Marriage and Poverty

President "W." wants to spend $100 million annually to promote marriage among the poor. Poor people account for the largest percentage of out-of-wedlock births. More than two-thirds of African-American children are born out of wedlock. 25% of White children are born out of wedlock, as well.

Former Clinton adviser William Galston noted that a person need only do 3 things to avoid poverty: finish high school, marry before having a child, and marry after the age of 20. Of people who do these 3 things, only 8% are poor. 79% of people who do not follow these guidelines are poor.

Well I think Dr. Galston is definitely onto something here. In a polite way he is saying to finish a minimal education, and to not make marriage or children committments until after age 20. This is a great idea...except for women.

Remember; we already have the statistics for the year 1999, when ALL babies born to women aged 20-24 were 48.4% out-of-wedlock. Again; half of all the babies born to (supposedly) adult women were done so with no active plan for fatherhood. If you can't read it between the lines here, then let me spell it out crudely for you: silly girls are deciding that it is their right to become mothers, and nothing can stop them. Would you like to know why? It's because there is actually...NOTHING TO STOP THEM.

Here's a good example: If you're a male over the age of 21, then you cannot have sex with a girl under the age of 18; period. But girls of ANY age are allowed to have sex, and the children of whomever they choose. This is much worse than a double standard; this is a single standard for the male, and NO standard for the female. And this has been going on for years, by the way. I'm surprised that it has taken until the 21st Century for you dipshits to figure out that there MIGHT be a problem here.

I want to enforce responsibility. I want to make babies illegal for single people; I also want contract marriages with strict adherence principles for the parents of babies. Unfortunately. our Republic will not support enforced responsibility. However, when a pregnant 12 yr. old middle school dropout has MORE rights than a 21 yr. old male high school graduate, then it's time to change SOMETHING.

So I applaud that our little commander-puppet in chief wants to promote marriage among poor people. Good for him. But the actual problem here is women. There are many factors that feed this problem attitude, yes, but at the roots of it there are simply millions of selfish girls who cannot legally have responsiblity forced upon them. So, W., start by promoting marriage to THESE dumbass bitches.

P.S. Thank God for Static Girl!

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