My June 2002 Rant

There are 3 points here, and they all involve the letter "B"; Black Issues, My Life As a Black Man, and the possible baseball strike that could happen in September. Enjoy:

I mentioned earlier on this webpage about the black guy who created the board game "My Life As a Black Man". He went on tv promoting it, and sold lots of them. The game includes lots of stereotypical truths that white people cannot mention without being labelled "racist". This whole ordeal is a great example of how reverse-prejudice is encouraged in our society. This entire concept upsets me to the point of rage. Insert your own comments here.

One of Malcom X's daughter's has come out with a book called "Black Issues". I have not seen the book, but I read about it being a "nothing new" update on the plight of the common black. However, she will sell bazillions of them and make money off of her dad's name.

At this point I would just like to say that white people NEED to be blamed for every little pissant thing that is wrong with this world. Because if ANY other race were being blamed for everything (like we are), then they would be crying 'foul', and how 'it just isn't fair'. Or perhaps they would just riot like the "negros" in Cincinnatti or L.A...

I think it's pretty cool that everybody who is NOT white wants to be more white--they just won't admit it. Seriously; this country, America, is the land of the white man; it's the White Country. Do you see any white people leaving here? No. In fact, the less-than-pale foreigners are risking everything in their world to COME HERE (and be like whitey). And once they get here, the male wants to go out and find a little white girl to play power-trip on (and most white girls are stupid and willing). And these foreign guys LOVE the idea of the white girl having their baby, too, duh. I seem to have gotten away from my original point here, but it's all connected.

I don't have a problem with 2 black people coming up with ways to make money here. I have a problem with a 2-faced society that bestows a negative standard to the white person's opinion--while encouraging oppostion toward white people. I cringe whenever I hear some brown being say "You're white, so you don't have anything to complain about." Okay; I would like to respond by saying "Well, you're NOT white, and you're WHAT I'm complaining about." (Imagine ANY white person trying to say that in the media) If birds of a feather flock together, then why are all these fucking birds coming to our nest? Why don't people just decide to be better people, and stay in their own little country of origin? This gets old really fast, huh?

Let's talk about baseball; boy are they rich! The players, the owners; money, money, money. Steroids have been abused for as long as priests have fondled choir boys, or longer. The fans NEED home runs anyway; defense is boring. Athletes should look like Terminaters, and most of them do because of (pay attention) steroids. Steroids isn't why they might strike though. We're back to money now.

The Owners claim that they cannot afford the salary demands of the Players, but then the Owners offer even larger salalries to certain players. The Players claim that, to be honest, I have no fucking idea what the Players are whining about. They may actually have a logical platform, but who really cares? Shut up already. All of you shut the fuck up. If the baseball Players do strike then I will be one of those people who could not care less, and I won't miss the game. Bite me; okay? I have real problems here.

I'm considering a job change; a career change possibly. I'm looking for some new kind of recurring inspiration to pull me out of an apathetic and drunken haze here. If I don't keep close tabs on my priorities, then my priorities become painfully tangible and hangover-inducive. This is almost like the negative elements of 1999 all over again, and nobody wants that. So; before I can unite the white race into a wake-up call, and before I can push for all people to just forget about pro baseball completely, I need to do some cleaning in my own closet here, okay? You're going to have to keep yourself motivated for a little while.
Good luck!

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