Here's my Rant for May 2009

Torture Videos -- Swine Flu

Don't release more pictures of us (Americans) torturing people. This is the smartest thing that has come out of our new President's mouth, and I thought he was going to miss this completely. He did not. We've all seen one or two of the graphic still photos with chained prisoners, or piled-up bodies. Pictures like those make ALL people hate us (Americans), and I can't blame other countries. At the last minute, our new President (who I still have great hope for) figured out that we don't need American torture videos on Youtube. Good for him.

I have been semi-vegetarian for 4 years (baby steps). Many people are concerned about swine flu, and this new H1N1 flu is scary. Concerned consumers now (think they) want to know what's happening at the pork and beef farms. No. We don't need any pictures/films of industrial factory farms. If you really knew what was going on in those farms, you might puke for days. I did. You might also change your eating habits--like I did. The vegetarians (correctly) want you to SEE what's going on with the mass-produced pigs and cows, and I don't blame the vegetarians. But YOU are not ready for a crash-course in factory farming.

"You can't handle the truth!" (A Few Good Men) The less you know about this human/animal cruelty--the better. You're not prepared to understand HOW we "treat" prisoners OR animals. Consider yourself lucky that you are only so presently blinded--it could be so very much worse. Look away now; go play Wii-Ipod-Twit-texter and watch Dancing American Idol Gladiators.

Want to play common sense? Sure you do. Look at what the President BEFORE Obama started:

(Here is a classic example of not thinking things all the way through--)

"1. The US Government just handed hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to the existing automobile manufacturers, which even before the depression were in trouble because they failed to adapt to the changing marketplace and keep pace with foreign innovation.

2. Despite the aforesaid hundreds of billions of tax dollars, GM and Chrysler still teeter on the edge of bankruptcy. The US Government has refused to make retention of US jobs a condition of financial bailouts.

3. Now that we are hundreds of billions in the hole, and no sign of actual improvement in these existing auto companies, Obama imposes new clean air standards for new cars.

4. For the same money already poured into the big three automakers to little gain, we could have financed the construction of brand new automobile plants, with American workers, using up to date methods, to produce highly efficient cars at a lower price.


(This is a copied front tag from a story on the excellent WRH website)

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