More Old Personal News

(starting 9-14-03)

Sunday 10-5-03, 2003

Monday, last day of September 2003, started "good and hungover", as was accounted last week. After waking up a little, we updated our webpage, e-mailed our FCP, got Static Girl's late fee on the cable bill eliminated with a phone call (I'm pretty good on the phone), and then went to workout. I may have gained a pound or 2 when I ate everything last night; oops. Mike helped me with form on a few exercises--feeling stronger everyday. Back home to start cooking potatos for my baby. They wound up as yummy garlic hash browns--did the garlic in my new super "smack" chopper (as seen on tv). Called and nailed down 3 gigs for bands while this was happening--multitask me baby. Then it became snuggle time; nice. I'm on fire. Fires usually lead to the bar. The plan was for air guitar solo pinball therapy during Football. Wow. .50 cents can last almost 4 hours. Most people are not easily amused enough to play one pinball machine for that long, but I am. 5 scores over a billion now; low score is 964 million. Later, after a ride, we ran into tie-dye "G"; I was wearing my tie-dye Guthries shirt, too. He says 'let's golf'. Okay. And he came out for a short ride, as well. G is a very cool guy--apparently he works at a pizza place I know of. G hooked me up. It made golf more interesting. Last call? We just got here. Damn. So it's home to wipe out the last bite of veggieghetti, 2 pickles and a bag of pecans. I felt good. Set the alarm for 11, but woke up
at 9:30 Tuesday. Good boy. Not too bad off, either. Coffee, duh, and what's next? Well, we did some cleaning. That was nice. And we cooked. And we didn't do so much with calling bars, but we called a few. I wound up getting called to play with Pool Guy; this could be trouble. After 1 game of golf, TPG called the bar to tell us that he was broken down on the side of the road, at 106th st. Gus slipped into Camaro mode, and we raced out to save our buddy. Cops couldn't stop us, we pushed the green hornet 20 or so miles across town, all the way to the mechanic at 23rd ave. Then it's back to bar #1, to discuss bar #2. "Toga" became the chant of people who thought that they may well be thrown out of college the next day. Unfortunately, I let myself become the funder again. TPG should have paid for this entire journey--after all, we saved HIM. I will discuss this with him some; I have notes. Home after 1, stupid, and crashed. Up
barely Wednesday morning at 5 am. To work, where we didn't feel good at all. In fact, it was a stomach crisis. Somehow...made it to workout, and we will be moving to advanced curls on Friday. Weight is back down to 203; yay for us. Home for leftovers and snuggle. Static Girl received her cool hemp shoes in the mail; I want some hemp shoes. And now we're almost caught up, broke, and trying to figure out how to make it all work. Obviously nobody is going to help me with my money situation; a wake-up call is in order. Wednesday night is MIA; seriously, my notes stop here, and pick back up Thursday morning. My panel of experts confirms that we did not do much on Wednesday night--might have even stayed in--but I don't know. Up
for work Thursday, after my 2 days off. New seating arrangement; I'm way far away from the Tower, in Sector 10 now. Supervisor "D" is cool, and has attitude--I like her. I got a couple of Leads; no big deal. Our Sector won $50, which was promised to us as lunch the next day (another lie). Serta asked for a ride home, so I took him to Fry's Electronics to get my phone stuff--and let him see the big store. He liked it. Then I took him back home; he invited me to party with him (very cool), but I had stuff to do. 2 Star burgers for dinner, and we're to the record label. Nailed down 2 more gigs, and set up another one. Finally home around 6. TPG's depressed because he has no car; Pool Guy is ready to party at the bar. I was exhausted, but all of a sudden I'm playing social coordinator. The pool tourney made golf crowded (and Pool Guy beat me 2wice in a row for the first time ever at golf), so we headed for pinball. We all did well, but I ruled the roost, even getting a 6th score over 1 billion. Wow; all 6, all mine, all over a billion. Followed Pool Guy home, and then it's a trip through the BK drive-thru. I wasn't even hungry, but I giggled and ate 2 Whoppers. Passed out, I didn't even care anymore. Snooze button boogie, and up
Friday morning for work. Showered, even dressed myself somehow. The messy highway led to a 5-lane U-Turn (from the far RIGHT lane) on Camelback. I was first in the room to 2, and first to 3--I can do this job hungover. I am so lucky. No free lunch, and that pissed me off. So I ate a big sub from the downstairs deli. After lunch, the owner showed up. But I had too much to do to worry about him. I left and headed to workout; including the new 3-stage bicep fiasco. No car for TPG; but I'll go pick him up when I can. Home for chili, and some great Friday snuggle--exactly what my girlfriend ordered, so she's happy. Out 20 something miles to pick up TPG, where he's all disgruntled about having to wait. He'd better straighten the hell up. We found Pool Guy, he even had some money; but because we can't go to the nudey bar, TPG is all whiney; can you believe this junk? So I took his butt home; still planning on taking his butt back to work by 8 on Saturday. Pool Guy and I played some great golf, and closed it down. I came home to wipe out the leftover beans, and crash. Up
7:15-ish thanks to my awesome girlfriend. Called TPG, and he's already on a bus. Good for him. I went back to sleep, and am up before noon on Saturday. I need to mail stuff, and do laundry. Busy. TPG thinks we're going to the nudey bar tonight; he's funny. So I took laundry to TPG's, and watched some of the UGA whipping on 'Bama. Went and mailed stuff off for my FCP's birthday; not alot, but some. I also cleaned out TPG's mystery-stink sink, found the problem and eliminated it. Went to pick him up, and the highway's shut down. How do I keep such a great attitude going? I don't know, but good for me. Back by the grocery, and now we will see what kind of baby party night is in order...I went to his house and waited for him for 30 minutes, and then we headed for the bar. He informs me that he only has $6. I should've snapped, but for some reason I keep wanting to be nice to him--that's going to end soon. He's still in a foul mood--apparently forgetting who's being nice to him right now. And then, getting frustrated while playing pinball, he viciously pushed the game; MY game. Right around here is where I figured out that we need to talk. So I took his butt home again, and told him that I don't feel appreciated AT ALL. Maybe it sank in, maybe not; I honestly don't care at this point. I took my ride, and went back to score a -21 on Bluestone. Home to crash around midnight. Up
no problem on Sunday. Casual day at work, but there's a new problem; I was a zero. I was the ONLY zero in my Sector. This was such a rough day. Now I'm home at 3 pm, after some Offspring in the parking lot. We shall see what's next.

Sunday 9-28-03, 2003

I did! Stayed in and passed out Sunday night, getting ready for a big workday Monday.
To work Monday, and it was good. Started a little slow, but wound up with 5 Leads. To workout; this will be the last day of squats, we move to the leg-press Wednesday. Apparently there is a long stretch of upgrades still to come at the gym; cool. Cruised by the record label to talk more Fig Dish trivia, and plan on seeing E-Rock up at the bar for the Raiders game. So then it's home for dinner; leftover bean dishes can cause heartburn--that's what I learned. Way, WAY out of practice for heartburn; I couldn't even appreciate it for what it is. But the snuggle worked out. So now we're heading for the bar. E-Rock made me yell for a noise contest that wound up ripping my throat, but of course I won. This got me 1 free beer, but I would go back and NOT yell like that, if I could. Discovery: Michelob Ultra Light. This beer tastes fantastic, and apparently is like THE healthiest beer to drink (weight-lifters and health-freaks drink it). So I had to have 2 too many. JP pinball's scores were reset, but there's still no sound. 780 million was the best I could dig out. TPG came by when I was on a ride, and didn't see Gus, so we missed each other. Home and groggy, this was not well-planned. Up
a hair late Tuesday morning, but I got to hug on my woman. No time for a shower--I am SO lucky to not have a natural stink like some people. My throat hurts! Yes, and 'Hangovers-R-Us'. Damn this is going to be tough. It was. Now some people would (did) say that getting 3 Leads while you can't even talk is pretty darn talented. I cannot believe that I just trashed my throat by yelling like that; we are definitely not 32 years old anymore. But I want to talk music; at work we heard a dance mix of "Games People Play" by the A. P. Project. This song rocked like "Pump Up the Volume", so you might say I was a little impressed. And they played the classic rock disc for ME, because they like to watch me air-guitar. Supervisor "C" said that he's 'never seen anybody take air-guitar so seriously', and THAT just got a whole big wave of stuff rolling in my brain. Details to follow; hopefully. Did I mention my throat hurts? So I just want to go home and take a nap. Great idea; good execution, too. And then Pool Guy calls from the bar. TPG is also off 2maro, like me, so now I'm sensing a severe party night; and all of this smoke isn't really going to help my throat, is it? Can't worry about that now; I have to go exhibit my dominance over golf. It's too bad about JP having no sound. Of all people, "Bil" shows up. Then TPG, too. So now it's a 4-player fiasco with all the trash-talking. My student, Pool Guy, can now beat me about 1 game out of every 4; it's both excellent and pathetic. And then for a ride with Bil, and come back to find...wait for it...SOUND on JP pinball. Oh this is going to go well; like 1.389 billion well. Bil is a fine person to have watching you play pinball; he giggles at every great shot, makes sound effects, and constantly shouts "No way!" and "You can't do that!". Plus, we already had that really good ride, so we were in a great mood anyway. Golf got a little sloppy for everybody (gee, imagine), thank goodness for closing time. Took Bil home, and came home to eat some pecans--NO trip to Wendy's. Crash time, and we're up
Wednesday at 11-ish. Boy, I thought my throat hurt yesterday; so what do we call this; "Bleeding Tonsils"? Right; I deserve it. Man I have some ideas for writing; is there time? Apparently. Before going to workout with the leg-press, we did scribble out Air Guitar Solo. I've been talking about that "underwear dance" for 20 years; it's about time I paid tribute to it. Plus, there's all kinds of extra stuff in there that links it TO the writing season, and I see sexual connotations in it--even if you cannot. Mine mine mine. We worked out; we leg-pressed 180 and trembled for it. We rolled around on the floor and laughed when we couldn't stand up after it; we had fun. And food! Bar-b-que came home with me. Static Girl was not amused with my defiant choice to bring meat into the house, but she needs to loosen up a little. She did. Snuggle time was good. And then I was sitting here, with my ripped up throat, wondering IF I would go play pinball tonight. That's so cute. Could you KEEP me from playing pinball tonight? I had a plan; "water pipes save lives". So I cruised up to the entertainment center after watching the cool UFO show with my woman. Pinball, golf with TPG (still obsessed, and now missing the new infatuation girl), and finished up with more pinball after the guy came out to work on it some. It's playing very well, although still not totally correctly. However, the metaphyisicality/metaphor of the writing season resurfacing and JP pinball getting some TLC--on the same day--THAT'S pretty cool. It's hard to be down when so much good is all around. Home to do minor throat therapy, and to crash after some bedtime bar-b-que; yum. Up at 10
Thursday, just trying to piece it all together. My throat is a tad better, but are we ready for the vacation to end 2maro? I don't know. How did I get 3 Leads on Tuesday; can somebody explain that to me? So I spent most of today kicking back and writing. Made a couple of phone calls, too. Later I would go to the record label and see artwork for Caviar's album cover, and nail down one more band gig. It's time to get more band gigs, and it's time to get Quixtar going strong. Stayed in Thursday, which is saying alot, and kept writing--I wrote alot today. That's good, right? Even though I stayed in, I was still groggy and tired when I got up
for work on Friday. Still having a bit of trouble talking, but I got a Lead before my lunch at 9 am. 2 total, and then to go workout. They had catered salads, which means I got some catered salads. Good workout, a cruise by the record label, and then home to eat catered salads. Gave my girlfriend the snuggle of her dreams, and then I find out that TPG is at the expensive bar with Pool Guy. Wish I could afford to do things like that; must be nice. I went up to Sam's for some early pinball. Got a 1.019 billion before my first cigarette. Then they show up, and TPG's completely obsessed. Oh well; not my problem--I told him to AVOID his regular 2 employments for women--fast food, and nudey bars. Nobody listens to me, ever. Lost the first game of golf, but won the other 3. Out stupid late--I do have a point here. Home to wipe out some baked beans, and do ZERO throat therapy. Bed by 12:30; this looks pretty bad, right? REALLY bad, right?
Up right before 5 Saturday; I was sitting up when girlfriend walked in, hello! Grabbed her and dragged her into the bed with me for a full 10-minute, snooze-bar, really tight hug--nice! Then I'm up, coherent, I can even talk a little, and I'm not tired. This is not logical. And if there was any logic left, it got flushed away when I put my pants on. I did NOT notice last night, but I am now skinny. Yes, folks, we have moved to the 5th and final belt hole. It's time to dig out some old closet jeans and see if any almost fit (just wait). By 8:30 Saturday morn, I had a Lead, had verified a few others, and was talking pretty well. Did I mention that employees are still dropping like flies? Well, they are. I even made jokes about it that are sure to come back and haunt me--oh well. I should try to stay employed until the insurance kicks in, at least. Wimpy suspended paycheck, boo. While shopping, I thought up 'vegan spaghetti with soy crumbles'. So I bought some stuff. Came home with treats for my yummy girlfriend, then cleaned and cooked and cleaned for her. ALL of my old jeans fit, even the 34 inch waist ones. They're NOT comfortable, I WON'T be wearing them in public, and it IS a wonder why I do keep them around, but I don't remember the last time I could put those hideous black denims on; 1992? Girlfriend smiled when I modeled them for her; she wants me. More cleaning, and phone switching. Called bars for an hour, too. Speaking of bars, are we going? Shut up; I am NOT that predictable--okay, maybe a little. To the bar around 7:30. Scored a 1.900 billion game of JP pinball--that's a new Phoenix record; thank you. HOURS of pinball therapy while the band NGO played. Took a ride, then TPG showed; that's some golf. Drank 2 beers too many, and home for some slurghetti, yum, and to crash at 12:30. Up to hug on my girlfriend
Sunday morning at 6 am. I like these wake-ups. 10 minutes early to work (varrroooom--Gus still thinks he's a Camaro), and it ("it" consists of my head, throat, eyes, and left shoulder) hurts a little--but we can deal. Deal? We were hilarious, motivated, and a sales monster! Finished with 5 Leads, helped out my Supervisor and the entire Sector, and felt good. Out to go home and eat more excellent spaghetti, and then it became nap time. I missed alot here, but now we're loading up to go--enough dicking around, yo,--it's time for a sloppy party night. I have a plan...Oh boy. It's now
11 am Monday, urp. I want to brag, I want to explain, I just want to tell you what I can do, but TMI. It took awhile to get to the bar last night--that was part of the plan; my eyes hurt. Then it was straight to pinball therapy. The quirky JP game is doing its own 'random weirdness' things again--you just have to give it time and let it breathe. TPG showed up at the end of a 2-player game; 869 and 640 million (he made some really cute comment like 'so I guess you're doing okay at this tonight'); YOU will need 849 million to bump off my lowest score. Thrown out of Sam's (closing time--same thing) so we parked Camaro Gus, and we're heading around the corner. Bonding with the best friend can be fun. I decided to go into "enjoyment" mode; so I kicked back and had a blast. TPG neither drank nor smoked, so I had to do enough of both for 2 people--not a problem. Man. Finally home towards 1, and I think I ate everything--even some cookies. Eating salad and drinking coffee here in my underwear now; trying not shiver and burn my lip again. What day is it? Whatever it is, let's hope I wasn't supposed to work today. Urp.

Sunday 9-21-03, 2003

Took another nap Sunday afternoon, and then wound up staying in and being good on Sunday night. Yay me. Typed out some stuff; even a Quixtar letter. To bed and
up Monday for work. I won $5 and bought a breakfast burrito; no heartburn! Cool. I was a pretty good boy all day; I remained employed--for whatever that's worth. Then to workout with the guys, and weigh 205 still, and then for some groceries, and to witness another bad parenting episode--parents are so cute. Home to cook ramen crumbles for my gothic dream of a girlfriend. She so appreciates me. Good snuggle, and now the pinball bugs bite. Grrr. Football is on, too. TPG and Pool Guy are at the bar. Okay. So we wound up staying out too late and having too much fun. Oh well. Up...
Tuesday, barely, with some help from the Static Queen. Feeling a little rough at work, to be expected apparently. But I was good; playing Assistant and all. Didn't end as a zero either. Straight to the record label after work. Aezra is trying to sign Caviar; folks, I may wind up working with Fig Dish after all! Got a copy of their advanced CD as it WOULD be released if Aezra does it--this is sweet. I'll get a copy of their 2000 CD, too. We all got a little kick in the pants about getting gigs for bands, as well. And I'm making calls at work and at home. Home to eat some chili-beanie-tuna thing while I barked at my FCP on the east coast...Later, after listening to all of the advance-copy Caviar, and being very positively influenced by it, I decided to go play pinball. My warm-up game of JP was 1.290 billion; okay, and there were 3 others right at a billion also--including the last game of the night. Good golf, too. Great therapy! Home to crash at 1. Up...
Wednesday with lots of snooze-buttoning. Getting set to go to the record label and organize everything a little better. Time to get it going. Went, checked in, told E-Rock about my accomplishments, showed him my new notebook, too. He's impressed. I got the 2000 Caviar CD burned for me (that's 2 new Fig Dish CD's in 2 days, thank you), and went to workout at 1:45. Great workout, upped the weights on 2 more exercises, woo-hoo, and weighed a stealth-like 204. Okay, okay, I was hungry--so I probably still weigh 205. Then it's home to create veggie goulash for my special lady; her garlic theory that 'you can't have too much garlic' is holding strong. Then we had great snuggle, and I'm calling TPG's phone and Pool Guy answers. You know where this is going to lead. I only lost 1 golf game. Taking a break to play 1 game of JP pinball, I got 1.199 billion. My #6 score is now 987 million; good luck. We partied well, thank you. Home to wipe out the salsa and cake that girlfriend brought home for me; yum. Up...
10:30 Thursday, more Fig Dish--gee, imagine. I was thinking yesterday...about how I'm singing piece lyrics, doing drum-runs and unknown guitar solos; I'M re-obsessed with a great obscure band. TPG is obsessed with another stripper. You tell me which one is healthier; especially when my obscure band might wind up signed to the record label I'm working with. I mean; this could be ANOTHER movie script in my life; how the dysfunctional music business winds up dropping my favorite (obscure and now re-named) punk-pop band into my town/neighborhood. You have to admit that's pretty cool. Pool Guy said that we need to get TPG laid; I couldn't agree more. I'm going broke trying to keep my rep up. I did go to the record label, and to Walgreens, and to get a cool phone at Fry's. There's not too much else happening here. I'm kicking back at home. I don't HAVE to play tonight, right? No. I opted to get drugged-out early and to bed by 11. Up
for work Friday morning. I decided to play nice and be appreciative of my great job. I even got a Lead in the first hour; too bad that was all I would get. But I had a big, busy day planned. Rushed out to get Gus and go. Gus had issues. An electrical short, or loose wire, or something; and I panicked. After a failed jump attempt, I jiggled battery cables as a last resort. It worked! I raced to the gym. There was even catered food there, so I got to bring home dinner. Went to the record label to check in, and get another advance copy of the 2003 Caviar CD. Home to happily surprise girlfriend with a catered vegetable dish. Then we snuggled. Soon enough, I'm securing bands and bars on the phone, also told TPG about my X-Files Gus experience. As usual, he makes it sound all perfectly natural; 'you just need to clean your battery connections'. Sure; but he wasn't there. Pool Guy calls me from the bar to tell me that I'm late. Nobody actually believes I'll make it to work 2maro; not even myself. Time to drink and play golf. Very competitive; I won 2 games to 1. Drinking moderately, I chose to come home before the bar closed. Surprisingly clear-headed, I got all drugged-out for bed again. It wasn't pretty, or easy, and Static Girl had to come in and say 'hi', but I made it up
and to work on Saturday. I got 2 Leads in the first hour; that was before the trip to the bathroom where we puked. And 2 more before noon. This is pretty good for a guy who can't even speak well until after 9:30. I ended with 5! More work drama; Tower Queen "D" is apparently gone. My SuperDupervisor "L" left today before noon. Quit? Fired? Nobody says anything--those freaks. So I wound up forced into being an Asst. Sprvsr. again. (A phone rep I trained) AJ got 10 Leads today; but (former assistants) Javier only got 2, and I only got 5--because we were constantly doing Supervisorly duties. I have some concerns here; does anybody see my point? We need some more money, or a $1 for every Lead we verify, or something. Home for leftovers, and to thank my silent movie of a girlfriend. Then we watched Georgia lose to LSU, and I'm so far past good nap time that I might just...go to the bar? Sure we will. The sound on JP pinball is gone again, so we played it alot. TPG showed up for some golf, too. I wound up going home before midnight and going to bed soon. Woke up one time, not in bed, I don't want to talk about it. Then finally up
Sunday in good enough shape to head for work. Work had good and bad; the best part being sitting next to "S" for most of the day. 2nd best part of today was that SuperDupervisor "L" showed back up; yay. They were supposed to buy us breakfast, but just bought a bunch of Mickey D's sandwiches. I earned 2 of them, AND beat 2 top-10 performers in competition today. I should have won much more than $10, and THIS is after getting shafted last week, TOO, they're not fighting hard to keep me happy. Now home Sunday, called Mom, bar-b-que beckons, let's go hear about how TPG is obsessed with this stripper. Ribs! We finally did the feast at Lovejoy's. I ate everything--even a tasty piece of napkin. Then TPG and I went to watch a pair of Sportsnight's, and now I'm home and tired at 7 pm. What a day! Also talked to my FCP again; she sounds so wonderful. Going to try to update this thing before I pass out.

Sunday 9-14-03, 2003

The rest of Sunday 9-7-03 had me up to Sam's for some fun. Ran into S and P, the fun married couple. Schooled them at golf, then played some pinball until we had to go across the street for a little more golf. Then we skated home for a balcony trip. Then we wiped out the chili, the crackers, and the almonds, too. And I could have kept eating, but thought better of it. Up
Monday at 10:30 or so; the yardworkers did me in again. Wrote to my FCP, then called her, too. Did a little work in my closet--there's alot to do there. Cooked some potatos while I went to workout. Good workout, and back home for some more cooking and cleaning. Girlfriend appreciates the masterful effort, and we had great snuggle. Now the Bucs are on tv, Pool Guy is meeting me up at the bar, so is TPG; E-Rock is already there. This should be a fun hangover tomorrow. Bye...Yes it was a fun night. E-Rock wants me to start kicking the band/gig thing. The Bucs rule! I got a -24 on King's Canyon golf. Goddess waitress Julie (who wants me) got me a beautiful Michelob Light glass. Home to wipe out a new can of vegetarian chili, and crash about 1:30. Up
Tuesday at 9:30, now we have to get organized. The bank isn't going to go well--I just know it. Rear axle seals, and corporate gigs. Drama. No mechanics today; what about the bank, and to mail stuff? Well, we mailed a wimpy thing. Ehhh. I was feeling a little off today--I don't even know why. To the record label, and to make some calls, but didn't get much done. Home to eat, shocking, MORE chili, and make a few more calls. Wrote out a little on yet another JP commentary. Made more band/gig calls--progress! Tried to call Mom, did call P/P out in LA. He's busy; has his own website with stuff (links to follow?). The band "Caviar" could wind up on E-Rock's record label; Caviar, from Chicago, is another word for "Fig Dish"--in case you were wondering. Yes, I COULD wind up promoting Fig Dish again; pretty freakin' cool, huh? 99X me, baby! Plasma donations are a thing of the past...Later...Alone; I go for pinball therapy. Before the left flipper died, I scored a 1.529 billion game on the sensitive JP machine. It had an amazing 2nd ball multi-ball, with a CHAOS/T-Rex combo in 5 seconds. Those 3 balls played forever (5 minutes?) and I was on top of the world. In fact, this high score was so enchanting that it pushes me over the edge to finish the previously begun 3rd JP Commentary, 2 Third Balls In The Park. And the updated Golden Tee's showed up tonight--with 2 new courses. I got -6 on my first Shadow Swamp Pro game...So I didn't come home as early as I had hoped, but my night included some video and pinball prowess. I got home, and got to bed, and got up
Wednesday in plenty good shape to get to work; I looked snazzy, too. Everybody at work is all happy--these same people who were terrified when I left them on Sunday; what gives? I'll tell you what gives; interest rates dropped a full 2 points yesterday. Yes; from 6% to 4%. This couldn't be any easier. Before noon today, we had to raise our OWN rate to 4.5 BECAUSE we had too many Leads. Hell, I only got 7. But work is fun again! Then I get to go work out. Mike paid me lots of form-attention; we're going to up some weight/drop some reps; we may even add some weight to my stomach exercises. My tricep push downs are up to 100 lbs. now; I started at 55 lbs. That's progress. Then I went to the record label to check in. Got some notes, and then I'm ready to get home and cook for my baby! It's ramen crumble night here in the upstairs flat. Then it's snuggle, and now for...what? I was just hanging out here; then TPG and Pool Guy call me from the nudey bar. I was torn; but I went. They are both in some kind of distant mode--but they're having fun. Okay. Then I got them to go to Sam's for some golf--I ruled the golf. And pinball. Stayed out too late, as usual, and then came
Thursday morning; girlfriend had to come check on me. I was in rough shape. Made it to work, and even got 3 Leads while playing Asst. Sprvsr. (my ID badge). It's nice to wear many hats at work. I was tired, though. After NOT getting the steak feast we were promised, and I had brought no lunch because of it, I tended to get a little pissy (damn straight). Luckily I did not confront anybody; I decided to go to Burger Burger after work. Then it's home for a nap. Nap good. Then I'm up at 5 to be groggy, and wonder why in the hell I went to the nudey bar last night. If that's how THEY want to spend THEIR time, then good for them; I'm not doing that again. I wonder which TPG will be showing up tonight, or if there's even a meeting. Actually, maybe it's my own demons that are conflicting me. So I spent a couple hours typing. Yay me. Do I really need to just shut up? Why does that seem so obvious all of a sudden?
Up for work Friday morning. I'm there; I'm coherent; I got a Lead in the first hour. I was even thinking about how I'm going to stop giving out so much information--try for less shock value, be a good boy, you know? Um, apparently I'm going to need to do a little more work in this area. At 8:20 am Friday morning, I was playing Asst. behind where I sit, and it reeked of cigarette smoke. I mentioned that it smelled like a wet ashtray, or something, and this fat girl snaps at me 'Well I smoke, and I smoke in the designated areas at the appropriate times. You're going to have to deal with the smell.' (What is she so mad about? Work is easy and fun now.) Without blinking, thinking, or even considering what could happen to me I responded with 'You smoke, and you're 100 lbs. overweight? What are you doing--trying to die before the age of 40?'. (a hush falls over the room). She starts trying to drum up sympathy for herself by telling everybody who who will listen to her about how mean I am, and BOOM! I'm suspended for 2 days; baby! Got my paycheck early, too. And this is after I was offered Saturday off--I must've just wanted to drive it home hard. Man, I should feel bad or something. Maybe I feel bad for not thinking before speaking, sure, a little; but I got paid and now have the weekend off--so all of you can kiss my hairy white ass. I'll have to remember this little "trick". My paycheck even includes holiday pay for Labor Day, wow; I hadn't been there 3 months yet. I went to the bank, then home to eat my lunch and take a nap. Up to go workout, and tell my story. They love me. Then I'm to the store for golden potatos and veggie dogs, so that I can create 'vegan doggie garlic potatos' for my she's-so-fine-it's-scary girlfriend. She was impressed, too. Hell, so was I. I worked a couple of tricks to give her magic snuggle--I could give Pool Guy's already at the bar. Here I go. Got my first -20 on the new Golden Tee courses, and later got a 722 million game of JP pinball, too (you will need 630 million to knock off my #6 score, ha). Then I took Pool Guy for a ride; he could not handle my vehicle of choice. Nope. So Pool Guy winds up in the bathroom for 40 minutes, and then has to go home. Me? I'm good. I'm ready to go down the street with TPG. We did, and it was fun, too. Back to Sam's for a golf game and 1 more beer, and then the #2 combo at Wendy's became our friend. Home to eat and giggle about my past 19 hours. Can your hero accomplish as much as I did today? Crash time, and wake up
10:30 am Saturday. Girlfriend is changing her room around. She says she found a tiny lizard running around in her room--different from the white lizard that lives under our fridge. Cool. Welcome to lizard-land; MY lizard girlfriend. I'm so playful. Up to TPG's to do laundry and watch the Dawgs bitch slap South Carolina around. Now I'm home, throwing away more clothes (bye tighty-whiteys), and I guess I'm getting ready to go play some more pinball. That's what suspended people do, right? I should go in there really good and hungover tomorrow; hmmm...I COULD have, but did not. What I did do was to go and play hours of pinball (700 mil is the new #6 score), and earned more commentary fodder. Home at 11 to go to bed and get ready for
work Sunday morning. It's like I had an extra 2 days off or something. Go me. I wanted to have a confrontation, but there was none to be had. So I worked on the phone. Damn. I even wound up with 6 Leads, and made the Final Four in a contest. Cool. I wanted bar-b-que, so I came home to call TPG. He likes the idea, too, so we tried to go. Not open yet, boo, so we went to Crazy Jim's for steak subs. Now I'm home and tired at 4:30. Yawn. Watch and see if I don't wind up wanting to play more pinball; jeez. No! Smart boy took a nap, and woke up to watch the 2nd half of the football game AT HOME. Wow. Did anybody have me 'staying home' in their afternoon bets? I sure didn't. So it's a quiet night here; let's write.

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