In case I haven't said it lately, and I haven't, 90% of all women are a fucking joke. I've talked before about how women think they're smarter and more important than men, and how cute I think that is. This will not be total women-bashing. This is all about one disturbing trend in adult motherhood. This is NOT an attempt to use numbers to prove my opinion, because this is a complete statitstic. The latest year that these numbers can be figured for is 1999. This statistic is from the Associated Press, reported in the Arizona Republic newspaper:

For America: In 1999, 48.4% of all babies born to women ages 20-24 were born out of wedlock. All races; all ethnicities, all babies.

These are not dumb teenage girls trying to force something out of a boyfriend; these are young adult WOMEN about to/already impacting society. And roughly half of them are single (48.4 easily rounds up to 50%). Why are women so selfish like this? They are not even giving the chance for the kid to have a mommy and daddy together. This is a negative application.

I'm quite familiar, and perhaps you are too, with the girls who say 'I don't need a man' and 'I can raise this this child by myself just fine'. That's so cute. I laugh at these ambitious 'oh, there's nothing to it' women. This is negative motivation.

These women are not only selfish, and not only wrong, but they are actually evil. These women somehow are completely oblivious to the fact that the incoming baby is ITS OWN VESSEL OF THOUGHT. Just because some angry girl thinks that she doesn't need a man's help bringing up a child has nothing to do with the child's wondering why daddy isn't married to mommy (And later in life; "What the hell was mom thinking? Am I one of those "revenge" babies?"). Revenge, or even "I'll show you that I can do it" is not the right way to enter parenthood. But you can't tell a pregnant female that without getting an earful of independence. In fact, critique her response to see if she is positively or negatively motivated. Ha.

(Sometime in January of 2002) At work on Friday I got to sit next to a girl that I didn't know. She's 19, with a daughter who is almost 1. I thought it might be fair to let her explain her life's story--before I passed judgement on her. She didn't like her home life as much as the boyfriend who hit her, so at age 17 she ran away. She and her abusive boyfriend had always had unprotected sex, and a few months later she got pregnant. Her boyfriend wound up in jail in California, and she's working. She's going back to California this weekend because her boyfriend is out of jail now. She smokes, she has an attitude problem, and she acts like everybody owes her something. Nice girl. I almost want to start making a list of all the bad choices made in this scenario. But 2 very important things happened on Friday afternoon;
#1 I came home and kissed on the ideal woman.
#2 Teen mom is gone and will not be back.

I know that the thought process is different for females; at least I hope that women aren't really as stupid as they seem. How could any intelligent person want to become a parent right now? It was a bad idea 5 years ago, and it's much worse today. I mean, seriously, is the world getting better all of a sudden? The ONLY argument is to become a parent now--before the world gets any worse (which it will), but even that is negative motivation.

So you tell me, little fat girl, what's the motivation for becoming a parent? Trapping a man, food stamps, welfare? Are you trying to become more of a victim than you are now, so that when you cry "help me" you won't look as pathetic? (Warning: An excellent point is about to be made.)If you don't already love your life, then there is NO reason to bring a new human into it. Period. (But I don't recommend your saying that to a pissed off pregnant bitch.) Thank You.

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