Everclear's "Slow Motion Daydream"
W. C.'s Review

Later I will break down "Slow Motion Daydream" song by song; for now I'm still over here trying to figure out how this is their 6th album. I can count 4, and I own 3 of them; shit. Well, I'll figure out my excuses for missing 2 of them later (key words; "drunk" and "broke"). I probably shouldn't make comments about the current (mutual?) unhappiness between Art Alexakis/Everclear and their record label (Capitol). I would merely ask Capitol what other bands Capitol has that might possibly have a better 11-year track record of album sales than Everclear. I've never met Art, and being the genius that he is--I'm sure he's not the easiest guy to get along with everyday, but record labels are all about bottom-line record sales; and Everclear SELLS some damn records. Capitol should be kissing some Alexak-ass, obviously, but now I'm making comments. (A super-smart Art might ought to go ahead and create his own record label. Stay tuned, and watch me solve the band's dilemma.)

Slow Motion Daydream already has been praised as the best Everclear yet by 2 of the 3 reviewers who (I feel) might have a clue. Bummer. So I'm already EXPECTING to hear Everclear's version of "Siamese Dream" (Smashing Pumpkins) or "Version 2.0" (Garbage), and that's not fair to anyone. Hey; I already have "So Much for the Afterglow" in my top 50 albums of all time; I'm not ready for Everclear to top that, okay? So look at how my attitude is going to be defending "Afterglow" against this new one...Remember your first listen to "Sparkle and Fade", and how good it was, and how you thought they'd never do better than that? And then "Afterglow" completely blew "Sparkle" away; and you KNEW that they'd never top that? I missed "Movie Songs" because I've been uh, busy (see key words above) dicking around with this webpage and stuff (later we find out that "Songs" was at least 2 different albums--so the fog is slowly lifting). Do you realize how Everclear has NEVER disappointed you in 3 or 4 (maybe 6) complete albums? Right; so let's not put any "best album ever" pressure on a band so great and consistent as Everclear is, okay?

And now I must rate this new "Daydream"...dammit, Art! It's not Everclear's fault that "Daydream" (1 single) won't get as much recognition as "Afterglow" (3 radio songs, and that brilliant instrumental), but "Daydream" IS a tad better than "Afterglow". How? Age, wisdom, and experience; we are comparing their production ability of 5 or 6 YEARS ago to their production ability of 5 or 6 MONTHS ago. If/since we are dealing with a similar high level of song quality (and we are), then they should sound better now (and they do).

Yes! Now I understand how a solid Everclear fan could easily call "Daydream" the best Everclear ever; and I will, too. As S.O.P., there is no throw-away or "album filler" song. You won't skip anything; it's another "first song, play it all; lather, rinse and repeat (if desired)". I wasted $15 on Smashing Pumpkins' "Adore", and my girlfriend dropped $15 on "Beautiful Garbage", which is either half-good or half-bad--depending on how you see the glass of water. But in the past 11 years Everclear has now put out AT LEAST 3 completely excellent albums; from first note to final note. There is NO other band that has done that. This is brand new ground for any band; much less the short-attention-span spectrum of Alternative music. Corporate radio complains because they can't pigeon-hole Everclear? Well screw corporate radio; my INDEPENDENT radio station out here (103.9) plays lots of Everclear (I'll be working there someday); and I hope that Art opens his record label here in Phoenix (planting seeds). I'll play "Dr. Phil" here and say that with Everclear Records' label/studio/production room running, then the band members could do their side and solo projects--all while keeping the (proven) best Alternative band EVER intact! But let's get back to the present "Daydream". Go and get this record today. Buy it new (which gives money to the morons at Capitol), or buy it used (I should be working at Zia records, too), but get this CD into your collection right freakin' now. And will somebody please tell Art that I have a buddy here in north Phoenix who ALREADY OWNS HIS OWN RECORD LABEL, and WILL HELP YOU OUT in any way that I tell him to.
Thank you.


P S: Do you want to know what sucks? Everclear plays here in Phoenix on Sunday night. Sunday is Mother's Day. Sunday is also my girlfriend's birthday; and it's a milestone birthday. My girlfriend's mother is in town, and staying with us for Mother's Day--and her daughter's milestone birthday. And Sunday is also her mother's last day in town. In order to go to the Everclear concert, I'll have to kill both my girlfriend AND her mother. I don't really want to piss off one of my idols, Mr. Alexakis, but I'll be staying at home Sunday night--and I hope that you understand. Sunday afternoon, however, I promise to play all 3 of my Everclear CD's, and I hope that your concert totally kicks ass. Drive safely; these people in Arizona are nuts.

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