Low Carb

First off; this is not a pure rip on low carb dieting (well maybe a little). I just had to get your attention. My 2 choices were to call this thing either "Low Carb", or "Spiderman 2". I went with Low Carb (I've at least seen some low carb foods.). I should have called this thing "Point and Laugh". Bite me.

News Flash for the fatties: it ain't the bread on that burger that made you fat--it's the poorly planned condiments combined with the preparation of the mystery meat patty involved. Your best move would be to drop the "meat"--and the mayo, and bring back the dry toasted bun. And let me jump in here just once and ask you; so you honestly believe that bacon is GOOD to help you lose weight, but that bread is BAD? Will you just shut up already? If you want to lose weight, and 75% of us do, then you need to SWEAT more. End of discussion. How hard was that fatso? Rice and pasta are bad now; what kind of loser diet is this? Believing all of this fake (or dead) Dr. hype (That's the same type of hype that's got you drinking coffee in the hot desert afternoon--and energy drinks, piercing body parts, watching reality tv shows, botoxing your wrinkles, and loving/hating Michael Moore.) yes, by continuing to believe all of this dead Dr.'s hype (you know that he's dead, right?), you will merely continue to be stuck in this same "web". That was good; did you see me slide from the diet to the media?

Yes, you had a thought; keep going. A "web". Keep thinking; yes, like a spider's web. You're a person--stuck in a web. Spiderman! I am so proud of you. What; you think this little crossover is just dumb luck? No, baby, this is how it all fits together to keep you stuck in it. People will blindly follow whatever the current story is; it doesn't matter what the "people" are, or what the "story" is. Welcome to Stepford, people; programmed by what Fred calls the lobotomy box. The enemy is; wait a second here--are we ready for the enemy? Are YOU ready for the enemy? Do you think some obscure ex-radio DJ actually knows what/who the enemy is?

Ride with me; and be very quiet--we're just going to observe. Look at all of THOSE people out there drinking coffee in the afternoon, and saying that they enjoy it--because everybody else is drinking coffee in the afternoon and saying that they enjoy it. Look at all of the people watching reality tv shows in the evening, because everybody else is watching those shows in the evening. And look at all of the people eating greasy mayo burgers wrapped in lettuce, because all of the other people are eating greasy mayo burgers wrapped in lettuce--and they're all talking about how they enjoy this new diet. Most of them have tongue-rings and tattoos, too. Wow. Are you getting all of this?

Do you understand the "point and laugh" crowd mentality? Probably not; since I just made it up 10 seconds ago. The media wants everybody to point and laugh; it could be to point and laugh good, or to point and laugh bad, but the bottom line is that everybody should point and laugh. Spiderman good, Michael Moore bad, low carb is good, bread is bad. As long as you are in there, pointing and laughing, then everything is just fine.

The enemy, their enemy, and our only recourse is: individual thought. Can you imagine trying to think for yourself? It's scary, isn't it? "Think" (ha) of the 2 main political parties in America (the "R''s and the "D"'s); they both stand together and laugh at any person who is neither an R or a D. Did you ever notice that? No independent can win any prized political position (poor Ralphie Nader--screwed again). Too much on the tangent here, and I'm sorry (but it is an election year, ha). Can you, would you, could you think for yourself? You want to say that you can, could, or would. But could you?

There were people, right here--on my street, waiting in line for 3 hours to buy gasoline a few months ago. Why? Because the media told them they would be doing such. Hang on, I've been saving this one; poor people in many countries wait in line for 3 or 4 hours to buy...bread! But you snub the bread, and wait in line--for gas? Can you detach yourself from the mainstream? Can you continue to ride and observe, or do you NEED to be down there pointing and laughing? Put down that afternoon coffee.

Don't go turn the tv on, either, there's nothing on tv that will help you--and you should already know that. In fact, television is "point and laugh" headquarters. That's right; tv is evil. I know it seems innocent; you want to believe that it's all Sesame Street and honest sports coverage, but that's not exactly what Media Central is all about anymore. Fear, blood, death; scared shivers, and people shaking, bleeding and dying. It's easy to get suckered in to the slaughter, too; the slaughter of individual thought. If you want to be smarter, perhaps even capable of independent thought, then you are going to need to READ more.

So; what have we learned? You need to sweat more, read more, and watch tv less. Will you? Of course not. Hey look; I'M even drinking coffee right now; wait, I just woke up. Never mind. Some people are so simple minded that they enjoy jumping through the hoops of American media, and we cannot help them. But many people are smarter than the televisions they watch, usually, okay--sometimes, and we have to slap them back awake. As I get older and watch the media change, it becomes clear that I am pretty smart (actually), and still less aware than I want to be. While living in this corporate strip mall of an ashtray that is Phoenix, I get to experience first-hand the true "dumbing down" of the masses. There is quite a blurred line somewhere between simple-minded, naive, unambitious, and just plain old stupid; welcome to the blurry lines of Arizona. This is another reason I have to get the fuck out of here soon.

Let's wrap this up; pick your allegiances. For the record, one day I WILL drink one of those "Amp" energy drinks; not because I want some fake liquid energy or anything, but because Mountain Dew makes them. And I will keep watching ESPN for PTI, and Comedy Central for the overall programming, even though I turn the sound off for the commercials. Occaisonally I go eat a big guacamole and bacon hamburger, too, (with bread) and afterwards I try to make sure to walk around for 20 minutes or so. You can do this, too; add a little bit of common sense (read) to those motions (sweat) that are dictated to you. Or not; it might require you to think.

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