Is it just me, or do new movies suck?

So I hear of a couple of good reviews for this new movie "Unbreakable", and the television previews look good (there's a NIN song in the commercial), and then Howard Stern screams about how great this movie is--and how everybody should go see it, and I usually like Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, and Static girl also likes Bruce; it was pretty obvious that we were going to have to see this movie.

Bruce Willis is an actor; he acts well. He does dialogue, he does antics, he does anger, and on a whim he can do physical humor too. He is not a supermodel; he's not even all that attractive. I don't care to watch him sit and think. His face alone is not going to move me into believing that he has "nailed down" a role. He hasn't...I went to see this movie for 2 main reasons; Bruce Willis "acting", and NIN music. If you have seen this movie already, then you can imagine my disappointment.

What the hell was that flimsy assed plot about? Some guy is a hero, and some other guy is a terror? Who the hell cares? I was under the impression that some guy never gets sick or hurt (you would think that this dumbass in his early 40's would have figured it out at some point in his life), and he knows it because he's an alien, or a deity, or an angel; something that makes it a movie-like experience. But no. He has no clue.

Static Girl said it was an okay movie. She seperated the dream sequences without incident, and she understood the whole thing--apparently alot better than I did. I just don't get it. Why was this movie made? What need did it fill? I guess we'll just have to wait until the next movie "Unbreakable 2", or "The Return of Unbreakable", and then our questions will be answered.

What this wound up being was a weak attempt at a "thinking man's" movie. Cerebral. Intense. Internal. Whatever. Even as that, it could have been done much better. What moron put these 2 great "action" stars in a weak movie? Somewhere in Hollywood there is a large group of people who thought that this would be a good idea for a movie. That bothers me.

The promotion for this movie was completely deceptive. Period. The only reason I did not demand my money back for this piece of crap was Samuel L. Jackson's performance as a ranting comic book businessman. But I do have to wonder; without these 2 huge stars in this movie, would anyone go see it? Without a song from "The Fragile" in the tv commercial, would anybody even care? Not me.

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