Government Spending in 2005:

Our government is in the process of suspending social spending, student loans, and Medicare payments--trying to save over $35 billion--to pay for hurricane Katrina recovery. While doing this "photo-op" of trying to help the poor and victimized, new tax provisions for the rich will COST middle-class taxpayers more than $70 billion over the same time. It doesn't take a math wizard to see the faulty logic here; or does it? By the way: The clean-up in New Orleans will cost more than $150 billion (Parade Magazine), and we aren't even talking about Florida yet.

And; remember over the past 5 years that our government is in a constant crisis of trying to SHUT DOWN military bases here in America, because 'they just cost too much to keep up'. Huh? Wait; WE have a yearly (as in; every year) military budget of $500 billion. And IT'S not being tapped into for ANY relief funding, AND let's remember that...wait a second...$500 billion a year isn't enough to even keep our current military bases open?

I was reading an editorial in the newspaper the other day about how our government should have soldiers on our borders, and seal them off. Wow. Yawn. I said all that in a college speech about illegal immigration back in 1985; and that was way back in Georgia. Later I would move to Arizona and see the cluster fuck of immigration close-up. Wow. What a mess. I wondered 20 years ago, and still wonder now; what is the purpose of a base military IF NOT to keep non-citizens out? Let's do a little "protecting" of the people here. You know; DEFENDING the borders? I am STILL waiting for an answer to that little great idea...

...But wait...These are soldiers, right? They should be sleeping outside, on army cots, placed ON THE BORDERS of our country; securing those borders from outsiders. Yeah; okay, so let's shut down those stupid military bases (save all of that fake money), and move our soldiers to the southern front--where they belong! Am I brilliant, or what? Safety and security; look at me go.

So; wait, shhh: there are 2 answers to this age-old problem of "illegal immigrants". In Arizona I learned this colorful excuse: "If you go back far enough, we're ALL immigrants." Sure we are, Jose; can you even spell "immigrant"? I love listening to criminals justify their own actions--it's like listening to politicians. Speaking of...The other answer, often used by those politicians, is that "Illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't.". Okay--I get it; they pick fruit for $5 a day. Slave wages--under the table--no taxes. Dock warehouse workers, or homeless refugees sleeping in the back of Wal-Mart and such; I understand. I really do. But all of this illegal immigrant rush started back in 1968, and has gone on EVERY DAY since then. Here's my question: "How many of these $5 a day jobs are there?" If we've absorbed anywhere near the 10-15 million illegal immigrants (Newsweek, maybe) , then...(stay with me)...


And, by the way: There have been NO jobs for 20 years--according to THIS dumbass logic; YOUR dumbass logic. The fruit gets picked, doesn't it? Yes, it does. The hotel beds get made, right? Yes, they do. So; what are these thousands of people a day doing here? They shit babies, waste our water, and take welfare away from the worthless AMERICANS we already have here. (Another relevant question; how does a person get welfare--or any assistance--if that person cannot prove American citizenship?) Illegal immigration is not OUR government's fault--they're just going to find a way to make a buck off of it; it's not America's fault, and not American citizens' fault. It IS the fault of the worthless countries where the illegals come from. Why DIDN'T we seal off the borders (as I suggested) back in 1985, and start charging Mexico $1 million a day for every day this bullshit continues? Why are we so nice to Mexico; since THEY are back-dooring us, shouldn't WE be butt-fucking them? Hello? Is anybody listening? This is not a difficult issue. Seal the borders, you commies.

Do you like positive stories about unnecessary immersion? I do. In Portland, along with their fantastic public transportation, all of their signs are in both English and Spanish? On the commuter trains, all the announcements are made in Spanish first, then repeated in English. I think that is clever, and it helps English speakers to learn a little Spanish. I've been to Portland 3 or 4 times now; I have YET to see a Spanish speaking person--I've yet to see any area where Spanish is even spoken. Most of the bums are articulate, and everybody speaks English; but the first point I am trying to make is that Portland appears to be effectively combining English and Spanish. People even seem to enjoy it; "Ride the train--learn some Spanish". See? My second point is that Portland does not have an immigration problem at all. I guess there are no $5 a day jobs up there; hmmm.

So; is our military down on the border yet? Are we sealing off our country from ANYBODY at this point? Why not? I just don't get it. Then I read about how our US government spends $6.8 billion a day ($2.5 trillion a year), but we can't even prepare coastal towns for standard weather problems (back to the bayou now). Our government is more concerned with building "bridges to nowhere" in Alaska ($223 million), and some of the other "pork" projects are too embarrassing to mention (another day, maybe). The safety and security of its citizens should be the primary focus of a government; right? How does a (an important, yes, but relatively small) country of less than 1 billion people SPEND $500,000,000,000 on the military EVERY year? Is that a fair question; or, am I obviously a French sympathizer now?

(Shouldn't the rich people and the politicians at least PRETEND that they are trying to solve problems?) Exactly what do the corporate heads of big oil DO to earn their $20 million salaries? New tax cut extensions have just been approved for all earners of over $300,000 a year; isn't that cute? I think we should restrict SOME of the offshore tax shelters, as well, but that's just me talking crazy about people here who have SO much money that they are afraid of admitting how much money they have...There is a significant amount of tax money being wasted--never mind all these new tax cuts for the wealthy (that the middle class will also have to pay for). With all of the different and obvious ways we Americans have to INVEST our tax dollars (crisis clean-up, literacy, border patrol, and preparation for the next crisis), how is it that ANY money gets wasted? I begin to wonder what the hidden agenda really is...I'm trying to tie all of this together...I don't know exactly what the best answers to these problems are. But I DO know, with certainty, that intelligence and common sense are not even considerations to the government--yet they are supposed to be. Thank you.

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