Energy (short story)

Regardless of the presence of air, aqua-energy is an obvious source of constant motion. This "perpetual" motion has existed for the entire 20th century. It's extremely simple.

And while we're being obvious, shouldn't the Einsteins who invented bombs years ago, by now, have come up with chemical compounds that constantly either attract or repel? Continuous motion can exist in a test tube; that's what the high school science teacher said. If she was right, then why are we still driving cars twenty years later?

I wonder if the engineers who study magnetics also quickly discover a similar (relatively easy), perpetual motion. Even better than a controlled test tube force; imagine a constant, free-flowing, physical, polar force; harnessed in some kind of regulated platform.

But for now, I'm supposed to get a job in a pollution factory or slaughterhouse to make enough money for a residence and transportation.

Am I the only person who has a problem with this?

1999 WetSpot Poetry

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