There're 3 different directions that I want to go with this thing, so I'm just as teriffied while writing it as you must be right now. However, I am going to try to stay on the outside of the issue.

The business section front page headline says that Honeywell is eliminating 6500 jobs. "Lack of profits", as always, is the culprit. The whole idea of "profit" as the basis of business has always bothered me. Whenever a company doesn't achieve some overly-optimistic cash flow, the first thing that happens is layoffs. This is bullshit.

You never hear about executive-level people cutting their own salaries. You never hear about an entire corporation taking a 5% paycut to offset a slow market. You never hear about a company using universal worker incentives to increase productivity and decrease waste. My point here is that you NEVER hear about creative applications to improve results; what you hear about are job cuts. This is bullshit.

Every business out there; from the 2-employee home-business all the way up to a 6500 person layoff at Honeywell, EVERY business is looking to increase profits. Businesses will lie on their taxes, cheat on codes and inspections, produce shoddy finished products, stop doing customer service, and businesses will completely eliminate research and development that might help the environment. What do you think about all this?

Cut costs, eliminate frills, bypass ordinances; raise the profit level--and all else be damned! It looks to me like the business owners are trying to make their businesses LOOK like goldmines--so that they can turn around and sell them. There is no pride, no employee morale, workers don't feel a sense of family--or even a connection to their employers. I think that any employer caught hiring illegal immigrants should be tried as a terrorist--because that employer is guilty of crimes against our country--not the poor people who are trying to find work.

I will not be a part of this system. In fact, I will do whatever is necessary to avoid this system. Who created this system; was it my parents, was it their parents, or was it natural progression? Is this what "Manifest Destiny" has brought us? Well, you can have it; because this is bullshit.

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