.'s appointment 2maro morning, and an oil change right after. I went to stretch and walk; we'll have to see about more strenuous exercise later. Then I bought some groceries to come home and make more hash brown black bean crumbles for my forgiving girlfriend. There was snuggle. I also apologized profusely for last night (I'll be going out tonight, too) and she is fine with it. I'm feeling a little Monday Night Footballish. Yes. So we went to the bar to see a really weird football game, and play pinball. Finally home by 12, and to crash. Up
before 9 am Tuesday. I'm 'bout out of coffee; nope, OUT of coffee. But I'm up and making progress--hurt back and all. To the Dr. for my appointment at 10 am. She finally saw me at 12 noon. How does a Dr.'s office run 2 hours late at only 10 am? "Freak" if I know; but that's how it was. She mashed around on me, told me that I would feel better in a couple of weeks, and prescribed more pain medications. And my right foot may be messed up by something else--with the bruise and all, and the (years of) bad circulation discoloration on my lower legs may also be increased from smoking cigarettes. Do you sense the fun I'm having here? With a semi-straight face, she mentioned that I should feel a decrease in pain in a few weeks--that's supposed to somehow give me hope, right? Then it was time for burgers and an oil change. This went well; except that my battery is leaking, and my NEW serpentine belt is showing cracks. This is alot of fun for 1 day. I already wanted to go drinking. Pocket money? Not today. Dropped off prescriptions, and headed home to call for X-Rays. Then I wanted to talk to my FCP, which I got to, yay, and she said I could do whatever I wanted. Pinball yet? No, I took drugs and went to sleep until 8 pm. Nice nap. Rice dinner, hugs on Static Girl, listing my Christmas wish list for her family, and now I'm sitting here, in more pain, at 11 pm. Did I mention how much fun back pain is? I'm looking forward to trying new drugs 2maro.Went back to bed by 10-ish. Sleep good. Up
Wednesday morning to get ready for work. Another gloomy day. Had to sit over in 10, because 9 was all filled up. Very slow. I just accepted those things that I cannot change, and remained high entertainment value. Zero. But one bad day can't phase me, baby, and then I'm heading off to the gym for the first day of new therapy. I got to lay on my tummy and have electrodes lightly shock my back, which you might think would be horrible, but it was neat to work those muscles without actually working those muscles. Then I got to lay on another table with warm towels on my back; I LIKE these workouts. More! No; we were done. Then I went to pick up more drugs and come home to make black bean hash browns for my woman--that's a new food group for us. Gentle snuggle. By the way, there is still pain, but this is the best my back has felt in a week. Could there be a HEC showing at the bar tonight? Nope, as TPG and I went to the bar in hopes of seeing both of them. Quiet at the bar, and TPG left. I stayed to play more pinball. Then it gets fuzzy. I may have gotten Whoppers on the way home. But I was concerned about work on Thursday, so I went to sleep fairly soon after getting home. Up
Thursday morning with a great attitude, never mind the slight back pain; ready to go to work and really be a good example. I'm early, I'm sharp, I'm "ready to go" (Tower even played that Republica song!). Right. It took every ounce of my own ability to not completely breakdown--as I crashed, burned, and fizzled. How long can a person fake "tolerance" before he screams "Fuck this!" and walks out? Apparently all day Thursday. I had nothing. I got nothing. Nothing was there for me, all day long; nothing never left my side. Nothing was my constant companion. I lost track of how many times I almost snapped; I DON'T GO WITH NO SALES 2 DAYS IN A ROW. Um...okay, so I went with no Leads 2 days in a row. Depressed beyond textbook depression, I decided to go get my new X-Rays done. Then I also went for some pocket money, and did not get home until after dark. You might imagine (beer) what my many inner voices were suggesting (bong hits); there was even a chance that I might "accidentally" be a tad hungover on Friday morning. But I put all of this "college town" mentality aside, and decided to stay in on Thursday night; I'm going to be a good boy. And I was...until Pool Guy called me from the bar. So we did (said suggestions) Friday night on Thursday night, and now my plan to go to work hungover on Friday morning was completely in place. There were definitely Whoppers on the ride home Thursday night, and giggles while I ate them--hating my life, my back, my (worthless) job--"they can only fire me once, mumble mumble". But I remember eating one of my new big pills, and thinking 'maybe I'll just sleep until noon, then call in, quit, and cuss out whoever answers the phone, mumble mumble'. Next thing I know, my alarm is going off, and I'm coherent (huh?). No, really.
It's Friday morning, and I'm going to work EARLY (no way). Yes, I am amazing; thank you. The hangover did catch up with me a little, but I got a Lead in the first hour! Then the computers broke down, and we're all changing seats everywhere; it was total chaos. Imagine the (change of) energy in a room of 100 phone pros who have just had 4 horrible days in a row--switching to a near-record day of production, BUT you have to change seats every hour or so. See; I like ONE cubicle; MY cubicle; it's like my little home inside the office. I don't get off on musical office chairs. So everybody else is all happy and bouncing off the walls; I'm hungover and pissed off about moving 5 times in a day. Yes; I got 4 Leads, and it was a fine day. But I could have had 10 Leads if I wasn't so damn pissy and anal. Shut up. The hangover kicked in really well after lunch; I almost puked and passed out--right around 1 pm. I decided to be influenced by some people who I have helped out in the past--'coz I obviously need some help. "AJ" did exactly that for me; he was calm and cool--he helped to center me. So the strange day ended well. To workout, and I got some more of the electrode treatment, and some kind of icy/hot rub. I like these workouts. Home to create more rice/bean/crumbles for my neglected girlfriend. Great food! And then it's time for some Friday snuggle. Yay. Next thing I know, Pool Guy is calling me from the bar AGAIN, and I felt peer-pressured into having a Friday night on Friday night, too. Bad. But we did it. And it was a fun time, too. I ruled all but 1 game of golf. Home, with no food, late. This was a really great job I'm going to get fired from 2maro; and it's a shame, because we just started to get things going again today. Bed by 1 am, up
Saturday morning just a hair late. Static Girl does get the assist for coming into my room as I was getting up. Dress down! Blue jeans and a radio shirt (gee, imagine). This time I was ready for it all; ready to sell, ready for the hangover, ready to change seats--let's go! I started slow (fell asleep 2wice), but picked it up as the day went on. It's been a long time since I've had 5 in one day--that felt great! Today WAS a new record for production! I even got to thank people who needed to be thanked. Yay. Got some groceries on the way home, brewed coffee and green tea, cooked some spuds, watched the 2nd half of UGA whipping Auburn, too. Pinball bugs are definitely biting me here at 8:30 pm, but I'm staying in. I may even go to bed early. Ha. But maybe before 12 this time...I did; I went to bed before 10 pm. There's an extra hour of sleep in my immediate present, so I was up
Sunday morning in pretty darn good shape. Blue jeans and a Led Zeppelin shirt (ooo, I guess we dressed up today). There's some neat energy in this room now; like the drought is over, and the harvest is saved, and everybody's going to get laid or something; it's a very fun room to be in (Wait; is this the same job we called "worthless" 2 days ago?). Shut up. I got 3 Leads, and helped train a new guy who's not very bright. In fact, this "not very bright" guy makes me want to do another Commentary on the general "cluelessness" of young people today--and their parents--who must (have to fake) be (being) so proud of them. It's a big mess, that's for sure. Where the hell was I? Came home, stripped down to underwear, and now I'm playing on the computer and doing minimal cleaning. I like minimal cleaning. Okay; remember how I screwed up this past Sunday night, and missed some tv time with my girlfriend? My plan was to go out early (tonight), then come back and spend time with her; but I missed signs again. She wanted to go to the grocery, and I missed my chance to go with her/shop with her/then help her put groceries away. And that was bad enough; but then the whole gang (and 1 extra) came to play at the bar, and the football game was really good too, so I ALSO missed coming home early. I'm in pretty bad shape; literally. Well, I might as well have some fun now, right? I can do that. Did that. May have overdone that, in fact. The good news is that I woke up
Monday morning in my own bed, and it appears that Static Girl still lives here (The guinea pigs are still in her room, yes!). I feel pretty bad--all the way around; wonder what my entertainment value is? She didn't leave me a nasty note, so I've got that going for me. Boy this coffee tastes good; better than I deserve (thank you FCP). I just need to try to be more perceptive; I thought I figured that out already. Apparently there is still much more to learn. At least 1 day late, let's load this up.

Sunday 11-9-03, 2003...

Stayed in Tuesday night, and tried valiantly to appreciate my woman some more. She would have none of it, so I pretty much just kept to myself--hey, I had alot of uploading to do here. AND, I got to re-read "By Design", which is really starting to grow on me, AND I had Static Girl sit on my lap while I read it to her. That was nice. So I went to bed fairly content, and woke up
Wednesday ready to go be a good example at work. My early chant was an enthusiastic "Limited back pain!" A VERY slow day--somehow I kept up good positive energy. I also was handed an evaluation from Halloween day; I scored a PERFECT 13 out of 13 (I might frame it). Even if I end as a zero, this was not a horrible day. Then comes the final power hour; I was on a good call, and all of a sudden my chair drops--causing my butt and lower back to snap. "Somebody" had flippped the flap that holds my seat up; it was not done to be mean or hurtful, but this is MY X-Files back we're messing with here. And "he" is very sorry, but he messed up. Bummer. More pain on the ride to the Dr.'s office, but I cannot be seen without paperwork; dilemma. I can't get paperwork today, so the advice by all is to sleep tonight on a heating pad, and re-evaluate 2maro. I can do this, but now there'll be no workout, and no snuggle. In fact, you can all kiss my butt, I went to bed at like, 5 pm. Up
Thursday finally around 10 am; yes, that is alot of sleep for one person. I don't really feel any worse, but I certainly don't feel any better. I want to see somebody. So work says to come and get a paper to take to Phoenix Baptist Hospital; I can do that. Remembered to take with me the book "How 10% of the People Get 90% of the Pie"--because I'm ready to read it again. At the hospital, a Dr. pokes around on me and has me breathe, but didn't really do that much. He suggests more of the same drugs I already have, gee thanks. I'll need to go back to MY Dr. on Monday and see if she wants me to go get another MRI or whatever. I've got all this screaming in my ears, lots of noise, I don't know what to make of it. So I do pocket money, and change phones at Fry's; did I mention that something is wrong with my left big toe, and that I walk with a limp? I notice things. Finally home at 5 pm or so. I just want to melt in Static Girl's arms, but again, she will have none of it. So I went to Burger King to try a 5 gram baguette. This was actually very tasty; amidst my lumbar agony and incoherent audible teasings, I had a decent fast food sandwich; go figure. Limped through Walgreens to pick up the new/old drugs, and now I'm home, awaiting TPG and another business meeting. If I had a wake up call, it was with the other Dr. who had his own way of telling me that much more back pain is in my future. Great. Luckily, the book I'm re-reading is very good...After the meeting, I opted to go home rather than out--which was the smart thing. Up
Friday morning for work. Not too much back pain, so we'll go with it. People at work were happy to see me. It started as a really slow day, but the people in my Sector were doing well. At the end of the day, I finally got 1 Lead, and we were all happy. Then we skipped by the weight room to fill out more paperwork, walked a little, and then it's grocery time. Came home to cook my mushroom/crumble feast, very yummy, and then it's wimpy double snuggle time. Gentle is the key; I deserved more. And now we're ready to go meet Pool Guy at the bar now. Yes. So we did. I played better golf. TPG shows up and won't shut up. Beer. I finally called it a night, because I really did want to go to work Saturday. Good move. Up
in not too bad shape Saturday morn; going to work for payday and new phone numbers (hopefully). I wound up with 4 Leads before the day was over, but there weren't any new numbers. Then I'm home to drink coffee, and then I decided to go to the early part of the business meeting. Yeah, yeah. Nothing new here. Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes was pretty good. My back hurts, and this is pretty much boring, so I'm home for good now. Drinking decaff now; daring the heartburn to come and visit...And then Pool Guy calls me with his brand new party-option dilemma, and we wound up having a golf tournament. It was fun. Really; and soon into it we decided to go ahead and trash the night. Home to get some sleep, and we're up
Sunday morning for work. Limited back pain again--I should be thankful, and I am, but it's still a bummer. What a workday! There was tons of energy in our room for ANY day, much less a Sunday. Nice. Our Sector ruled, as usual. I ended with 3 Leads, go me. Now I'm home, possibly looking at 2 days off. I'm predicting lots of pain pills; call it a hunch. In fact, I'm feeling a little pain right now; let's play "mental patient".

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