Fried Phoenix

This had been brewing for awhile, and it boiled over on November 7th, 2002:

Last summer, here in the 6th largest U.S. city, 82 golfers at the Thunderbird golf course became infected with the Norwalk virus (a water disease). In July of this year, another 15 yr. old golfer died from the Norwalk virus, also contracted from the same golf course. People rafting the Colorado River this summer and last ("rafting" is water) have also contracted the Norwalk virus. In Peoria, a local water provider was shut down for 4 days because their water appeared to cause ameobic meningitis. All of this, and I want to emphasize; ALL OF THIS while there is a new series of radio ads promoting the safety and good taste of Arizona's water.

We have an "alternative fuels" program, designed by our stellar local government, but we have no alternative fuel. Our "stellar" local government now has a $billion shortfall; so all government jobs are now in "cutback jeopordy". We need thousands more police, teachers, and nurses (not less). Our "Border Patrol" is a complete joke, but not quite as bad a joke as our "Child Protective Services" that promotes babies for crack whores. And today we had another pollution advisory warning; fogies, kiddies, and people with breathing problems were told to stay inside.
And I thought Georgia was screwed up. God Bless Arizona.

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