Full Dinner Dish

It's 2001, and our "plate"'s fully packed
The sink is backed up, and the garbage overstacked
The water, and waste, we can almost understand
But this full dinner dish is getting out of hand.

Piling on piles of food at an amazing rate
We're not even hungry; we're just loading the plate
A perfect program of poor planning; this is it
Here comes another serving; yeah, sure it will fit.

No; there's no more room for food; it's time to decide
We couldn't even eat half of this meal if we tried
The cook said we'd have help with this plate, but he lied
It's a mess, soon to spill, dripping over the side.

We don't have a dog to eat what drops on the floor
And there's no mop to clean up the slop anymore
Regardless of the crisis method we select
It's 2001, and our kitchen is wrecked.

©2001 W C Davis

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