The Music Business

The Music business is down roughly 7% for the first 6 months of 2002; the industry has lost around $300 million. Look at me crying here. The corporate radio stations are playing the corporate bands that put on little overpriced corporate concerts playing crappy corporate music that is sold in their little corporate record stores, and like most people--I am totally fed up with it. The entire music industry can kiss my hairy white ass.

I don't download music because I only have a slow dial-up connection; that may change soon enough though. I haven't been in years, and would not pay to go to any concerts now. The last CD I remember buying was Tool's Lateralus, and I will continue to support Tool (and other atypical bands). But my days of buying the new such-and-such CD ended badly with Static Girl's $17 purchase of Beautiful Garbage. (How can such an amazing band put out such an average album?)

From now on, if there is some kind of music that I really want to own, I will PAY somebody with a CD-burner to make me one--just to MAKE SURE that the record industry gets no coin from me, those worthless fucks. Eventually, along with high-speed internet, I will "invest" in a specific big mutha hard drive so that I can have a "library" of music to work with; I may not even need a CD player most of the time. Cool

I do have a suggestion for the music big-wigs though; give us the new CD's for free. Why free? We already have the music we want to listen to; we don't give a shit about some new crap you have. But if you GIVE it to us, then MAYBE we'll listen to it, and talk about it. I mean, probably not, but it's your dumbass line of work; we sure as hell aren't going to spend any of our $9 an hour to line your pockets even deeper.

It's a shame, too. I've read some good things about the new No Doubt, and the new Sheryl Crow; a couple of people have even told me that I would definitely like the new Eminem CD, too. But I'm not buying shit, okay? I couldn't care less about CD sales being down; I don't see any record companies filing bankruptcy, and I'd just laugh if they did.

So let's wrap this up: Concerts have been overpriced for the last 10 years; 1996's Telecommunications Act wiped out the effective small radio stations; and all the good independent record stores have been closed for at least a year now. I've grown tired of waiting for the corporate music business to deliver some sort of an apology--obviously they are not going to. THEY ruined the music business; so screw them all sideways. To them I say; "You can give me a stack of CDs for free, or pay me to, and maybe I'll listen to them. I mean, probably not, but it's your dumbass line of work."

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