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Children and Smoking, Too

"...If we go back to the beginning of the immigrating of people to America, it all changed after the U.S. Constitution was accepted as law. The government set up a quota system to guarantee that nations would not dump their criminals on us as England did to Australia. Makes sense, no?

Several ports of entry were set up; Ellis Island being the most famous and was the designated port for the people from across the Atlantic. The rules of the day made perfect sense. The new people must have a health certificate so they would not have the ability to bring communicable diseases from their home shores. They also had to have a sponsor so they would not become a financial burden to the people of America. If they were going to ask for citizenship they had to learn the language and understand the U.S. Constitution. Classes were set up all over the country for these people to learn about the laws of the land.

Can anyone explain why this should be changed?...""Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Wow; we sure had a good plan in place to keep control of the people coming in to our country; so what happened? Oh yeah; the plan IS good. The problem is that there are thousands of criminals, daily, breaking the law and coming over here illegaly. It's a problem, not a situation; it's a PROBLEM, and it's going to be fixed. Death or deportation; I say we flip a coin for each one. I may have to go all "Pat Tillman", give up my incredible life, and go live on an American border ranch in Arizona; those Minutemen need help.

5-1-06 is going to be some big day of immigrants laying out of work in America. Meat-packing plants, construction companies, farming and fruit-pickers, child-care providers, the hotel industry, McDonalds and Wal-Mart are all expecting to have to shut down for the day. Awww; I can live without any of these places ever again. And I say "good for us May 1st"; America should have been upgraded to a Country Club 30 years ago. Members Only. I'd rather not even see the uninvited, unwelcome, and unnecessary who offend me. I don't want/need/care about immigrants, and I don't want/need/care about any of these businesses that are clearly admitting to breaking the law; thank you. By the way; McDonalds?

(A couple of years before my radio career, I worked at Mickey D's in Athens, GA. Even though my roommate also worked there--and he referred me, I still had to prove citizenship in America, produce a Social Security card, and I had to have a utility bill in my name--at my address before I was hired. This was around 1990. I know of at least one other college-educated White guy like me who was NOT allowed to work at McDonald's because he didn't have all the documentation. I guess McD's has lowered their standards--hiring non-citizens and criminals now.)

"...If they were going to ask for citizenship they had to learn the language and understand the U.S. Constitution..." (Should I put that in block letters for you blockheads?) People ask me all the time; 'How can you not like immigrants? We were all immigrants at one time.' Funny; that also sounds like the "children" argument; 'How can you hate children? We were all children at one time.' Okay, so sit down, shut up and start your freaking tape recorders; here it comes:

There are places in America, right now, where you can go that are "child-free". There are stores, bars, apartment complexes, many adult businesses, and none of them allow children. Most every place you can go now is "smoke-free", so that you might have kids running around, you might also have some obvious non-American citizens talking in some foreign language, but that's all okay. It's actually MY freaking cigarettes that are bothering people? Okay; I'm done. Muck them, muck you, muck it all. I'm going to smoke, blow smoke at children and immigrants, and let us hope that I will de denied a firearm license; otherwise I may just start shooting non-English speakers and misbehaving offspringers.

And as soon as some little non-White freakazoid pulls the race card and calls me a bigot-supremist-klanwizard, I'm going to respond with "No; the freaking Klan doesn't want me because I'm still going to kill everybody--I'm just going to kill the White people...last!"

Care to stop me? I'll give you a way to do so. We're going to designate some "areas". We're going to have a "NO CHILDREN" area, we're going to have a "NO IMMIGRANT AREA", and we're going to have a "NO FREAKING WHINEY-ASSED NON-SMOKERS ALLOWED AREA". So then we can smoke, there will be only English spoken, and there will be no children negatively influenced. Let me be the Universal Center of these elite areas.

You want clean air? Go buy a freaking purifier, turn it on, and never leave your house. You want kids? Fine; they're tethered permanently to your body with a 5-foot cord, and you will keep them quiet, or else. Maybe you should let your kid hold the air purifier. You want to say that 'we're all immigrants'? Fine; go sit with the drunk, litterbug day-laborers and talk jibberish--just do it somewhere else.

Look; when you travel to other countries, there are certain places that you just do NOT go. Maybe you're not welcome there, maybe there's a pissed off old guy like me, or maybe there's a bad criminal element to be dealt with; whatever, but there are some places that are ONLY for the locals. Locals Only. When you travel to another country, you already know that there are some things not meant for you. So; why is it here in America that all of these non-Amercicans are getting so upset? They demand access to every place, and many of them somehow have managed to start collecting benefits; I liked it more when they were scared, quiet, and trying hard to NOT cause a fuss--remember those days? If you illegals so desperately want to feel "privileged", then go back to wherever the hell you came from and declare yourself an elder.

"...If they were going to ask for citizenship they had to learn the language and understand the U.S. Constitution..."

Am I really evil? You tell me; were you born in this country? Do you speak English as your primary language? Are you over the age of 16? If you can answer 'yes' to these 3 questions, then I don't have a problem with you. You thought I was going to get all medieval and "WHITE", didn't you? This is not about skin color; this is about legal citizenship.

Diversity, like MOST things, is fine in moderation; and learning a second language (like Spanish) is excellent. Quiet children are tolerable. But the primary language of America is English, one more time--slowly for the blockheads, primary language of America is "English", and any person who was not born in this country does not get a free pass from me. You were supposed to learn our language AND our Constitution before you ever considered being an American citizen--it looks like you broke the rules. You broke the rules; should I put that in block letters, too? Leave or die; flip the coin. What exactly is the problem here?

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