Jane's Addiction

Wow, I actually got a response to my musical section. In fact, the reference was to my references for the base of alternative music. There I was, thinking I was all smart and cool, but perhaps I did mess up...

The quarter-century crowd has enlightened me that alternative music was created by Perry "peripheral" Farrell. Of course, these early adult alt-rockers were in the first grade while Robert Smith was just barely refining the Cure enough to be played on the radio. However (and here's something you don't see everyday), I WAS WRONG not to (at least) acknowledge Perry's contributions.

Perry Farrell created and backboned a few bands, started Lollapalooza, performed onstage as a true shock-value frontman (a la Iggy Pop, or a young Ozzy Osbourne), and was named "Music Man of the year for 1991". Already, you see his name deserves mention in the history of alternative music. One could make an argument for any one of the 3 main Jane's Addiction songs to be the "Grand Poobah" song; "Jane Says", "Been Caught Stealin'", or "Mountain Song". None of these are, of course, but an argument could be made.

So; it certainly looks like I have a personal problem with Perry, right? Well, yes I do. He disbanded Jane's Addiction while the band was peaking; without an organized good reason. Debate will rage for years (and has) as to whether Jane's Addiction could have made or maintained a #1 song or album. We'll never know, though, because Perry pulled the plug. For the record; no, I don't respect that.

Perry is a good songwriter, an incredible vocal talent, and an unforgettable stage performer. He lived the early 90's MTV rock + roll lifestyle; the cool "120 minutes" kind--before that worthless mid-90's "Real World" crap. He was a founding father, a genuine hero, a General in the war; yes, but he shot himself in the foot.

Years later, Porno For Pyros was a half-assed effort; like spinning wheels going through common motions. Songs like "Pets" are catchy and singable, but they're safe to the point of boring. Perry had a legendary band in Jane's Addiction; a band capable of more fans than Pearl Jam. Perry Farrell was fronting for the proverbial "Led Zeppelin" of alternative music, and Perry Farrell got scared. He did not want to be "The Man", so I don't give him "reference" status.

This present-day (November, 2001) gathering and tour by Jane's Addiction is a cry for acknowledgement after 2 unremarkable solo releases; Farrell's, and guitarist Dave Navarro's. 10 years after the fact, Perry realizes his mistake of ending an amazing band, and he is now counting on young adults with short attention spans to fund his own rock star mid-life crisis. I won't be there.

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