March/April 2009 Observations

Obama wants to 'look ahead'; so, Obama won't prosecute the Bush-Cheney clan for ANYTHING (war crimes, invasion of privacy, economic strip-mining, etc.). In fact, Obama is going to expand the current policies of spying and personal privacy invasion.

O won't legalize pot, duh (nobody expected him to). But O hasn't even legalized industrial hemp yet, which is the most important, most obvious, and first real step to a greener, less pollutant world. AND; it will provide more and better food--without any genetic modification. Do your own research.

War? You've already heard that O is going to keep at least 50,000 troops in Iraq forever (in harm's way). Are you aware that O is going to rekindle the war in Afghanistan, and start a new war in Pakistan? Yes; O is going to increase the already unsustainable military budget. And; stay with me, how do you think President O is going to get a million more soldiers to fight these 3 extended, expanded wars?

'Change you can believe in'? No; more like 'Change you can wipe your ass with'.

3 Non-Presidential observations:

To the multi-million-dollar magic negroes of the NBA; since you really CAN afford cab fare, why do so many of you drive intoxicated?

To NFL, NBA, and all semi-intelligent folks of the world who want to go fishing: why would ANYONE, in 2009, go out to sea in a vessel without a GPS system? Ships still sink.

Yes; I'll do one for the Octomom: What kind of Dr. artificially inseminates 8 embryos into an unemployed mother of 6 who lives with her parents? Sure; the Octomom is nuts. But aren't doctors obligated to provide common sense to their patients who have none? Hold her Dr. accountable; why hasn't anybody else figured this out?

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