Illegal Immigrants

I used to have a little sympathy for those illegal immigrant criminals who either sneak or are led into this country by coyotes; not much, but a little. Let's be honest now; these people are not drug addicts incapable of making good decisions. And these people are not pregnant teenage girls trying to rationalize between abortion, adoption, and motherhood. These are semi-intelligent adults who CHOOSE to break the law, and they take on multiple physical risks in an attempt to shortcut to America. Got it?

Our country accepts legal immigrants weekly, if not daily; let's try to remember that. Some of the cheaters agree to pay $1000 apiece to "cheat" over here. Sometimes these criminals have to crawl on their bellies in the sand for miles (or something stupid like that--I don't write the news stories). As with everything criminal and risky in life, some of these people die. Awww. Again; a little sympathy, but not much.

Then I saw a picture of the border fence in Nogales; are you kidding me? No more sympathy. Any adult in reasonably good health could scale that fence in seconds. Plus; there's the adrenaline rush of steady employment, decent wages, and the thought of saving $1000 for just a few seconds of effort.

I look forward to trying to contain my laughter while reading more stories about semi-intelligent adults dying in the desert. This should be an interesting summer.

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