Joe Millionaire

Kudos to Fox for this show idea (20 girls believe that a poor construction worker is actually a baron worth $50 million; what will these girls do to win his "love"?). Being the cynical, if not also chronic female-basher that I am, this "fake reality show" proves beyond question the intent of marginally modified, semi-successful females--and their dream of marrying into money.

I said that I would watch as these silicon-injected, collagen enhanced, Botox bitches rush to wrap their legs around this guy--while pretending that it's all about love. Behind closed doors these females are begging to paint their lifted faces with Joe's man juice, and saying cute things like 'I've never felt this connected with a guy before', as they bob and slurp.

I said that I would be riveted to the tv, yelling and screaming like I was watching a playoff football game. However, TPG correctly informed me that the real fun will be later on in the season, you know, when the competetion heats up. Yes, that's when "Joe" will be the lifeguard in a sea of flesh not unlike the better Motley Crue groupie stories; where ANYTHING contemplated will be quickly performed with pleasure. So you go, Joe, and ride out this little wave of fortune; I'll catch up with you mid-season.

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