My Static Girl

For every guy who's ever wanted a quiet girlfriend, look at mine. For every guy who's ever wanted a woman who could keep herself entertained, look at my girlfriend. For every guy who's ever wanted a woman who would stay at home--rather than be out "on display" all the time, look at Static Girl. For every guy who's ever wanted a woman who doesn't play stupid female mind games, and doesn't do stimulus/response tricks, and who doesn't try to engage your jealousy (because it's so cute), look at my woman.

My woman is a very independent creature; she only needs a man for limited tasking. She doesn't crowd me, or try to get me to have long and pointless conversations. She doesn't even like "chick movies"; she likes science fiction and intelligent comedy. She reminds me to appreciate her by not giving me enough time to get sick of her; she stays "fresh" in my mind because she never saturates me with contact. The few things about her that I might change would definitely give us too much time together, and probably sabotage the whole deal. We've been seeing each other for 3 years now, but the relationship still seems very new.

She and I are involved in the relationship of the future because SHE is FAR ahead of her time. At first, some people don't think that we'd be compatible, but after seeing us together most people agree that we are very smart. In fact, many people are jealous of exactly how well we understand each other.

But the point here is not the relationship; we're talking about my girlfriend. She is the most consistent personality I've ever seen; imagine a brooding teenager--a little mopey, yes, but usually she can be made to smile. She is intelligent, responsible, appreciative, and very easy on the eyes. And even though she doesn't want to be liked, most people think that she is fantastic. My Static Girl.

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