Harvard Business School Women

So I read this editorial about the women of the Harvard Business School; they complain that men are intimidated by smart women, and these smart women have trouble finding dates. Really? I don't know any college girls who have trouble finding dates. I guess that Harvard Business women are pretty stupid socially. What are they looking for; relationships?

I guess that these Harvard women want to have intelligent male companions who can engage in deep conversations, and can conform to the incredibly limited social time of a Business school student. Well, good luck. Why are Harvard Business School women trying to have relationships, anyway?

Smart women can be a little intimidating, yes. But smart women are supposed to know this, and women should scale down their brains a little bit if they want male attention. All the smart women I know already do this. I get the feeling that these women became Harvard Business School women with the intent to meet boys; now that was a dumb idea.

Women are supposed to be smarter than us, remember? Really. These women are in the Harvard Business School so that they can learn how to get a really good job and make lots of money. At that point, like any man, they can "buy" whatever type of relationship that they want.

Here's a note to the Harvard Business School women; life is too short to wait around and see who's interested in you or your brain. If you see something you want, then go after it. Secondary school "dating" is filled with compromise, disappointment, and hollow sex. But us "dumb" guys already know that.

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