Grip and Pull (pop song)

Back in 1990, in Athens GA, a group of 4 strange young men came together and formed a band; "Downtrodden". It was a very unique experience for these guys and their fans. Personally, I was enjoying a fairly steady flow of writing back then. I wrote this song one night, right before the ritualistic adventure of going to see the band practice. I got to the practice space early, when only the guitar player (Bear) was hooked up and ready to go. I sang a little of the tune--not much at all--and Bear snatched the paper from me and said, "Oh yea, we can do this." And the rest is history. Bear created a quick intro, and the rest of the song pretty much goes by itself.

Downtrodden enjoyed local success, and received favorable reviews for a couple of years, and then fell apart, like most Athens bands do. Someday I would love to have a music file of Downtrodden's version of this song on this webpage. We'll see.

This song, Grip and Pull, is my gift to the musical community. It's a playful little pop tune that could be rock, new country, reggae, whatever. I would love to see a band breakout with this song, and all I would ask for is tickets to a show someday. I have many songs and poems for sale, as well. If you are interested in seeing more, e-mail me.

Grip and Pull:

Cindy Crawford could do that to me
Kathy Ireland, yeah, probably
And Heather, sure, since she dumped Tommy Lee
But dating these babes I won't be

You say that we're friends and you love me too
But none of my friends ever act like you
They don't try to watch everything I do
And it's not them I'm singing to...

Grip and pull--, oh babe pull as hard as you can
Grip and pull--, try to keep those reins on your man
Grip and pull--, put that thing right in my face
Grip and pull--, try to keep me in my place


You make it very clear what I must say
Either back off or be on your way
You think I'm cold; unfeeling, but hey
I don't want to hear your bitching anyway-

To Cindy Crawford's house I can't go
Kathy Ireland I may never know
And Heather's standards are way too low
But loosen your grip, baby, you've got to go


1991 WetSpot Poetry

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