Things That W. C. Finds Amusing:

(When originally started in 5-2003, there were only 5 things listed here. This will be another "work in progress"; start by checking this:)

Last updated on 5-29-03

#1 Single, teenage, smoking mothers who claim to need food stamps in order to feed their babies--yet these women go to the salon every week, and have their fingernails professionally painted and buffed. Do these teen mothers also save money by buying their cigarettes by the carton?

#2 The Mormons are getting some negative attention right now for their practice of polygamy, and for how so many of their young teenage girls are having children (Mormons must be White people--because nobody bitches about any non-White young girls having babies). "Polygamy" is one man having many wives. Hang on now; the women already know about the other wives, and still concede to get married to the one guy. What I find amusing here is that men aren't dumb or desperate enough to allow one woman to have multiple husbands.

#3 On the subject of dumb and desperate, again, I'm still looking for just ONE White guy who dates Black girls. And Kid Rock (bless his heart) doesn't count, okay? I want to see an average White guy who chooses to date Black girls; there ain't one.

#4 Continuing, but this time on the opposite side of dumb and desperate; a big "thumbs up" to successful Black ladies everywhere. I've NEVER seen an accomplished Black woman, or a female Black professional basketball player with some dumbass trophy White husband.

#5 Back in Georgia, we made fun of the female stripper moms who used television as a babysitter, and then their kids (watching Beavis and Butthead) would set the trailer on fire, and say "fire is cool, huh-huh, huh-huh". Out here, I swear to God, parents use swimming pools as babysitters; I'm talking about INSTANT FUCKING DEATH here, while the parents yap away about nothing on their cell phones.

#6 "Drowning kids" is a pretty good theme out here. And, after a kid drowns in a pool, the community rallies to build a fence around that "cement pond". I guess it gives the grievers something to do, but damn it seems silly to try to keep away from something that already happened. What if the kid was an only child, he drowned, and now there's no kids left? I know! Let's build a fence; it'll remind us of how easy this would have been to prevent.

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