My World

Even if time was not running out, is the written result worth the effort? Between the identity thieves, corrupt law-mongers, ambulance-chasers, constant vocal victims, and my personal lack of involvement in the writing/publishing business process, why should I dedicate to an intricate written theme?

Hell, it's kind of fun having a couple of literary secrets in my possession. It's also cool to know that I can turn out a nice phrase whenever I want to. I don't like to imagine the stress of somebody taking either the credit, or the minimal compensation of one of my songs/stories/scripts from me.

Maybe I don't push hard enough to force my ideas into the market, but it's not like I'm hiding in a forest of denial either. This website gives away freely one of my better pop songs (Grip 'N Pull), and the "perfect poem" (Untitled) has been up since Day 1. There are other worthy ripples in the fabric of entertainment and production here, too; hundreds of poems and songs for sale, and multiple energy plans ready for mass production. I'll gladly collaborate with anyone, and I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm DOING the tease that I'm supposed to do, okay? I don't have to come up with new ways to advertise myself; the powers that be should be looking for people like me to help them.

Kevin Smith and Aaron Sorkin are free to e-mail me offers, requests, and ideas at their leisure; but they don't. Any "free" poetry contest crap thing could send me an invite, or say "Hey, nice website."; but they don't. Any energy consultant from Joe Newman all the way to the alcoholic boat-wrecker who sits atop the Exxon empire could ask me about my perpetual/low-maintenance energy machines; but they don't.

For what little it's worth, I don't just have ideas; I have solutions. If the eyes of love and hope ruled this world, then I would be a leader. However, fear and greed not only dominate--but actually RESONATE here through many layers of darkness and discontent. Crying "foul" at this point changes nothing.

There will be no happiness at the end of this Elizabethan Tragedy; the best you might "shift" toward is a rainbow metaphor. Visualize a new beginning filled with compassion and cooperation. Picture it, and pray that there are a few people left who have solutions.

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