If not for Anne Frank gracing the cover of the new TVweek, I could have lived peacefully without ever going into my thoughts on the holocaust. But since the Powers that Be keep ramming this shit down our throats every 2 years, maybe we NEED the Overnight Guy's view. By the way, these United States are the only country of power in the world where the Jews are not "visibly" in control. Did you know that?

You may not really care about any of this. I was lucky enough to have some open-minded history teachers in high school. Back in the early 80's, one of those teachers told us all to watch for "painful reminders" of the holocaust, and "sympathy for the Jews" from the media every couple of years. Pretty amazing, huh? Schindlers' List (a fictional movie) was a few years ago, there are 3 new Nazi movies on cable this month, and now there's this big made-for-tv Anne Frank deal (this week). Allright; let's do it...

Anne Frank (and her sister Margot) both died of typhus; neither in a gas chamber. Most of Anne's many notebooks were forged and falsified (written) by her father Otto (The New York Post--1980) with a ball point pen (there were no ball point pens in Anne's day). Otto made a fortune off of his daughter's "diaries" (duh); but there is more to this story.

Otto enlisted the aid of Jewish writer Meyer Levin to help with the "refining" of Anne Frank's diaries. Later, upon seeing the 'gold mine' of Anne Frank's "accounts", Meyer Levin sued Otto in a New York court--where Levin was awarded a $50,000 "honorarium" for helping to "finalize" the words of a girl he never knew. In short, let me spell it out for you--because you're stupid; Anne Frank's diaries were written by 2 Jewish men; one of which was never even in Europe. Ever.

The American Jewish Committee has admitted that it had much "cooperation" from the U.S. government in "re-educating" Germany (and the world) after the war. The Jews had freedom to elicit false "confessions", and generally create stories that would perpetuate and dignify the holocaust. Do you understand the concept of history being only 'a story told by the winners'? I'm still not done.

"But 6 million Jews were cooked/gassed in those ovens." Every year, more facts about W W II come to light. And with each set of new facts, less and less Jews died; more people of ALL other races died, and there are still NO ovens that were built before 1945. Many "death camp" plaques, with exaggerated claims of lives lost, have been taken down because they are obvious lies. One camp, Dachau, used to have a sign up that said 240,000 Jews died there in ovens. The new sign states that 19,000 people of ALL races died there; mainly of typhus and starvation, but NONE in ovens. The last remaining biggie Jew death camp is the Auschwitz-Birkenau area in Poland. In some accounts, 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz; this would definitely be the biggest of all death camps. In the New York Times (March 3rd, 1991) the German camp records show a total number of 73,137 dead; 38,031 of which were Jews. So; while the media has said 3 to 4 million Jews died, the ACTUAL records show 38,000. Continuing this idea; if half of all the exterminated Jews were in Auschwitz, then the total number of exterminated Jews would be 80,000; not "6 million".

By the way, this is an extremely abbreviated (and polite) posting of my opinions. I was happy to leave this story alone, and keep it in my own thought process. It's not me out there faking tv movies to drum up pseudo-sympathy. And I actually haven't blamed anybody for anything; I spoke of "re-educating" people, "refining" writings, and how these new facts keep being uncovered that clearly show the blatant misrepresentation of death and suffering in W W II.
That's all.
Hey; I bet there's gonna be some ovens in the new Anne Frank movie.

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