Explain It To Me


I know a few guys who've been married at least 3 times apiece, and their plans are to 'keep trying until it works out'. I know another guy who lets his wife make every decision in the household; he doesn't even try to have an opinion becasue it's just easier not to. There's certainly nothing wrong with these 2 perspectives; 'try and try again', and 'somebody has to be the Boss', but trying to get them to explain their motivation...they can't do it.

I spend too much time trying to explain that people are stupid; and yes, that includes you. Most humans have some kind of mentally imbedded ideology in reference to the outline of their lives. This ideology may have been effective years ago, but it's a completely outdated source of misery now. Adults; usually men, figure out that the system is against them far too late. It's a vicious cycle; 'I guess you're right--I guess I'm stupid.' So I'm going to slide past that one today. We're going to try a different angle for all of this.

40 Years ago...

Your grandparents got married, and probably stayed married, because that's what people did. Your parents got married, then probably divorced, because that's what people did. But what I love are the older people who lump it all together; people who make a big sloppy stew out of the entrapments of old. These people will say, honestly, that the young adult should go out, get a good job, get married, buy a house, and start a family. I love these people. Does anybody actually think about things for themselves anymore? Let's knock these bad ideas out one-by-one, and let's do it quickly:

"Go out": Right. Let's go out into the world. The current world of illegal immigration, where blue collar work is performed by non-English speakers at less than minimum wage; $10 a day. Did your college degree get outsourced? Awww. Maybe you should look up a nice job in phone sales--except that many of the phone jobs have been sent to ESL countries (and I would know). You can bag groceries or work fast food; wait tables, or strip. Car sales?

Now let's "go out" and get you an apartment--smaller than the garage of the place you grew up in; $600 a month. Nice; and, you're lucky to even have a place to live--many people don't. And this is cheap! Yes; you're actually supposed to be saving money to buy a house...So you can't earn a living at blue collar work, and can't get on with a telemarketing company. Those student loans aren't going to pay themselves! You found an apartment--now if only you could pay for it. Tell me again why you would leave the "nest".

Relationship time: Let's go find you some love! To the bars! Yes, because we all know that's where true love awaits. Bar girls are so stable, too; they make it crystal clear what they are thinking, and what they expect of you. As long as you can distract yourself from her past, disconcern yourself with her future, and just live in the moment with all of her organized anger, you'll be fine. 90% of women are a joke looking to explode their punchline all over you. Why? Because, you know, it's YOUR fault that women are all messed up like they are. I have proof that women are just looking to make a man jump through hoops for their amusement. Have fun. And you think that there might be ONE woman out there who you could stand for 20 years? Ha! Let's just bypass the fact that there is NO woman who will put up with you for 20 years. And long before she tires of you, in fact, nearer the beginning of these 'all things hopeful', she's going to make you father a child or 2, or more. Oh; she's still going to tire of you within 20 years, leave you, and take anything that you had hope for--it's just now there'll be kids involved, too. Are we having fun? Trust me; Dr. Phil or Dr. Phyllis, I could go on for hours (perhaps days) about the mentality of women today--it's just not worth the effort (hmmm). Please tell me again; why is it that you want to get married? Did you just want to 'out-do your own parents'? (Don't laugh; I've heard men AND women use that as an excuse to get married; an "excuse".)

Buy a house: 30 years ago houses started to be made with the labor of illegal immigrants; $10 a day. So we won't be buying any crappy houses made in the last 30 years; but apart from that...Do you have money for a downpayment? I doubt it. As an apartment dweller myself, I know how hard it can be just to come up with a security deposit of one month's rent; $10K to put up front on a house? Kiss my ass...In the years ago world, people could pick out nicer neighborhoods to have a family in; assuming they wanted a family, or a house. Neighborhoods go through transformations every 5 years now; how do you know that the area around your perfect house won't go to crack in the next 5 years--and you might still have 25 years left to pay on the house! Chances are that you'll be changing careers and income level over the next 5 years, and many times over the next 30, so why would you want to be trapped into a multi-decade purchase plan? After you get fired from your food job; after your wife leaves you and takes the kids, are you really going to be able to afford that big house? Life is a 12-month lease, dude; this is NOT your grandfather's suburban dream.

People used to have a sense of stability; there were many things that you could depend on. And I don't blame the current females; if anything, their actions are completely predictable (duh). I blame the men who keep going through these motions, feeding the insanity, but don't learn (or teach) anything. You have to be stupid to not see this...and now we're back to the start. So I hope you've enjoyed this little experience.

My original intent was to bash MEN, and I did; a little. Women are evil, yes, but perhaps they were partially forced into the evil by the constantly recurring stupidity of men. Often it can take too much effort to explain to the typical woman that her (feelings of entitlement, or) "life ideas" are not workable--I've seen that one a few times first-hand. Maybe it's just easier for a man to smile, nod his head, and let the woman keep talking--until it's time to get naked. Now you would think that women would catch on to this, but, oh never mind. America once was a country where you could rely on your government and your neighbors, and relationships were not disposable! So go have lots of marriages, lots of "jobs", and lots of kids. Who cares? It's not like you're going to have to clean up your own mess or anything. Bye.

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